Thrash Unreal

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"Thrash Unreal"
Against Me! - Thrash Unreal cover.jpg
Single by Against Me!
from the album New Wave
Released October 10, 2007
Recorded 2006
Genre Punk rock
Length 4:14
Label Sire
Writer(s) Laura Jane Grace
Producer(s) Butch Vig
Against Me! singles chronology
"White People For Peace"
"Thrash Unreal"

"Thrash Unreal" is a single by punk group Against Me!. It is the second single from their album New Wave. It was their first single to chart in the United States, hitting #11 on the US Modern Rock Chart,[1] and was their highest charting single at the time. The title of the song was coined by the album's producer, Butch Vig. It was also released as a downloadable track for the Rock Band video game series on March 17, 2009.

Vinyl single[edit]

The single was made for sale on 7" single on July 10, 2007 as a limited edition bonus for preordering New Wave. It was distributed through Interpunk, Smartpunk and No Idea Records. It was pressed on black and red vinyl with 6,500 and 500 copies printed for each color, respectively.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Thrash Unreal" - 4:14
  2. "You Must Be Willing" - 4:25

CD single[edit]

The CD version of the "Thrash Unreal" single was released in October, 2007, on Sire Records and contains a different track 2 from the vinyl release.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Thrash Unreal" - 4:14
  2. "New Wave" (acoustic) - 3:23

Lyrical connection[edit]

The lyric, "She can still hear that rebel yell just as loud as it was in 1983", refers to the Billy Idol song, "Rebel Yell", which was released in 1983.

Music video[edit]

The video displays a girl who seems distressed during a party. The band is found playing in the basement under the room the party is taking place in. She first drops her glass of wine after a man starts touching her, and the band underneath is sprayed with the wine, which seeps through a small drain in the floor upstairs. The girl then isolates herself from the party, where she releases her anger by stomping on the floor, breaking some plaster that falls on the band. At the same time, a few guys (one of them producer Butch Vig) from the party dumps a vat of wine over the floor, so now the band is showered with both plaster and wine. The atmosphere of the party also intensifies shortly afterward. Eventually the girl hits the floor hard enough so that she falls right through and lands on her feet in the basement where the band is playing, seemingly elated to be away from the chaos upstairs. The final scene simply shows the empty, wine-drenched basement with only the band's equipment displayed.


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