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Threenix Inc.
Industry Security software, security appliances, Internet security, network security
Founded 1999
Headquarters Perugia, Italy
Products Web content filtering, anti-spam, antivirus, anti-phishing, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, Application Control, firewall, OpenVPN, bandwidth management, web cache
Number of employees

Threenix is a computer security software suite.


Threenix is a complete commercial solution for deep networking security configuration based on a pre-configured Linux platform available as both a hardware and virtual appliance. The installed software is written in Python and C++. This, communicating with core services such as ip route or iptables, provides a number of functionalities, some of which are listed below:

  • Firewall
  • DoS protection
  • Load Balancing/Failover configuration
  • Bandwidth shaping and bandwidth control
  • VPN IPSEC, Open VPN and PPtP
  • Antispam system
  • Antivirus and Authentication
  • URL filtering and Content filtering based on category database
  • Spyware protection

The system displays a beautiful and simple web interface written in HTML, PHP and Javascript to help the user to enable/disable and to configure his personal services in an intuitive way. Moreover, the web interface is equipped with a remote reporter that makes easy to visualize the status of the system and the status of every single service from wherever the user may want. Threenix is released only in Italy and has been developed by PCS Group. The last stable release of the platform is 4.02.00.

New version[edit]

In April 2012, PCS Group. started the development of the Threenix's new version 5, which will be completely rewritten in order to make it handle much more features and capabilities. The most important improvements will be:

  • Use of a CLI (Common Language Interface) which will be the single point of configuration and management
  • Distributed communication between components
  • HA (High availability) management

As described in the following diagrams, every service can be distributed on separate appliances for maximum performance and scalability.

Threenix Installation Simple Block Diagram[edit]

Simple Threenix Installation Block Diagram

Threenix Installation Complex Block Diagram[edit]

Complex Threenix Installation Block Diagram

This new distribution will be available also as "Community Edition" that will be free and without support.

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