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ThousandEyes, Inc.
Founded Mountain View, CA (2010)
Headquarters San Francisco, CA
Key people
Mohit Lad; CEO
Ricardo Oliveira; CTO

ThousandEyes, Inc. is a network monitoring company headquartered in San Francisco with offices in London, New York, and Austin, Texas. The company produces software that analyzes the performance of local and wide area networks.[1] ThousandEyes is privately held and backed by venture investors including Sequoia Capital, Sutter Hill Ventures, Salesforce, Tenaya Capital and GV.


ThousandEyes is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product that uses synthetic monitoring probes to measure network performance. The product includes elements of network tomography for loss and latency, route analytics to visualize BGP advertisements, DNS monitoring, VoIP monitoring, website monitoring for HTTP and HTTPS and SNMP device polling.[2]


The company was founded in 2010 by Mohit Lad and Ricardo Oliveira who had worked together in the UCLA Internet Research Lab to visualize Autonomous System topologies.[3] ThousandEyes received a $500K National Science Foundation grant in 2011 to focus on DNS infrastructure troubleshooting.[4] In 2011, Sequoia Capital led a Series A round to invest $5.5M.[5] The company launched their network monitoring product in June 2013.[6] In 2014, Sutter Hill Ventures led a Series B round, joined by Sequoia Capital and, to invest $20M in the company.[7] In 2016, Tenaya Capital and GV joined a Series C round, along with previous investors, with $35M more in capital.[8]


ThousandEyes was included in the 2014 “Gartner Cool Vendors in Application Performance Monitoring and IT Operations Analytics” report.[9] Forbes placed ThousandEyes fourth on the list of the "Hottest Startups of 2014."[10]


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