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Soap Thuis Belgian television.jpg
Genre Soap opera
Created by Luc Beerten
Winnie Enghien
Jan Matterne Jr.
Paul Schellekens
Theme music composer Bart Ketelaere
David Baeck
Country of origin Belgium
Original language(s) Dutch
No. of seasons 22
No. of episodes 4,025 (as of 24 June 2016)
Running time 25 minutes
Distributor Eén
Audio format Stereo
Original release 23 December 1995 (1995-12-23) – present
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Thuis (At Home) is a Belgian television soap opera, which airs on één, which is in the hands of VRT, the national broadcasting channel of the Dutch-speaking region of Belgium.

Thuis first aired on 23 December 1995, featuring Pol Goossen, Janine Bischops, Merel De Vilder Robier, Sally-Jane Van Horebeeck, Annick Segal, Monika Van Lierde, Rik Andries and the late Donald Madder.

Thuis grew to become Flanders' number one soap, gaining 900,000 viewers (compared to the highest rated TV show, receives 1.5 million viewers), and therefore beating competing channel vtm's soap operas Familie (Family) and former series Wittekerke (a fictional town, White Church). Thuis is currently in its 22nd season. On May 27, 2011 episode number 3000 was aired. On January 17, 2014 episode number 3,500 was aired.

Season 22 (2017-2018)[edit]

Luc survived the murder attempt. Luc frequently appeals to Marieke, an escort specialized to give services to handicapped men. Marieke eats from another poisoned coockie and dies immediately. Waldek is being captured in some basement by Julia. She threatens she will take revenge to everyone who did harm to her in past. It is revealed she already killed her former husband Cois. As Waldek impregnated Mayra, Julia sends her a box of poisoned chocolates but these are also eaten by Sandrine resulting both of them have to go to hospital, but also survive. Julia also kidknaps Simonne. Rosa finds the cookery book of Julia - in which she noted the recipes of the poisoned food and to whom she gave it - and informs the police. Julia is brought to jail.

Karen explains why her mother did raise Kobe: she was in love with Steven. Steven was engaged with another woman and were about to marry when Karen got pregnant. Karen did not tell Steven as she was sure Steven would choose the other woman. As she always should compare Kobe with Steven, she asked her mother to adopt him. Kobe is furious to his mother and father and breaks all contact. Some weeks later Steven brings bad news to Karin, he suffers ALS, and Kobe might have inherited this which turns to be true not much later.

Tom and Judith marry, but the dinner party is a disaster. Ann, who clealry stated her much younger lover Jessica will attend, is furious when there is no seat for Jessica. After Marianne held her speech - in which she claims the love between Tom and Judith is real which cannot be said about Ann and Jessica - Ann promptly asks Jessica to marry her. Jessica is not upset, leaves and breaks the relationship as she thinks she is just some kind of trophy. When Karin arrives Ann spoils in public Tom and Karen have a sexual affair. Judith is broken hearted and bans Tom out of her life. Ann sets Judith under pressure and forces her to kick Marianne out of the house.

After another undesirable behavior Younes is fired at Kabouters. He leaves furiously and claims he will do some harm. Not much later there is a burglary and all eyes are pointed to Younes, but there is not enough proof. Later on, Eddy tells Angele he was the burglar who wanted to frame Younes.

Season 21 (2016-2017)[edit]

Whilst William is suffocating Tom, Judith enters the hospital room and knocks-out William. Marianne can be reanimated. William is arrested by the police for the murder on Hélène and a murder attempt upon Marianne and Tom. It turns out William took all of Marianne her money. There is no issue as they were married under a contract in which all their possessions became common but Marianne and Rosa set up a plan to lure William thus the Belgian government in fraud starts up an investigation. Marianne retrieves her money.

Olivia visits a doctor to let her blood examined and becomes aware someone put drugs in her drinks. Arne starts visiting Ruben Huisman, a shrink, as he can't handle the death of his sister some years before. Jana, who is doing an internship at Rubens practice, figures out Arne is the wrongdoer and tells Olivia the truth. When Olivia confronts Arne, he tries to kill himself. As Jana broke professional secrecy and took insight in patient's files without approval, she is expelled from her studies by the university. She heads to Boston for the marriage of her father and does not return.

