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The Three Revolution Exhibition is a museum located in North Korea. The exhibition primarily showcases the three revolutions of Kim Il-sung, the ideological, technical, and cultural. It is in the Ryonmot-dong area, and its vast expansive grounds also displays many other ideologies of Juche idea: heavy industry, culture, and agriculture.[1] The central building has a shape resembling a spherical planet with rings, similar to the planet of Saturn. The dome itself also houses a planetarium. In the complex, there are six exhibits which detail North Korea's advances in electronics, heavy industry, agriculture, class education, and technology.[2]

The planetarium, shaped like Saturn

There is also an outdoor display of vehicles produced in North Korea.[3]

An exhibit of mining in North Korea


The museum was first established as a non-permanent Industrial and Agricultural Exhibition between 1946 and 1956, then improved to be the current Three Revolutions Exhibition in 1983, and further renovations took place in 1993.

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