Thug Twinz

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Thug Twinz is a 2009 album by rappers Layzie Bone & Big Sloan, released on Hi-Power Entertainment. A video was released for "Wring Me Out" featuring Thin-C.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Soundtrack of My Life"
  2. "Better Get With It" (featuring Flesh-n-Bone & Thin-C)
  3. "Everyday is the First of the Month"
  4. "Give Me My Money"
  5. "What I Wanna Do" (featuring Thin-C)
  6. "League of Our Own" (featuring Bizzy Bone)
  7. "Ready For War" (featuring Mr. Criminal, Malow Mac & Miss Lady Pinks)
  8. "We Connected"
  9. "Mo' Thuggin' & Bone Thuggin'" (featuring K.R.)
  10. "Wring Me Out" (featuring Thin-C)
  11. "Breathe Already"
  12. "That Ain't Me"
  13. "You're Not A King"
  14. "We Loaded" (featuring Major James)
  15. "Outro"