Nancy starts a dangerous game by visiting her ex-husband Eddy, who is in jail due to culpable homicide of their grandson. Karen Baert, who recently became a third partner in Tom and Peter's lawyer office, is determined to throw Peter out as he pays not enough attention to some files resulting some important customers left. Peter acknowledges and decides to step out. Karen is upset when she finds out Peter is going to sell 60% of the stocks to Tom and 40% to her, meaning Tom has the biggest share whereas she hoped she would have gained 50% of the shares and thus an equality. She wants revenge and starts as pro deo to get Eddy out of jail by setting up a plan Eddy was forced by Peter to harm Peggy. Just before verdict, Eddy tells the judge Karen is a manipulative woman and he does not agree her plea. Eddy is locked up for 5 years in prison but after some months he is already set free under conditions. Femke gives birth at a premature son, Vic.

Charité starts a relationship with Renzo. She is astonished when her husband Adam, thought to be killed during a civil war in Mali some years before, turns up. Some weeks later Adam his residence permit is drawn in by government as he came to Belgium under a false identity. Charité and Renzo move to Julia's appartement as she is withdrawn in a psychiatry.

Jenny and Leo visit Bianca and Mo in Morocco. After a few weeks Leo comes home alone: Jenny stayed over there as Bianca is pregnant and has a bone fracture. Jenny will do the housekeeping during next months. The day Jenny returns to Belgium she gets a stroke at the airport and dies.

After a conversation with Kaat, Frank finally seems to accept her as a transgender woman and walks to Simonne to talk about their wedding troubles. However, she already concluded their marriage is over and does not want to forgive him once again. A furious Frank believes all of this started when his son admitted to be gay some years earlier. When Kaat visits Frank again, he attacks her physically but is stopped by Toon. When Yvette finds out about this battle, she wants to have a good word with Frank. This turns out in a dispute in which she suffers a cardiac arrest. She dies a few days later in her sleep. Eventually, Frank moves back to Simonne although he is aware she had a short romance with Waldek during his absence.

Julia caught Simonne and Waldek whilst embracing and kissing. When Julia confronts them some time later, Simonne and Waldek claim this relationship already ended and they never had sex. Julia does not believe this. Some days later, Julia is missing and Waldek fled to Poland. When Waldek hears about the disappearance he heads back to Belgium to help the police. All evidence proves that Waldek murdered Julia so he is sent to jail. Three months later Julia turns up, in a gothstyle, and acts like nothing has happened. Waldek is set free and restart his life and work. After yet another fight between Waldek and Frank, Frank is fired by Sam.

Toon and Kaat start dating and she gets eventually his key to his apartment. However, next day Toom absconded and only left a letter he isn't able to answer on her feelings. Kaat is brokenhearted.

Tom involves Stan and Emma in a plan to ask Judy to marry him. Ann and Mayra also decide to marry, but after Mayra tried to rape Jessica and an anonymous person filmed this and put it on social media, Ann throws Mayra out. A trial is set up who becomes the adoptive mother of Sandrine: Ann or Marya. The judge decides a bi-weekly parenthood must be set up which displeases Ann.

Sam her business is almost broke. At the end she agrees to do a job under the table: a big garden of a noble men needs fences and a lake. After work is done, the nobleman rejects to pay claiming he never asked to do the work and never had seen Sam nor her employees. Frank and Youssef, who also works under the table as long as Waldek his broken leg is not recovered, demolish the fences during the night but are caught by the police.

Julia becomes a lunatic: she pours two times boiling water over Luc and dims all evidence. She even puts sleeping medicals in self-baked cookies and let Luc eat them. It is not known Luc will survive. Waldek is also missing and the police suspect Eddy and Frank are involved. In last episode a bound Waldek is shown and is surprised who kidnapped him, but that person is not yet revealed.

Kobe visits Karen telling their mother died. She is astonished Kobe turned up as they never had a good relationship. Not much later, Kobe starts working at De Withoeve as a cook. When Karen has a business lunch together with Steven Lambrechts, one of their customers, it is revealed Kobe is Karen's son and not her brother. Some time later is also revealed Steven is his biological father.

Season 21 (2015-2016)[edit]

Luc survived his suicidal attempt but as his brains did not have oxygen for some time, he has to learn to walk and speak again. Yvette moved to the house of Lowie but as this upset Sam she eventually decides to go to Winterlicht, a retirement home. After a while, Frank can convince Simonne to let Yvette move back into their house.

