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Threshold House
  • 1987–2003 (LOCI)
  • 2003–present (THRESH & THBKK)
GenreIndustrial, Experimental
Country of originThailand
(formerly England)
LocationKrung Thep

Threshold House is one of several record labels created by Coil to release their own work and that of affiliated projects.[1] Associated labels include Eskaton[2] and Chalice.[3] It is also the name for the official Coil website.

The label was initially a vanity label of sorts, as all releases were manufactured and distributed by other labels, most prominently World Serpent Distribution.[4] Following the bankruptcy of World Serpent, the label continued independently.

The logo for Threshold House is a castle-like building, possibly what Coil have referred to as "The East Tower" in past interviews, and a moon. It is also very similar to artist recreations of the buildings at Catalhoyuk.

After the death of John Balance[5][6] and the disbanding of Coil, Peter Christopherson started a solo effort, The Threshold HouseBoys Choir, based on the name Threshold House.[7]



The series of "LOCI" were released when Coil resided in England.

Catalogue number Release title Format Release date
LOCI 1 Gold Is the Metal (With the Broadest Shoulders) 12″ 1987
LOCI S1 Themes for Derek Jarman's Blue 7″ 1993
LOCI 2 The Wheel 7″ 1987
LOCI CD2 Unnatural History CD 1990
LOCI 3 Windowpane 12″ 1990
LOCI CD4 Stolen & Contaminated Songs CD 1992
LOCI 5 How to Destroy Angels (Remixes and Re-Recordings) CD 1992
LOCI CD 6 The Angelic Conversation CD 1994
LOCI CD 7 Windowpane & the Snow CD 1995
LOCI 8 [unused]
LOCI 9 [unused]
LOCI CD 10 Unnatural History II CD 1995
LOCI CD 11 Gold Is the Metal (With the Broadest Shoulders) CD 1996
LOCI CD 12 Unnatural History III CD 1997
LOCI CD 13 Transparent CD 1998
LOCI 14 Astral Disaster 12″ 2000
LOCI CD 14 Astral Disaster CD 2000
LOCI CD 15 Scatology CD 2001
LOCI CD 16 Horse Rotorvator CD 2001
LOCI CD 17 Love's Secret Domain CD 2001
LOCI CD 18 Live One 2×CD 2003
LOCI CD 19 Live Two CD 2003
LOCI CD 20 Live Three CD 2003
LOCI CD 21 Live Four CD 2003


The "THRESH" and "THBKK" series began with Peter Christopherson's relocation to Bangkok, Thailand.[8]

Artist Catalogue number Release title Format Release date
Coil THRESH1 ...And the Ambulance Died in His Arms CD 4 April 2003
Coil THRESH2 The Ape of Naples CD 2 December 2005
Coil THRESH2 The Ape of Naples 2×12″ 2 December 2005
Coil THBKK1 The Remote Viewer (remastered edition) 2×CD 2006 August
Coil THBKK2 Black Antlers (remastered edition) 2×CD 2006 August
The Threshold HouseBoys Choir THBKK3 Form Grows Rampant CD + DVD 2007
Coil THBKK4 The New Backwards 12″ 2008
Coil THBKK4 The New Backwards CD 2008

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