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The Three Rivers Inline Club (TRIC) is a not-for-profit inline skating club in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


The club was founded in 1994 by several members of the Pittsburgh Inline Skate Club (PISC). The purpose of the club is to promote the sport of inline roller skating and to offer social skates and non-skating events for members [1].
TRIC operates the website as a comprehensive guide to inline skating in the greater Pittsburgh area. As well the website serves as a repository for photos and events sponsored by the club or that the club participates in.

Weekly skates[edit]

TRIC holds multiple skates every week each targeted at different levels of skaters. [2]
Skates are patrolled by the National Skate Patrol (NSP) local Pittsburgh chapter led by Gene Slevinski. The patrolers lead many of the skates and attempt to keep the skaters safe while skating with pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic. The Pittsburgh NSP also runs start and stop clinics which teach new skaters the basics of skating.

The weekly skates run from early spring to mid fall.

Special events[edit]

Hills and Thrills
TRIC has held a special event weekend skate event called Hills and Thrills four times in 1999, 2000, 2001, and again 2006. The first three years the event invitations were limited to the Philadelphia Land Skaters and the Washington Area Roadskaters (WAR). The event is a three-day, multi-skate event that in 1999, 2000 and 2001 was held in conjunction with the Bayer Inline Classic - an inline skate race through the city of Pittsburgh sponsored in part by the Bayer Chemical Corporation.

Bayer Inline Classic
The Bayer Inline Classic was an inline skate race held three times in 1999, 2000, and 2001 through the city of Pittsburgh's Golden Triangle and around the North Shore of Pittsburgh.


TRIC is an open group that welcomes all those wishing to join. They also do not require membership for participation in weekly skate events.

Club governance[edit]

TRIC is governed by the TRIC Steering Committee. The steering committee is made up of volunteer members and is open to all club members. The committee is headed by a coordinator.