Marianne is arrested for murder with premeditation. Hélène had a secret affair with William (who she calls Henri and is known as Rita in her mobile). They set up a plan how to kill Geert and Marianne so they could inherit all their belongings. It was the intention Marianne was killed "by accident" in Tuscany and a similar fate would overcome Geert. Things get out of hand and Hélène killed Geert too early. She is forced by William to write a farewell letter with a confession. William and Marianne move to his mansion in Tuscany, although it is revealed he actually hires it and does not own a vineyard. According to Hélène, William tried to drown her in a river in which he failed. Tom drives to Tuscany and confronts William and Marianne with the news Hélène told him. There Marianne tells him everything is all right and that she knows about William his original plans. Things have changed and he is going to really love her. After a few weeks Marianne and William return home. Ann and Tom try to force a break between her and William. Marianne gets angry and wants to disinherit them. She sells the house which is bought by Tom. A few weeks later, Marianne finds William his gun and forces him to turn it in. Although he promises to do so, Marianne finds the weapon again, taped under furniture, on the day she becomes 70 years. She confronts him during the birthday party and gets a cardiac arrest. She does not trust William anymore and wants a divorce. He starts threatening her.

The trial regarding the kidnapping and sexual misbehavior to Emma starts. Wrongdoer Danny is able to escape during a car transport and hostages Emma and Sam in the warehouse of De Kabouters. Danny is going to shoot Sam. At that moment Toon, who sneaked inside, tries to overwhelm Danny but is shot in his lungs. A SWAT-team penetrates and arrests Danny. During next night, Danny commits suicide in jail.

Lena found a new job in New York. Just before departure to the airport, Lena accepts Jens' wedding proposal which she rejected some days before. Jens runs out of the taxi to get the engagement ring but is hit by a car driven by Paulien. He dies on Christmas Day at the same time Hannah, the daughter of Tim and Sam, is born.

Waldek is not in love with Rosa any more and moves out temporarily to the house of Frank. Rosa and Peggy get suspicious and think Waldek has an affair with Julia, which turns out to be true. Furthermore, since Peter and Femke are the new owners of the building where Zus & Zo is, they decided to kick out Rosa and Peggy and startup their own company team building business.

Simonne has a call with her son Franky, who is currently in a sex operation procedure, and finds out he wants to be addressed as Kaat as from now. Some months later Kaat moves back to Belgium. Frank can't live with the fact his son is now a daughter and breaks all contact. He and Simonne even split up. Toon is impressed by Kaat until he finds out she was a man in past as he believes that transgender people belong in sideshows. It seems all others do accept the transition and Kaat starts working for "De Withoeve", also owned by Femke and Peter, with a waffle business. Frank will do one last attempt to convince Simonne of his love for her. But she is determined to divorce as long he doesn't accept his transsexual daughter Kaat for who she is. An emotional Frank collapses, while Simonne is searching for some support by Waldek. It turns out in a kiss...

Due to bad insight, Peter thinks Peggy will hurt Lucas with a fire basket, although she tried to prevent such incident happened. They start a fight and Peggy gets some serious injuries. She complains Peter for intentional assault and battery. A new fight starts during the new year evening dinner where Nancy invited all of her family. Peggy decides to confess what really happened when she abducted Lucas some months before. Everybody is shocked and Renzo even stops his relationship. Not much later Femke buys the car from Zus & Zo. Some days before the marriage between Femke and Peter, she and Lucas have a car accident in which last one dies. Peggy is accused for tampering the car, as she was seen under the car, although she claims only to have picked up a fallen cd. Meanwhile, Eddy is drinking himself in a coma. When he wakes up again he confesses to have messed up the brakes with the intention Peggy was in the accident. Eddy is sent to prison and Nancy divorces.

Tamara is a fellow student in the school of Olivia. She and Jessica start to annoy Olivia and her new best friend Arne. Lowie frequently receives photos on his smartphone showing Olivia and Arne together. He gets jealous although Olivia claims she does not have an affair with Arne. As Lowie does not want to believe this, Olivia decides to break her relationship. Tamara figures out it is most probably Jessica who sends the photos. Jessica admits but claims Arne is also in the conspiracy. The fact Olivia and Lowie split up and Lowie messed up a plan to have Arne's confession, Olivia becomes more and more befriended with Arne. She is aware Arne is in love with her, but made him clear this is not mutual. Olivia and Arne go to several parties where he puts secretly a date rape drug in her drinks. While she is drugged he is taking picture of her and raping her.

As the original wedding was cancelled due to the death of Lucas, Peter secretly arranged a new wedding and does not inform Femke. However, Femke booked their first big customer for LEV on the same day. This takes up all of her time and she persists to be available during the whole workshop. With some pretexts Renzo drives Femke to the church. Once there, Femke is so busy with the arrangements of her event, she even does not notice she's going to marry. She grabs the car keys out of Renzo's hands and leaves. The day after Nancy tells her what she did. Femke feels guilty and reorganisates the wedding.

