Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie

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Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie
OriginEdmonton, Alberta, Canada
Past members
  • Wes Borg
  • Joe Bird
  • Cathleen Rootsaert
  • Neil Grahn
  • Jan Randall

Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie were a Canadian comedy group from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Childhood friends Wes Borg and Joe Bird met actress Cathleen Rootsaert at a weekly Theatre Sports comedy jam to form the initial group. Later, Neil Grahn was recruited. This foursome was the company that made the Trolls famous.

The Trolls initially did sketch comedy, often on risqué or controversial subjects, along with humorous songs. One of their songs, "The Toronto Song" (which is often incorrectly attributed to The Arrogant Worms), makes fun of Canada's regional rivalries by insulting the city of Toronto and eventually most of the rest of the country. The Trolls have also composed musical parodies of historical events such as the War of 1812,[1] and Canada's 1999 division of Nunavut from the previous Northwest Territories - opening "We'll keep Canada... and you can have Nunavut!" (pronouncing it "None-of-it").[2]

The Trolls briefly had a television show on CBC Television in 1992, but this received mixed reviews and only lasted five episodes.[3] Geeky topics like computers and Star Wars play a prominent role in the group's self-released album The Geek Album 2.0.

The Trolls' last full lineup consisted of Wes Borg, Joe Bird and musician Jan Randall. Borg and former member Neil Grahn hosted The Geek Show [4] which aired on Canadian Learning Television, BookTV and Access in 2004-2005.[5]

Member Joe Bird died of a heart attack on April 1, 2009, at the age of 41. His life is celebrated annually at the Empress Pub in Edmonton, and a trust fund to support comedy has been established in his name. Joe's songs are much loved by the Edmonton community, and musicians are working hard to ensure these songs are remembered.[6]


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