Three Cheers for Disappointment

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Three Cheers for Disappointment
Three Cheers Album Cover.jpg
Studio album by The Arrogant Sons of Bitches
Released January 10th 2006 (pre-order)
January 17th 2006 (public)
September 2007 (vinyl)
March 1st 2009 (digital)
Genre ska punk, ska-core
Length 39:04
Label Kill Normal Records, Asbestos Records, Quote Unquote Records
Producer Steve Foote, Jeff Rosenstock
The Arrogant Sons of Bitches chronology
The Arrogant Sons of Bitches
(2004)The Arrogant Sons of Bitches2004
Three Cheers for Disappointment
This Is What You Get
(2006)This Is What You Get2006

Three Cheers for Disappointment is the final studio album released by The Arrogant Sons of Bitches. It was recorded by Steve Foote of Big D and the Kids Table at Moontower Studios in Boston, Massachusetts.

The first writing for this album began in 2000. The band initially attempted to record the album in August 2003, but they were unsatisfied with the result. Their second attempt was done throughout 2004. In 2005, more vocals were added and the record was mastered. Three Cheers for Disappointment was finally released in 2006.[1]

The liner notes for the album say that the "frustrating process eventually ended the band". The first 1,000 copies were released as an enhanced CD, including the 2003 demo tracks and the live album This Is What You Get.

On the song "Disappointment at the Taco Bell", David McWane from Big D and the Kids Table sings vocals with Jeff Rosenstock.

Jeff Rosenstock has hinted in recent years of a repress of this album, though it has been delayed due to his touring schedule.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Last Bell I Will Ever Hear" - 1:08
  2. "(I Must Be a Proctologist Because...) All I Do Is Deal w/ Assholes" - 2:03
  3. "So Let's Go! NOWHERE" - 2:20
  4. "Kill the President" - 4:26
  5. "People Pops & Fudgesicles for the Hit Factory" - 2:18
  6. "Rocketrocketrocketship" - 3:40
  7. "1-800-ALARM-ME" - 3:32
  8. "I've Got Enemies in High Places" - 2:20
  9. "Disappointment at the Taco Bell" - 3:40
  10. "Piss Off" - 2:57
  11. "Have Fun Rotting by Yourself" - 3:01
  12. ""Yeah, I Don't Know What It's Like to Be Around a Bunch of Hipsters"" - 4:15
  13. "Last on My List" - 3:24


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