In agreement with Karin Baert, the new attorney at Tom's office, Hélène starts up a dangerous plan to meet William a few times and to record what he tells. Tom finds out Hélène met William, although he does not know why, and concludes this is against the conditions of her bail and starts up a procedure to send her back to prison waiting for her trial. On the day she has to go back to the prison she is missing. The police starts a research. They rummage the house of Willian and find the body of Hélène. In an unguarded moment William goes inside the hospital room of Marianne. Inside he tries to suffocate her with a pillow. Tom caughts William and they start a fight. William overpowers Tom and also tries to kill him. The fate of mother and son is unknown.

Season 20 (2014–2015)[edit]

It was Rosa who had the car accident. She is taken away in critical condition and is in coma for several weeks. Marianne and Mayra were also brought to the hospital. After a check up Mayra can go home, but Marianne has to stay due to a complex fracture at her hip. Frank can stop Peggy from killing herself and Lucas. Femke starts a lawsuit against Peggy for the abduction of a child and for murder attempt, although she can't prove last statement. The families Verbeeck and Bomans agree to keep silent what really happened and, besides Frank, there seems to be no witnesses. Peggy decides to go to a mental institution to follow therapy for some weeks. The judge decides Peggy was non compos mentis. Things get more complicated when Peggy starts a relationship with Femke's brother Renzo who is back from Ibiza after he absconded some years before.

Tim figures out it's officer Danny who kidnapped Emma. In order to forget the incident, Emma and Judith move temporarily to Australia. Geert is discharged but he wants to divorce as Marianne was sure he was the wrongdoer. He moves to Zus & Zo and rents a room. Marianne, in a wheelchair as long she is not fully recovered, refuses a professional care helper so she assigns Eddy as her personal assistant. She can't forget Geert and starts a dangerous game: first she gets a warrant so Geert may only enter the doctor's practice. During a dispute with Geert she falls out of her wheelchair when he leaves. She informs the "Orde van geneesheren" (can be nor or less compared with British Medical Association ) Geert did not help a person in emergency, resulting he is suspended as a doctor. Next, she wants to join Ann and Mayra, who had a miscarriage, on their vacation to Cape Verde where Mayra's father lives. As they refuse, Marianne calls David and gets an invitation. Actually, David is still in love with her. However, during her holiday Marianne calls Geert and it turns out she only came to Cape Verde to make him jealous. The conversation is overheard by David who breaks all contact with Marianne. Once home she offers Eddy some thousands of Euros to beat her up so she can accuse Geert for domestic violence. As Eddy refuses, and even quits his job as personal assistant, Marianne harms herself. In meantime Geert started dating Hélène, the mother of Kurt Van Damme, who had died. Marianne goes to rehabilitation with Jenny and Leo. After a few weeks she comes back as a totally other person. She cancels the complaint for domestic violence and starts dating William, an old school friend. At the other hand, Helene can convince Geert to start a lawsuit for wage loss which he wins. Marianne has to pay 160 000 euro's. Geert decides to donate the money to Britney and Sandrine very soon.

Lowie buys a house and rents rooms to Olivia, Paulien, Jana, Tim and Sam. Some time later, Jana moves back to Frank and Simonne after Olivia found out Lowie cheated on her. Paulien gets a task to make a photo for a book released by Lena's publisher office. She asks Adil and Lowie to pose half naked. They agree on condition their head will not be on the cover. However, Lena decides a photo with the face of Adil near Lowie's chest will be used and she persuades Paulien to give approval. Adil is upset and things gets worse when he finds out the book is about homosexuality, which is not appreciated by many Muslims.

Rosa and Waldek are tired off Peggy her behaviors. This turns into a dispute in which Waldek decides to ignore Peggy as from now and forbids her entering the private parts of Zus & Zo. Peggy sells her shares in the taxi company but is not aware these are bought by Femke. Jenny gets a heart attack when Luc announces he sold 50% of his shares in Zus & Zo to Peter. Jenny thinks she became too old for running a B&B and sells her shares to Peggy.

Sam discovers she's pregnant. In first case she chooses for abortion as she was left in a forest as newborn baby by her own mother. The nuns of a convent saved her. After she had a good and emotional conversation with Simonne she decides to hold the baby to the delight of Tim. Sam wants to find her biological mother. It turns out she never was abandoned in a forest. The convent was a cover for mothers who want to give birth anonymously and already made the decision not to keep the child. Sam is upset when she finds out Simonne is her real mother. After giving birth, Yvette De Backer told Simonne the baby was born dead and she ordered her other daughter Angèle to withhold the truth. Sam eventually forgives Simonne, but both of them ban Yvette out of their lives.

