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For the local council of the Boy Scouts of America, see Three Rivers Council (Texas).

Coordinates: 51°38′20″N 0°28′08″W / 51.639°N 0.469°W / 51.639; -0.469

Three Rivers District Council
Kemal Butt
Councillor Chris Whately-Smith, Liberal Democrats
Leader of the Council
Councillor Ann Shaw OBE, Liberal Democrats
Conservative Group Leader
Councillor Chris Hayward, Conservative
Labour Group Leader
Councillor Stephen King, Labour
Seats 48
Committees Link to Council Meetings
Plurality voting system
Last election
5 May 2011
Meeting place
Three Rivers House, Northway, Rickmansworth, WD3 1RL

Three Rivers District Council is the local authority for the Three Rivers non-metropolitan district of England, the United Kingdom. Three Rivers is located in the south-west of Hertfordshire, in the East of England region. The Council itself is based in Rickmansworth, the largest settlement in the district, but also comprises Abbots Langley, Chorleywood, Croxley Green, Maple Cross, Mill End, Sarratt and South Oxhey.

The Council consists of 39 elected members, representing thirteen electoral wards following a Boundary Commission review which came into effect on 22 May 2014. Each ward returns three councillors. Previously, there were 48 seats: half of the wards elected two councillors each. Nine elected three councillors each. One (Sarratt) elected one.

The Council is led by the Liberal Democrats, who hold 19, of the 39 seats. The Conservatives form the second-largest faction, with 17, of the seats followed by Labour with 3 seats [1]


District council[edit]

Three Rivers is a non-metropolitan district that elects one-third of its councillors at any one time: three times every four years, with the fourth for elections to Hertfordshire County Council). In the 2011 elections, the council remained under Liberal Democrat control, having been first won by the Lib Dems from no overall control in 1999. The District has also remained Lib Dem-run in 2014.

As of the 2012 elections, the composition of the council was:

Party Councillors Change
Liberal Democrat 28 -1
Conservative 14 0
Labour 6 +2
English Democrats 0 -1
Total 48 -
Source: [Three Rivers District Council]

The local elections in 2014 returned a council with a make up as follows

Liberal Democrats 23 Conservative 12 Labour 3

giving the Liberal Democrats a majority of 8 over the opposition.

County council[edit]

For elections to Hertfordshire County Council, the district is divided into six divisions, three of which are held by the Conservatives, two by the Liberal Democrats, and one by the Labour Party:

Seat Councillor Party
Abbots Langley Sara Bedford Liberal Democrat
Chorleywood Chris Hayward Conservative
Croxley Steve Drury Liberal Democrat
Oxhey Park Frances Button Conservative
Rickmansworth Ralph Sangster Conservative
South Oxhey Joan King Labour


For parliamentary elections, the district is divided across three constituencies. Most of the district is within the South West Hertfordshire constituency, which is considered a safe Conservative seat and held by a Conservative MP (now David Gauke) since its creation in 1950. The eastern parts of the constituency, to the north and south of Watford, are part of that borough's constituency, which is a three-way marginal held by Conservative Richard Harrington, having fluctuated between Labour and the Conservatives. Most of the north-eastern ward of Bedmond and Primrose Hill is in the St Albans constituency, which is held by the Conservative Anne Main.

Seat Wards MP Party
St Albans Bedmond and Primrose Hill (part) Anne Main Conservative
South West Hertfordshire Ashridge, Chorleywood East, Chorleywood West, Croxley Green, Croxley Green North, Croxley Green South, Hayling, Maple Cross and Mill End, Moor Park and Eastbury, Northwick, Penn, Rickmansworth, Rickmansworth West, Sarratt David Gauke Conservative
Watford Abbots Langley, Bedmond and Primrose Hill (part), Carpenders Park, Langleybury, Leavesden, Oxhey Hall Richard Harrington Conservative
Source: Boundary Commission for England


Three Rivers consists of twenty wards. Wards electing three members are denoted with asterisks (*). Sarratt, denoted with an obelisk (†), elects one member.


Three Rivers District Council is composed of 48 councillors elected from the 20 wards. As only half of wards elect three councillors, not all wards elect in any one given year; at any one annual election, one-third (16) are elected, not counting the necessity of by-elections.

Councillors are divided into classes depending on the year of their retirement. Usually, this will be four years after their election. However, if a ward elects two members at a given election (because of a by-election being held at the same time as a normal election), the councillor with the most votes receives the later of the two available retirement dates.

Ward Councillors (by year of retirement)
2011 2012 2014
Abbots Langley Matthew Bedford David Major Sara Bedford
Ashridge Graham Denman Seamus Dunne N/A
Bedmond and Primrose Hill Richard Laval N/A Joy Mann
Carpenders Park Pam Hames Geoffrey Dunne Eric Bishop
Chorleywood East N/A Chris Hayward Guy Davis
Chorleywood West Barbara Green Harry Davies Martin Trevett
Croxley Green Dr Leighton Dann Brian Norman Roger Seabourne
Croxley Green North Chris Lloyd N/A Steve Drury
Croxley Green South Phil Brading N/A Brian White
Hayling Phil Redshaw Kerron Cross N/A
Langleybury Paul Goggins Chris Whately-Smith Chris Ayrton
Leavesden Stephen Giles-Medhurst Sue Bartrick Kate Turner
Maple Cross and Mill End Ann Shaw Peter Wakeling Chris Lucas
Moor Park and Eastbury Ralph Sangster Amrit Mediratta Kemal Butt
Northwick Ron Spellen Malcolm Butwick Ty Harris
Oxhey Hall Peter Ray Alison Scarth N/A
Penn N/A Sarah Nelmes Les Mead
Rickmansworth N/A Paula Hiscocks David Sansom
Rickmansworth West N/A Russell Smith Barbara Lamb
Sarratt Tony Barton N/A N/A
Source: Three Rivers District Council

Council history[edit]

About the Council

Three Rivers District Council was established in 1974 by combining the former Urban Districts of Rickmansworth and Chorleywood with part of the Rural District of Watford.

The main offices are located in Rickmansworth in Three Rivers House, opened in 1991.

Link to Council Office details

Overall control of Three Rivers District Council
Year Control
1973 No overall control
1976 Conservative
1986 No overall control
1987 SDP–Liberal Alliance
1988 Liberal Democrat
1990 No overall control
1999 Liberal Democrat
2011 Liberal Democrat

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