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Thug Murder were an influential streetpunk all-female band from Japan.[1][2][3] Though their songs were written and performed in English, their heavy Japanese accents made the lyrics largely unintelligible.[4] The band was formed in November 1999 and split after two years, in October 2001. Thug Murder toured the USA and EU with the Dropkick Murphys in 2001.[5] They're also known for playing with The Boils, The Casualties and The Unseen, among others. Their American debut was released on Dropkick Murphys's Flat Records.[6][7]

In 2002, Ryoko formed the similarly styled band Last Target and released the song "One Shot, One Kill".[8] "One Shot, One Kill" is distributed by the BENTEN Label.


  • Ryoko Naitoh - Guitar and vocals
  • Chisato Ohtsubo - Bass and vocals
  • Yurie Sakuma - Drums and vocals


  • 'Punch Drunk 3 (2000) - (TKO Records)[9]
  • 13th Round (2001) – (TKO Records)
  • Thug Murder (1999)-EP) - (Luck Records)


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