Julia marries Luc although she was warned multiple times Luc is not to be trusted. Their marriage does not stand long. Julia finds out Luc commits fraud by creating fake invoices and sneakily steals the profits of his team building company which he runs with Peter and Femke. She kicks Luc out. Peter and Femke, who actually found out the fraud, blackmail Luc. If Luc hands over the property of his shares and all buildings to Peter, they will not inform the police. Louis figures out it was Luc himself who drove Leontien from a roadway and thus responsible for her death.

Frank and Simonne give a party as they are 20 years together, but it looks this will be a disaster. Simmone did not invite her mother due to the lie about Sam, but eventually does ask her. Julia does not want to come as Luc is not invited, but changes her mind after she kicks Luc out. Franky does come back from the US but announces he will not attend the party. Simonne and Frank are upset when they find out Franky divorced from Tibo, but are astonished when they hear the reason: Franky will be transformed into a woman very soon. At the end, the party is a success until a video is shown about the life of Frank. Luc tweaked the footage and added a scene in which he asks forgiveness for all the bad actions he ever made. Meanwhile, Luc hangs himself up although it is not revealed he actually died.

Marianne is surprised when she finds out Geert married Hélène. Willam convinces Marianne also to marry him. Marianne finds the mobile phone of Hélène and reads her inbox: it seems Hélène has a secret affair with a man named Henri and they are about to lose 160 000 euros. When Marianne confronts Geert with the message, Hélène and William are present. Suddenly, Ann and Mayra hear screams. They head to the nearby room and find a dead Geert. Marianne, holding a knife and under blood, claims Hélène murdered Geert. According to Hélène and William, Marianne is the wrongdoer.

Season 19 (2013–2014)[edit]

Luc survived the murder attempt. Things got complicated as Jana, Tibo and Bram declare to be the offender. Eventually, Lowie confesses and hands over the adjustable spanner he used. As Luc does not charge Lowie the juvenile court decides Lowie must do charity work in the local library. Although the court also decides Lowie must move in with Luc, Lowie stays at Julia's place. When Lowie finds out Julia and Luc are dating again, Lowie feels betrayed and moves to Simonne's house. Later on, he realizes Julia and Luc will never split and he moves in again. Frank and Eddy are discharged from the swindle in fake products after Luc finally admitted he forced them to do. As Sanitechniek is broken, Frank starts working at "Kabouters", an odd jobs company. Eddy starts as a mailman.

Tibo is fired at the hospital after he tried to suffocate Luc. Tibo and Franky leave to the United States for 3 months. Tibo finds a job as private nurse and they decide to stay abroad for indefinite time. Franky assigns Bram as temporary co-owner of his pub Frens.

Fourteen-year-old Emma wants to follow a guitar course. Her mother Judith thinks Jens will be a good teacher. Emma thinks she fell in love with Jens (although it is puppy love). When Jens clearly states he is not interested due to the age difference Emma tells her mother something terrible happened and she never wants to see Jens again. Judith makes a wrong conclusion and thinks Jens is a pedophilia, although Emma denies. Eventually, Judith informs the police and Jens is arrested. Emma confesses she thought Jens was also in love with her, so Jens is discharged. Emma moves in with her father for some time.

There is pestering between Frank and his coworkers Adil and Toon. Due to a joke that got out of hand, Frank is electrocuted and has a cardiac arrest but can be reanimated. Toon is fired and starts as clerk in Luc's new team-building company. After some months Toon realizes he wants to do something with his hands. As De Kabouters is still in search for a good employee Toon is reassigned.

Tim finds out Femke is pregnant. He can't be the father as he is waiting the result of an aids-test. When Femke leaves the wedding party of Peggy and Peter, she is stopped by Tim who is in charge. Femke is forced to do an alcohol control. Tim is aware the result is positive and Femke will be sent to jail as she is on parole. Some months later, Femke is set free and it turns out she did not commit an abortion. Some time later, it is official revealed Peter is the father. Peter is aware he married Peggy for the wrong reasons and moves in with Femke. Femke gives birth to a son named Lucas.

Mayra also wants to become pregnant. She and Ann can convince Kurt to be donor. Kurt changes his mind after it turns out his name was made public. Mayra becomes obsessive and has sex with multiple men. One night, she is raped by Kurt. Waldek, who is a witness, pulls of Kurt. Some days later, the body of Kurt is found in the nearby river. Waldek realizes he pushed Kurt into the river. Some days later, it turns out Mayra is indeed pregnant of Kurt. As there is no prove Kurt died indeed due to Waldek's actions, he is discharged.

