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The Thrige was a Danish automobile manufactured in Odense between 1911 and 1917 by the Thomas B. Thrige [1] company (now T-T Electric). The company was founded in 1894 and made electric motors.


The first vehicles were electrically powered trucks coming from the company's background in electric motor manufacture. Car manufacture followed using 4-cylinder engines from Ballot and Daimler. The trucks moved to engines from White and Poppe, Continental and Hercules. The 1914 car used a 12 hp Ballot engine driving the rear axle through a three-speed gearbox. There was no differential on the rear axle.[1]


In 1918, the automobile manufacturing part of the Thomas B. Thrige company merged with Anglo-Dane and JAN to form De forenede Automobilfabrikker A/S. No more cars were made, the new company manufacturing mainly buses under the Triangel brand until 1950.


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