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3 Hammers (sometimes called Three Hammers) is a strong white cider[1] made in Tiverton, Devon, England by the Aston Manor Brewery. Before 2009 it was made by the Devon Cider Company, until that company went into administration in 2009[2] and was taken over by Aston Manor.[3] The cider is named after a small village near Tiverton.[citation needed]

The strength and cheapness of this and similar white ciders has made them subject to calls for higher taxation to reduce the potential for abuse.[4] In 2006 a litre of 3 Hammers could be bought for £1.19, cheaper by volume than a bottle of Perrier water at 99p for 75. It can be purchased in Sainsbury's Stores for £3.89 a bottle, which is considered a low price considering its high alcohol content.[5]

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