Thousand Mile Stare

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Thousand Mile Stare
Studio album by Chicane
Released April 16, 2012
Recorded 2011–2012
Genre Trance, house, electronica, ambient
Length 66:46
Label Modena, Armada
Producer Chicane, Richard Searle, Nick Muir
Chicane chronology
Thousand Mile Stare
The Sum of Its Parts
Singles from Thousand Mile Stare
  1. "Going Deep"
    Released: 14 August 2011
  2. "Three"
    Released: 10 June 2012
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 3/5 stars [1] 3/5 stars [2]
Partyflock 75/100 [3]
Electronic Night Life 9/10 [4]
inthemix 10/10 stars [5]

Thousand Mile Stare is the fifth studio album by British electronic dance music artist Chicane. An exclusive 'Collectors Edition Box Set' version of the album was released on 12 December 2011 before any regular CD or digital version was announced. The boxed set was made available to preorder by 18 November 2011. Those who purchased the boxed set had their name included on the back panel of the booklet.[6] The regular version of the album, containing three previously unreleased tracks, was released on 16 April 2012.

The album's cover artwork pays homage to Jean Michel Jarre's Magnetic Fields (1981).

Track listings[edit]

Standard version[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Hljóp" (with Vigri) Nick Bracegirdle, Hans Pjetursson Chicane, Richard Searle 5:12
2. "The Nothing Song" (vocals: Nick Bracegirdle) Sigur Rós Chicane 6:16
3. "Windbreaks" (vocals: Tracey Ackerman) Bracegirdle, Searle Chicane, Searle 5:12
4. "Thousand Mile Stare" Bracegirdle, Searle Chicane, Searle 7:01
5. "Playing Fields" (featuring Kate Walsh) Bracegirdle, Kate Walsh Chicane 5:22
6. "Sólarupprás" (with Vigri) Bracegirdle, Pjetursson Chicane, Searle 4:46
7. "Going Deep" (Moogmonkey rework mix) Bracegirdle, Searle Chicane, Searle 7:35
8. "Goldfish" (vocals: Joseph Aquilina) Bracegirdle Chicane 3:41
9. "Flotsum and Jetsum" Bracegirdle, Nick Muir Chicane, Muir 6:38
10. "Super Mouflon" (vocals: Joseph Aquilina) Nick Bracegirdle Chicane 5:00
11. "Going Deep" (vocals: Aggi Dukes) (original mix) Bracegirdle, Searle, Aggi Dukes Chicane, Searle 7:12
12. "Fin de Jours" (vocals: Tracey Ackerman) Bracegirdle; Searle Chicane, Searle 2:52

The Collectors Edition Box Set[edit]

Thousand Mile Stare CD album
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Windbreaks" (feat. Tracey Ackerman) Nick Bracegirdle; Richard Searle 5:14
2. "Thousand Mile Stare" (feat. Sian Evans) Nick Bracegirdle; Richard Searle; Sian Evans 8:19
3. "Playing Fields" (feat. Kate Walsh) Nick Bracegirdle; Kate Walsh 5:25
4. "Going Deep (Moogmonkey Remix)" Nick Bracegirdle; Richard Searle 7:38
5. "Goldfish" (feat. Joseph Aquilina) Nick Bracegirdle 3:43
6. "Flotsum & Jetsum" Nick Bracegirdle; Nicholas David Mack Muir 6:41
7. "Super Mouflon" (feat. Joseph Aquilina) Nick Bracegirdle 5:02
8. "Going Deep (Original Mix)" (feat. Aggi Dukes) Nick Bracegirdle; Richard Searle; Aggi Dukes 7:15
9. "Fin de Jours" (feat. Tracey Ackerman) Nick Bracegirdle; Richard Searle 2:53
Demo USB cassette
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "What Am I Doing Here (Part I) (Early Demo Male Vox)" Nick Bracegirdle; James Hockley; Ray Hedges; Nigel Butler 3:43
2. "Santanas"   6:07
3. "Where Do I Start (Rough Demo)" Nick Bracegirdle; Ray Hedges; Nigel Butler 3:34
4. "Jumbo"   3:37
5. "Playing Fields (Beatless Demo)" (feat. Kate Walsh) Nick Bracegirdle; Kate Walsh 3:17
6. "Stoned/Hybrid (Acoustic Idea)"   1:24
7. "La Luna" (Translation "The Moon")   3:02
8. "The Bee"   1:35
9. "Flyover"   8:33
10. "1000 Mile (Initial Sketch)"   2:06
11. "1000 Mile (Alternate Melody)"   3:07
12. "Offshore (Live Intro Demo)" Nick Bracegirdle; Leo Elstob 3:39
13. "MoJavé"   8:56
All Mixed Up: Remixes CD
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Offshore (Man Called Adam Remix)" Nick Bracegirdle; Leo Elstob 9:06
2. "What Am I Doing Here Prt I (McAuley & Walsh Remix)" Nick Bracegirdle; James Hockley; Ray Hedges; Nigel Butler 8:46
3. "Hiding All the Stars (Michael Woods Remix)" Nick Bracegirdle; James Hockley; Gary Numan 7:10
4. "Locking Down (Dum Dum Project Remix)" (feat. The 1Shanti) Nick Bracegirdle; Tracey Ackerman 4:16
5. "Bruised Water (Adam K & Soha Dub)" Nick Bracegirdle; Natasha Bedingfield; Ciarán Ó Braonáin; Pól Ó Braonáin; Ray Hedges; Paul Herman; Andrew Marcus Frampton; Wayne Wilkins 6:07
6. "Come Tomorrow (Soul Seekerz Dirty Dub)" Nick Bracegirdle 7:18
7. "Autumn Tactics (Thrillseekers Remix)" Nick Bracegirdle; Ray Hedges 7:25
8. "Come Back (ShockOne Remix)" (feat. Paul Young) Jack Lee 6:49
9. "Where Do I Start (Armin van Buuren Remix)" Nick Bracegirdle; Ray Hedges; Nigel Butler 7:04
10. "Poppiholla (Freakazoid Remix)" Jón Þór Birgisson; Orri Páll Dýrason; Georg Hólm; Kjartan Sveinsson 6:45
11. "Locking Down (Niraj Remix)" (feat. Teymour Housego) Nick Bracegirdle; Tracey Ackerman 4:37


Chart (2012) Peak
UK Dance Albums Chart[7] 2
UK Albums Chart[8] 37


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