Bram leaves to France to become a grape picker. Jana decides to go with him and not to finish high school after all. Bram does not agree and leaves sneakily once more. Jens moved to Portugal to be with his father who suffers cancer. That's why Paulien and Femke take over Frens.

In season's last episode Mayra and Marianne have a quarrel and both fall from the stairs. Emma is kidnapped by a Facebook chat-friend, most probably by Geert. Judith and Tom drive to Geert's country house, but there is no trace of Geert nor Emma. Peggy kidnaps Lucas at a party and heads to a lake to commit suicide. Rosa and Frank discover what's going on and both drive with their car to the lake. A car accident happens, but it is not revealed whether Rosa and/or Frank are involved.

Season 18 (2012–2013)[edit]

Kasper delivers the stolen money to the criminal organization. He tries to run away but finds the injured Simonne and seeks help. Simonne suffers a twisted pelvis and an intracranial hemorrhage. Peggy decides to give Kasper a loan so nobody will notice what happened. Femke realizes she hit Simonne and goes to the police. She is interrogated by Tim who makes a procedural error. This is noticed by her lawyer Tom De Decker and he could use this error for acquittal. However, Femke thinks this is incorrect and forbids Tom to use the error. Femke gets a rather huge[clarification needed] fine and is obliged to sell her loft, which is bought by doctor Judith. Femke moves in with her mother Nancy but as she can't stand Eddy she moves to the apartment of Tim.

The criminal organization still boycotts Kasper. One day, they hide drugs in the Bed and Breakfast. These are found by Sandrine who thinks it is sugar. Ann takes Sandrine to the hospital, but it turns out Sandrine did not eat the drugs. However, Ann decides Peggy loses her visitation as the Bed and Breakfast is not safe. Not much later, Guy hostages Sandrine, Mayra and Marianne in their home. Peggy uses this as an argument that the doctor's house is not safe for children.

When Peggy hears rapist Axel is set free, she buys pepper spray. One night, she uses the pepper spray in her bistro on a burglar. The burglar is Kasper, who falls, breaks his neck and dies. Due to this incident, Peggy decides to sell the bistro. Franky and Jens buy the building and open a trendy pub.

Geert discovers his wife Marianne slept with David. He wants to divorce and threatens to leave the doctor practice. He is replaced by doctor Judith. David is fired in the brewery business, which almost leads to their bankruptcy as the knowhow is gone and Eddy's attempts to brew beer all fail. That's why the brewery is sold. David decides to move back to Cape Verde and asks Marianne to join him. She refuses.

Bram rents an apartment and starts renovations. When the works are finished, the owner kicks Bram out. As Bram did not sign a contract, his investment is gone. This leads to a new incident between him and Tibo. Bram leaves sneakily. His girlfriend Jana and best friend Franky are upset Bram just disappeared.

Luc is surprised when his 16-year-son Lowie is sitting in the living room. Many years ago, after the divorce with his wife Leontien, Lowie was taken abroad. Leontien died and the juvenile court decided Lowie had to return to his father. Lowie soon starts a relationship with Jana. Jana visits the doctor who confirms she has been pregnant for at least three months, which means Bram is the father. Franky uses Facebook to get in touch with Bram, although Jana forbids him to do. Next day, Bram returns from Ibiza, which displeases Jana, Lowie and Tibo. At the end, Jana chooses Bram as she thinks her relationship with Lowie will not stand as he is not the father. Lowie is upset and blames Franky as he contacted Bram. Lowie goes to Frens and sneakily mixes whiskey and cognac in his soda drinks. Lowie is taken into hospital after binge drinking. Lowie claims Franky gave him the drinks although Luc already found out the bottles were taken from his private collection. Nevertheless, Luc also claims the pub served spiritual drinks to underage persons. Franky and Jens only get a small administrative penalty as there is not enough proof.

Yvette burns her hands and as Simonne is still recovering, she temporarily moves to a rest home. Madeleine is her roommate. Madeleine suffers amnesia and diabetes. One day, doctor Ann gives her insulin but forgets to fill in the papers so Katrien gives her a second injection. Madeleine dies due to the overdose. Ann is suspended for three months by the medical association. Geert decides to temporally move back to the doctor practice. When Ann starts working again, Geert decides to stay.

