Three Plus Two

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Three Plus Two
Three Plus Two.jpg
Directed byGenrikh Oganisyan
Music byAndrei Volkonsky
CinematographyVyacheslav Shumsky
Edited byErika Meshkovskaya
Release date
  • 1963 (1963)
CountrySoviet Union

Three Plus Two, or 3 + 2 (Russian: Три плюс два) is a 1963 Soviet comedy film directed by Genrikh Oganisyan based on a play by Sergei Mikhalkov.[1] Produced by Maksim Gorki Studio.

Plot summary[edit]

The film was set in the Crimea in the mid-1960s. Three friends from Moscow decided to go camping on the seashore. The veterinarian (Roman), diplomat (Vadim) and physicist (Stepan) made it to the Black Sea coast in their car, they chose a deserted place and set up there their tents. Having refused all the benefits of civilization, they enoyed bathing in the sea, preaparing their own food from concentrates.

But soon their privacy was invaded by uninvited guests. One day two pretty girls came to the beach – a trainer and an actress – and they claimed their rights to the place chosen by young men. During the negotiations, the men refused to give in to the ladies, so the latter ones put their tents in the immediate vicinity of the boys’ camp. Zoya and Natasha (these are the names of the main female characters) decided to make the life of their tough opponents intolerable, so that to make them leave their beloved place.

However, the war for the territory ended with a complete reconciliation of two sides.[2]

Filmmaking details[edit]

The film was shot in two versions: with a widescreen and an ordinary one. For this reason each scene was shot twice.

The location of the film is a village called Novy Svet of the Crimean Region of the Ukrainian SSR. Some of the scenes took place in Riga and in St. Petersburg.



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