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The Thrianta is a breed of rabbit that originated in the Netherlands.

A Thrianta rabbit

The Thrianta is an eye-catching, brilliant, red rabbit with fawn coloring under its paws and tail. The fur is soft, dense and medium in length. The ideal senior weight for this compact breed is 5 to 6 pounds. Originating in the Netherlands, the Thriantas were further developed in Germany before being imported into the United Kingdom in the early 1980s. During the 1990s, the breed arrived in the United States from both the Netherlands and England. ARBA Secretary, Glen Carr, is responsible for the acceptance of the Thrianta breed in the Standard of Perfection for rabbits and cavies in the U.S. on February 1, 2006.


The First Thrianta was discovered by John Defiori in the Swiss Alps. The breed was originally created for the House of Orange-Nassau.


The Thrianta has a coat which is scarlet and orange, similar to the color of an Irish Setter. According to the American Rabbit Breeders' Association, Thriantas are supposed to pose short and compact, with straight ears that are supposed to be red all around.[1]


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