Luc gets suspicious when a supplier claims a returned broken water cock is fake. He starts an investigation and discovers Eddy and Frank resell the original materials via Internet and use fake, identical looking materials in place. When Frank wants to quit, Eddy persuades Luc to continue the swindle. One day, a boiler is placed at the bed and breakfast. Some days later, Bram finds an unconscious Jana in the bathroom. She has a carbon monoxide poisoning. Although she recovers, the unborn baby could not be saved. The police finds out the boiler is fake and arrest Eddy. Eventually, Frank also goes to the police telling he was part of the swindle for some time. He is also arrested. Luc feigns not to be aware of the swindle. When Lowie returned to Belgium, Frank and Simonne received a letter from the notary written by Leontien. This letter explains why she left (Luc tried to kill her first, then he tried to declare her insane and at last he tried to kidnap Lowie). This letter should be given to Lowie when he is 18 years old. Simonne decides to send the letter to some of her friends, including Lowie.

Tom tries to seduce Judith, to the dismay of his former girlfriend Lynn. When Tom finds out Judith was spotted with her ex-husband, he is frustrated and has sex with Lynn on her last workday. Lynn goes to doctor Judith and claims she was raped by Tom. Marianne tries to persuade Lynn to withdraw the accusation, in which she fails. Lynns father, Ivo Courtois, claims he can do something so Tom will not be affected. There is one condition: Marianne has to marry him. Marianne signs. When Lynn hears this, she confesses she lied about the rape. The contract is neither valid as Marianne signed it under pressure.

There is proof Luc Bomans did know about the swindle. Frank and Eddy are set free under conditions and want to beat up Luc. Lowie is upset as his father lied about his past. Jana, Tibo and Bram are furious as Luc set them up. During the season finale, Peter and Peggy marry. When they leave the church, an injured unconscious Luc is found.

Season 17 (2011–2012)[edit]

Marianne is found guilty of the fire in hotel "Ter Smissen" and the dead of Freddy. As penalty she must pay a lot of money to Rosa and Freddy's son.

Raffael continues his secret love affair with Femke. When Femke becomes pregnant of Peter, Raffael mixes large amounts of lovage in her food which results in a miscarriage. Doctor Ann is convinced the miscarriage was provoked and informs the police. When Peter finds out the truth he kicks out Femke. Raffael is put into psychiatry.

Peggy stops her relationship after she figured out Tom tried an unsuccessful effort to kidnap Robin. Later on, she starts dating Peter. This mispleads Femke and Tom. Tom starts dating his secretary Lynn. Femke gets dysphoria and addicted to codeine, cocaine and other amphetamines.

Rosa and Jenny start a Bed & Breakfast, not knowing it was a former swingers club. They get rid of the old image and the business becomes a success. Leo also moves his taxi company and is now called "Taxi Leo". Leo and Jenny fall in love. When Leo wants to inform his current love Yvette, she suffers a stroke. Some time later, Yvette gets suspicious and kicks Leo out.

Fien and Jens quirrel about their holiday. Fien departs and is not seen again. Her DNA and a missing earring is found in the apartment of Guy. Guy tells Julia he killed Fien in an impulse. Tom, his advocate, convinces the judge Fien died due to an inherited heart disease. Guy is discharged and starts working at Sanitechniek. Jens can't forget Fien and decides to leave.

Franky got a new boyfriend, Tibo. Their relationship is about to end when Tibo finds out the truth about the stabbing incident with Frank. They promise not to have secrets any more. It turns out Tibo has a fifteen-year-old daughter Jana who lives with her lesbian mother Ellen. Franky is shocked again when he finds out Jana was conceived naturally and Ellen paid Tibo a lot of money to do the task. Franky does not want to lose Tibo and proposes to him. Jana posts on Facebook she is in love with a boy. Franky finds out this boy is Bram. Franky promises Bram he will only inform Tibo after the wedding holiday.

Mayra moves in with Ann. An unused room becomes Mayra's part-time jewellery business. A burglar steals all the jewellery. Kasper, the son of Rosa and Waldek, is back in Belgium. He needs to pay a large amount of money to a criminal organisation. To get the money, he acts as a burglar and sells drugs.

David, Mayra' father, returns from Cape Verde. Marianne can't stand David. Later on, Marianne is bored as her husband Geert doesn't do anything exciting with her. She gets more and more frustrated as Geert always invites David. Then she realizes she has feelings for David.

Eddy is set free and returns from Russia. Eddy, Frank and Waldek start brewing beer as a hobby. The beer is a success and they buy a brewery with Geert and David as additional investors. Convinced the beer will be a success, Eddy quits his job at Sanitechniek.

