Three on a Meathook

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Three on a Meathook
Directed byWilliam Girdler
Produced by
Written byWilliam Girdler[1]
  • Charles Kissinger
  • James Pickett
  • Sherry Steiner
Music byWilliam Girdler[2]
CinematographyWilliam Asman
Edited byHenry Asman
Release date
  • 1972 (1972)
Running time
85 minutes[3]
CountryUnited States[1]

Three on a Meathook is a 1972 horror film written and directed by William Girdler and starring Charles Kissinger, James Pickett and Sherry Steiner. The film is based on the crimes committed by Ed Gein.


When four girls go on a weekend trip to a lake, they start to have car problems on the way home and meet a local young man named Billy Townsend who takes them back to his farm where he lives with his father Frank. Later, Frank begins to murder three of the girls and tries to pin the crimes on his son by convincing him he is responsible for their deaths and is insane.


Three on a Meathook was director William Girdler's second film that was a take on a story influenced by Ed Gein.[1] The film crew included the Asman brothers with John Asman on sound and William Asman behind the camera and film editor Henry Asman.[4] The film received funding from a local realtor Joe Schulten as well as cash from Girdler's trust fund.[4]

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