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3 is a number, numeral, and glyph.

3, three, or III may also refer to:

  • AD 3, the third year of the AD era
  • 3 BC, the third year before the AD era
  • March, the third month



  • 3 (telecommunications) or Three, a global telecommunications brand operating in Europe and Asia
    • 3 Hong Kong, telecommunications company operating in Hong Kong
    • Three UK, British telecommunications and internet service provider
    • Three Ireland, Irish telecommunications company
    • 3Arena, indoor amphitheatre in Ireland operating with the "3" brand




Music theory and notation[edit]

  • The mediant, the third note in a major or minor scale, often called a third and notated III or iii
  • A triad (music), a chord with three notes, usually spaced in thirds
  • The tritone, an interval that splits the octave into three equal spaces
  • A triplet, a type of tuplet, where a beat is split into three spaces


  • 3 (1980s band), a rock band of Keith Emerson, Robert Berry and Carl Palmer
  • 3 (American band), an experimental progressive band based in Woodstock, New York
  • Three (band), a post hardcore band signed to Dischord Records
  • Three, a 1960s avant-garde jazz group fronted by Don Francks
  • BK3, Three or 3, a band with Bill Kreutzmann, Scott Murawski and Oteil Burbridge
  • #3, the pseudonym of American musician Chris Fehn when performing with Slipknot



Other music[edit]

Science and technology[edit]



  • Mazda3, a compact sedan/hatchback built since 2003.
  • BMW 3 Series, a compact executive sedan/station wagon/fastback built since 1975.
  • Lynk & Co 03, a compact sedan built since 2018.
  • MG3 (car), a subcompact hatchback/crossover built since 2011.
  • Qoros 3, a compact sedan/hatchback/crossover built since 2013.

Transportation lines[edit]

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Similar glyphs[edit]

  • Open-mid central unrounded vowel, ɜ, of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), used in Cherokee and some English pronunciation
  • Ezh (letter), Ʒ, a symbol for dram
  • Dram (unit) (ℨ) and Gothic font letter Z
  • Yogh or Ȝ, letter used in Middle English and Middle Scots
  • Gyfu or Gar (rune) Anglo Saxon runes transliterated as ȝ
  • Ze (Cyrillic) or З, eleventh letter of Kazakh, tenth letter of Ukrainian, Dungan, ninth letter of Russian, Belarusian, Uzbek, Serbo-Croatian, Mongolian, eighth letter of Bulgarian and Kyrgyz alphabets; and Cyrillic numeral 7
  • E (Cyrillic) or Э, fortieth letter of Kazakh, thirty-fifth letter of Dungan, thirty-third letter of Mongolian, thirty-first letter of Russian, thirtieth letter of Belarusian, twenty-eighth letter of Kyrgyz, and twenty-seventh letter of Uzbek alphabets
  • Abkhazian Dze or Ӡ, nineteenth letter of Abkhazian Cyrillic script alphabet
  • Ro (kana) or ろ, in hiragana Japanese script
  • ③, one of the Enclosed Alphanumerics
  • Da̰ dwé or ဒ, nineteenth letter of Burmese alphabet
  • Vin or ვ, sixth letter of Georgian alphabet and Georgian numeral 6
  • Kan or კ, eleventh letter of Georgian alphabet and Georgian numeral 20
  • Par or პ, seventeenth letter of Georgian alphabet and Georgian numeral 80
  • Vie or ჳ, obsolete twenty-second letter of Georgian alphabet
  • Hi or Յ, twenty-first letter of Armenian alphabet and Armenian numeral 300
  • ౩, Telugu alphabet numeral 3
  • ૩, Gujarati alphabet numeral 3
  • ३, Devanagari numeral 3
  • ੩, Gurmukhī alphabet numeral 3
  • ༣, Tibetan alphabet numeral 3

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