Three Friends (TV series)

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Three Friends is a South Korean drama/sitcom. It was 1st broadcast on MBC (Korean language version only). It ran from 2000 to early 2001 (February 2000 to April 2001). The 1st episode was aired on Monday 14 February 2000 (Note: Mondays at 22:55/10.55pm/55 minutes past 10/5 to 11). The final episode was aired on Monday 16 April 2001 (due to best episodes, such as 장사의 꿈). There are 58 episodes altogether (Note: Remake episodes are excluded - due to w/o). Some episodes featured NG모음. (Note: In episode 3, this was the 1st episode to feature NG모음. In episode 44, this must be the final episode to feature NG모음). However, before the final episode, the bloopers didn't include (due to 마지막 이야기).