Three Rivers Arts Festival

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Three Rivers Arts Festival
Chris Hillman performing at the Three Rivers Arts Festival on June 16, 2004.
Genre all types
Dates June
Location(s) United States Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Years active 1959–present
Founded by The Women's Committee of the Carnegie Museum of Art in cooperation with a cross section of Pittsburgh business and cultural leaders.
Three Rivers Arts Festival homepage

Three Rivers Arts Festival is an outdoor music and arts festival held each June in the Downtown district of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.[1] The festival features live music and performance art, as well as visual art and vendors who sell their wares. The event is centered in Point State Park.

Founded in 1960 by the Women's Committee of the Carnegie Museum of Art, the festival has presented more than 10,000 visual and performing artists and entertained millions of residents and visitors. Notable and memorable stage performances have included Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, Phillip Glass, Steven Reich, Smokey Robinson as well as literary legends Allen Ginsberg and Spalding Gray.[2]

In 2015, the festival began a focus on art and technology, through a partnership with the CREATE Festival.[3]

The Three Rivers Arts Festival Gallery, located at 937 Liberty Avenue, is a year-round extension of the Three Rivers Arts Festival.


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