Three Stories and Ten Poems

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Three Stories and Ten Poems (1923) was the first short story collection by Ernest Hemingway; it was also his first published work. The collection was privately published in a run of 300 copies by Robert McAlmon's "Contact Publishing" in Paris, in 1923.

The three stories are:

The ten poems are:

  • "Mitraigliatrice"
  • "Oklahoma"
  • "Oily Weather"
  • "Roosevelt"
  • "Captives"
  • "Champs d'Honneur"
  • "Riparto d'Assalto"
  • "Montparnasse"
  • "Along With Youth"
  • "Chapter Heading"

In "My Old Man," Hemingway used jockey Tod Sloan as a basis for the puzzled boy trying to identify the source of his father's shame, and the father who cannot divulge it.