Three Faces West

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Three Faces West
Three Faces West 1940.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Bernard Vorhaus
Produced by Sol C. Siegel
Written by F. Hugh Herbert
Joseph Moncure March
Samuel Ornitz
Starring John Wayne
Sigrid Gurie
Charles Coburn
Music by Victor Young
Cinematography John Alton
Edited by William Morgan
Republic Pictures
Distributed by Republic Pictures
Release date
  • July 3, 1940 (1940-07-03)
Running time
79 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Three Faces West is a 1940 American drama film directed by Bernard Vorhaus and starring John Wayne, Sigrid Gurie and Charles Coburn.[1]


Two refugees, a medical doctor and his 20-something-year-old daughter arrive in the USA from Nazi-annexed Austria end up in becoming the much-needed physician and nurse in a small North Dakota farm town. The local town located in the area known as the Dust Bowl and is being hard hit by the drought and dust storms. The local farmers and townspeople want to try to save their farms and the town by adopting newer farming methods, but are eventually convinced by the Department of Agriculture, and the continuing dust storms to pack up the whole town and move en masse to an undeveloped portion of Oregon, where a new dam will create a water supply for them to build a new farming community.

In a modern-day version of an old wagon train, the town moves to Oregon under John Phillips's leadership, not without differences of opinion and friction among the followers. The doctor and his daughter take a detour to San Francisco when they learn that the daughter's fiance was not killed by the Nazis in Austria, but has come to America. It turns out that the fiance has embraced Nazism, which sends the doctor and his daughter back to rejoin the transplanted town in Oregon, where the daughter marries Phillips.


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