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The Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross is an annual cyclo-cross event over the Yorkshire three peaks of Ingleborough, Whernside and Pen-y-ghent, in Yorkshire, England. Organised by Bradford Racing Cycling Club on the last weekend of September, it bills itself as the "hardest cyclo-cross race in the world".[1] While other races may have comparable or even greater distances and height gain—Whernside, the tallest of the Peaks, only reaches 736 metres—it is the combination of gradient, terrain, and weather that give the Three Peaks its reputation.


The original course was 40 kilometres long, but was increased to 47 km in 1980. More course changes in 1982 and 1983 increased it further, to 50 km and then 57 km respectively. The most recent alteration, in 1994, extended the course to 61 km. The current course starts at Helwith Bridge, 3 km south of Horton in Ribblesdale, and tackles Ingleborough, Whernside and Pen-y-ghent. Because part of the race is on private land, cycling the whole course at any other time of year is not possible.

Except during the 1980s and early 1990s when mountain bikes were permitted, only cyclo-cross bicycles with drop handlebars are allowed. There were no female competitors until 1979, and there were no races in 2001 or 2007 due to foot and mouth disease.[2][3]


Total Prize Money: £5,000+

Riders are awarded certificates based on their time around the course.

  • Elite - under 3 hours 30 minutes
  • 1st class - under 4 hours
  • 2nd class - under 5 hours
  • merit - all other finishers

List of overall winners[edit]

Year Male Winner Female Winner Winning Team
1961  John Rawnsley (GBR) - Bradford Racing Cycling Club
1962  Harry Bond (GBR) - Bradford Racing Cycling Club
1963  Ian Craig (GBR) - Bradford Racing Cycling Club
1964  Harry Bond (GBR) - Bradford Racing Cycling Club
1965  John Bell (GBR) - Bradford Racing Cycling Club
1966  Harry Bond (GBR) - Bradford Racing Cycling Club
1967  Harry Bond (GBR) - Bradford Racing Cycling Club
1968  Tom McDonald (GBR) - Bradford Racing Cycling Club
1969  John Atkins (GBR) - Bradford Racing Cycling Club
1970  John Atkins (GBR) - Bradford Racing Cycling Club
1971  Eric Stone (GBR) - Keighley St. Christopher C.C.C.
1972  Chris Wilkinson (GBR) - Bronte Wheelers/McManus & Poole
1973  Barry Davies (GBR) - Bronte Wheelers/McManus & Poole
1974  Barry Davies (GBR) - Bronte Wheelers/McManus & Poole
1975  Barry Davies (GBR) - Bronte Wheelers/McManus & Poole
1976  John Atkins (GBR) - Bronte Wheelers/McManus & Poole
1977  Eric Stone (GBR) - Bronte Wheelers/McManus & Poole
1978  Eric Stone (GBR) - Bronte Wheelers/McManus & Poole
1979  Eric Stone (GBR)  Brenda Atkinson (GBR) Ron Kitching/Sun Tour
1980  John North (GBR)  Susan Hoare (GBR) Bronte Wheelers/McManus & Poole
1981  Arthur Manz (SUI) - Bronte Wheelers/McManus & Poole
1982  Eric Stone (GBR)  Susan Hoare (GBR) Bradford Racing Cycling Club
1983  Richard Bates (GBR) - Bradford Racing Cycling Club
1984  Tim Gould (GBR) - Norton Wheelers
1985  Tim Gould (GBR)  Christine Walker (GBR) Chesterfield Coureurs/Ness
1986  Tim Gould (GBR)  Janet Sanger (GBR) Chesterfield Coureurs/Ness
1987  Tim Gould (GBR) - Ace R.T./Peugeot
1988  Tim Gould (GBR)  Emma Wood (GBR) Ace R.T./Peugeot
1989  Tim Gould (GBR)  Melanie Grivell (GBR) Bradford Racing Cycling Club
1990  Fred Salmon (GBR)  Melanie Grivell (GBR) Ace R.T./Peugeot
1991  Nick Craig (GBR)  Isla Rowntree (GBR) Helwith Bridge Alers
1992  Fred Salmon (GBR) - Helwith Bridge Alers or Bradford Olympic R.C./Paul Milnes/Lusso
1993  Fred Salmon (GBR)  Alison Garside (GBR) Helwith Bridge Alers or Bradford Olympic R.C./Paul Milnes/Lusso
1994  Chris Young (GBR)  Alison Garside (GBR) Ace R.T./Peugeot or Helwith Bridge Alers
1995  Andy Peace (GBR)  Jacqui Foster (GBR) Helwith Bridge Alers or Bradford Olympic R.C./Paul Milnes/Lusso
1996  Andy Peace (GBR)  Ruth Gamwell (GBR) Helwith Bridge Alers
1997  Chris Young (GBR)  Mari Todd (GBR) Pace Racing/Pace Satellite TV
1998  Chris Young (GBR)  Sue Thomas (GBR) Team Marie Curie/Pace Satellite TV
1999  Ian Cuthbertson (GBR)  Kali Exley (GBR) Team Marie Curie/Pace Satellite TV
2000  Rob Jebb (GBR)  Sue Thomas (GBR) Helly Hansen - Giant - MBI
2001 No race - foot & mouth disease in the area
2002  Rob Jebb (GBR)  Louise Robinson (GBR) Science in
2003  Rob Jebb (GBR)  Louise Robinson (GBR) Wheelbase/Ron Hill
2004  Rob Jebb (GBR)  Louise Robinson (GBR) Wheelbase/Ron Hill
2005  Rob Jebb (GBR)  Louise Robinson (GBR) Wheelbase/Ron Hill
2006  Rob Jebb (GBR)  Isla Rowntree (GBR) Scott UK
2007 No race - foot & mouth disease in the area
2008  Rob Jebb (GBR)  Heather Dawe (GBR) Wheelbase/Gore Bike Wear
2009  Nick Craig (GBR)  Renee Saxton (GBR) Wheelbase/Cannondale/Gorebikewear
2010  Rob Jebb (GBR)  Renee Saxton (GBR) Wheelbase/Cannondale/Gorebikewear
2011  Nick Craig (GBR)  Louise Robinson (GBR) Crosstrax
2012  Rob Jebb (GBR)  Victoria Wilkinson (GBR) Team Hope Factory Racing
2013  Rob Jebb (GBR)  Delia Beddis (GBR) Jedi Cycle Sport
2014  Rob Jebb (GBR)  Verity Appleyard (GBR) Jedi Cycle Sport
2015  Paul Oldham (GBR)  Jules Toone (GBR) Hope Factory Racing

(source: "Results and Roll of Honour", 3 Peaks Cyclo-cross official website)


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