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Corporation of Thrissur

തൃശൂർ നഗരസഭ
M. K. Varghese (LDF – Independent)
M.L.Rosy, Independent
Rahesh Kumar R
CommitteesFinance Standing Committee
CommitteesDevelopment Standing Committee
Joint committees
Welfare Standing Committee
Last election
10 December 2020
Meeting place
Municipal Corporation Building, Thrissur

The Thrissur Municipal Corporation is the civic body that governs Thrissur city in Kerala, India. It is the third largest city Corporation in the state of Kerala by area and fourth largest in population. Established as a Municipality since 1921 under the Cochin Municipal Regulations, it is responsible for civic infrastructure and administration; the distribution of electricity and water for Thrissur city.[1][2] The Corporation manages 101.42 km of Thrissur city limits of through 55 wards through five zones Ayyanthole, Vilvattom, Ollukkara, Ollur and Koorkanchery.[3] Thrissur Municipal Corporation has been formed with functions to improve the infrastructure of town.


Prior to the constitution of the municipality, there was a sanitary board functioning in 1910 under a sergeant and the town council after 1911. In 1932, the new Municipal Corporation Building, Thrissur was constructed. On 1 July 1942, Thrissur Municipality was born and in 2000, it was upgraded by the Kerala Government to Municipal corporation. The first elections to the corporation were held in 2000. Ayyanthole, Ollukkara, Koorkenchery, Ollur and Vilvattom Panchayaths and parts of Nadathara and Kolazhy Panchayaths were merged with the municipality to form the Thrissur Municipal Corporation.

The corporation comprises two legislative assemblies Thrissur Assembly Constituency and Ollur Assembly Constituency. The city is administered by the Thrissur Municipal Corporation, headed by a mayor. Thrissur Municipal Corporation is the second-largest city corporation in the state of Kerala. The city is the only local body and city in Kerala which directly controls power, water supply and solid waste management system in the Thrissur city. For administrative purposes, the city is divided into 55 wards, from which the members of the corporation council are elected for five years. The corporation has its headquarters in Thrissur city.[3]

Thrissur Municipal Corporation

Revenue sources[edit]

The following are the Income sources for the corporation from the Central and State Government.[4][5][6]

Revenue from taxes[edit]

Following is the Tax related revenue for the corporation.

  • Property tax.
  • Profession tax.
  • Entertainment tax.
  • Grants from Central and State Government like Goods and Services Tax.
  • Advertisement tax.

Revenue from non-tax sources[edit]

Following is the Non Tax related revenue for the corporation.

  • Water usage charges.
  • Fees from Documentation services.
  • Rent received from municipal property.
  • Funds from municipal bonds.

Master plans[edit]

The first master plan for Thrissur city was sanctioned by the Kerala Government in October 1972 with a plan period of 20 years in accordance with the Town Planning Act. It was expected that the town would accommodate a population of 1,75,000 in 1991. The sanctioned Development Plan (1972) for Thrissur envisaged a growth pattern integrating rural areas and the urban center of Thrissur so as to provide the rural areas with employment opportunities and social amenities. The Town and Country Planning Department (TCPD) and Thrissur Urban Development Authority (TUDA) are the agencies that prepare the plan. A new Master plan, which is in the anvil since last 10 or more years has been a long-awaited dream of Thrissur as people are struggling to get building permits under the existing outdated master plan.


As of 2014-15 revenue, the annual budgetary estimate of Thrissur Corporation is Rs 346.27 crore. Surplus income of the corporation is Rs 6.63 crore. Property tax is the main source of revenue for Thrissur Corporation.[7][8]

Municipal Corporation Building, Thrissur seen from M.O. Road, Thrissur


Standing committees[edit]

There are seven standing committees in the corporation. They are,

  • Development Standing Committee
  • Welfare Standing Committee
  • Health Standing Committee
  • Public Works Standing Committee
  • Town Planning Standing Committee
  • Tax Appeal Standing Committee
  • Educational Standing Committee

Mayors of Thrissur[edit]

Mayors of Thrissur
From Until Incumbent Party
5 October 2000 3 April 2004 Jose Kattukkaran Indian National Congress
2004 2005 K Radhakrishnan Indian National Congress
7 October 2005 6 October 2010 R. Bindu Communist Party of India (Marxist)
9 November 2010 14 January 2013 I.P. Paul Indian National Congress
15 January 2014 4 June 2015 Rajan Pallan Indian National Congress
19 November 2015 12 December 2018 Ajitha Jayarajan Communist Party of India (Marxist)
12 December 2018 28 January 2020 Ajitha Vijayan Communist Party of India
20 February 2020 11 November 2020 Ajitha Jayarajan Communist Party of India (Marxist)
27 December 2020 present M.K Varghese Left Democratic Front -Independent

Deputy Mayors[edit]

Deputy Mayors of Thrissur
From Until Incumbent Party
2000 2004 K Radhakrishnan Indian National Congress
2004 2005 PS Johny Indian National Congress
2005 2007 MK Sooryaprakash Democratic Indira Congress
2007 2010 M Vijayan Communist Party of India (Marxist)
2010 2013 Subi Babu Indian National Congress
2014 2015 P.V. Sarojini Indian National Congress
2015 2017 Varghese Kandamkulathy Communist Party of India (Marxist)
2017 2019 Beena Murali Communist Party of India
2019 2020 Raphy Joseph Independent
2020 2023 Rajasree Gopan Communist Party of India (Marxist)
2023 present M L Rosy LDF Independent
Source(s): [9]

Election results[edit]

2020 local body elections[edit]

S.No. Party Name Number of Corporators Change
01 UDF 24 Increase 3
02 LDF 24 Increase 1
03 BJP 6 Steady
04 Others 1 Decrease 4
Total 55

2015 local body elections[edit]

S.No. Political Front/Party Number of Corporators[11]
1 Left Democratic Front (LDF) 23
2 United Democratic Front (UDF) 21
3 National Democratic Alliance (NDA) 6
4 Others 5
Total 55

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