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Categories Arts magazine
Frequency Weekly (during festivals)
Year founded 1996
Company UnLimited Media
Country United Kingdom
Based in London
Language English

ThreeWeeks is a magazine that covers the Edinburgh Festivals in August [1].

It has covered the Edinburgh Festival since 1996 . It also covered the Brighton Festival from 2006 to 2010[2], but withdrew due to lack of financial support.

Education Programme[edit]

ThreeWeeks also operates a media education programme for students and young journalists[3]. These students form the magazine's review team.

This team reviewed approximately 1600 shows at the Edinburgh Festival in 2012 [4].

ThreeWeeks is the second largest reviewer at the Edinburgh Festival after Broadway Baby.


In Brighton ThreeWeeks published a preview magazine, a daily column in local newspaper The Argus, a daily email newsletter and other online coverage[5].

In Edinburgh ThreeWeeks publishes a preview magazine, a weekly magazine, a daily email newsletter and other online coverage[6]. It also used to publish a daily printed reviews sheet.


In Edinburgh it also stages an annual awards event called the ThreeWeeks Editors' Awards. [7]

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