In the final episode, Franky and Tibo marry and give a party. Their wedding presents, all money gifts, are stolen by Kasper. Marianne and David end up in bed where David suffers a heartstroke. Simonne quarrels with a drunk Frank. Simonne goes outside where she is hit by a car driven by Femke. Simonne gets smashed to a wall. Femke did not notice the accident and drives on. Jana and Bram are caught by Tibo. The season ends with a shot of Simonne, lying on the ground, assuming to be dead.

Season 16 (2010–2011)[edit]

Before his death, Herman tells Frank where his son Bram can find 50 000 euro of black market money. Frank does not inform Bram and keeps the money. When Franky and Simonne hear the truth they can eventually convince Frank to give the money to Bram in the form of stock warrants. Frank informs Bram, but there is a dispute and Frank changes his mind. He is than stabbed by Bram with a knife. Due to Bram his rebellious past, Franky says he did the stabbing and ends up in a youth prison for several weeks. Later, it turns out Franky did this as he discovered he is gay and wants Bram as his boyfriend. Franky's father, Frank Bomans, can't believe his son is gay and doesn't want to see him again.

Rosa restarts a relationship with Luc, in first instance to boycott her former husband Waldek. However, she falls in love with Luc and they are going to marry. Later she feels pity for Waldek who can't forget the death of Jelena. This gets her in a nasty situation as she can't choose between Luc and Waldek. At the end she does not turn up on the wedding with Luc as she is convinced she is better of with Waldek.

Femke got financial problems and her business is almost broke. She escapes to Spain where she meets Raffael who claims to be her half brother. After Femke is back, Raffael also decides to move to Belgium. He gets in love with Femke but she turns him down. Raffael can't handle this and sets hotel Ter Smissen on fire by causing a short circuit during the wedding party of Rosa and Waldek. At same time, Luc and Freddy have a dispute in a hotel room. They stole a lot of Sanitechniek's stock to fraud the insurance company and Freddy is going to tell the police about this. Luc punches Freddy who falls on a table and breaks his neck.

Paulien gets pregnant, but her boyfriend Bram does not want the child. That's why she decided to have an abortion. Bram changes his mind a few times, but he concludes he doesn't want to become a father. Paulien is upset and tells Simonne Bram stabbed Frank instead of Franky. When Frank finds this out, he starts a raid on Bram.

Tom and Peggy buy Femke's loft, but the sanitary needs to be replaced. Until replacement, they move in Marianne's house although she can't stand Marianne. Later, it turns out Marianne pays Sanitechniek to postpone the reparations.

Season 15 (2009–2010)[edit]

There is a dispute about fostering Sandrine. Tom and Peggy changed their minds and want to keep the baby. The court decides that Ann will be the adoptive mother.

Eddy decides to have a fake marriage with Jelena so she can get papers to stay in the country. His attempt failed and Jelena convinces Waldek to be the next fake husband. It turns out they fall in love and when Joery learns this, he asks Eddy to kill Waldek in a car accident. Unfortunately, Eddy does not hit Waldek, but Mo and Bianca.

Herman, an ex-lover of Simonne, and his rebellious son Bram turn up. The relation between father and son is not good, until Herman gets sick. Simonne gets in love with Herman, but after his death she is upset. She promises Herman to take care of Bram until he is an adult. Bram moves in but Frank is not pleased.

Season 14 (2008–2009)[edit]

Eric and Martine are desperate when their daughter Sofie is missing. She was last seen on the marriage party of her brother Sam, having words with Peter. Her body is found in Hastière. The police starts an investigation who could have murdered her.

Femke got a new lover, the older business man Mike. Nancy has to reveal that Mike is the father of Femke. When Mike hears this, he tries to kill Nancy, but she survives. Femke doesn't trust Mike anymore and she thinks he is the murderer of Sofie. However, the police has to let him go as there is not enough proof. After his release, he searches after Femke and finds her at the coffee of Sofie's funeral. He is stabbed by Eric en dies. Eric is absolved of the murder. After this incident, Erik and Martine decide to leave town. Dorien falls in love with Jonas, a student from her class, and her marriage with Sam is threatened. When Sam figures this out, he decides to make Doriens dream reality and they move to Lanzarote.

Femke does not accept the heritage of Mike, but his brother Eddy tries to get it in her place. Thanks to Peter, Femke does eventually take the money and becomes rich. She buys a loft and falls in love with Peter.

Leo invested in a villa in Benidorm, but it turned out to be a hoax and he was defrauded by Mike. As he does not have money any more, Leo is forced to move in with Frank and Simonne. Femke finds out that Luc stole Mike's money and she is able to return it to Leo.

Kasper decides to leave town and wants to work on a cruise. Peggy reveals why she returned from Canada: she is pregnant and want to commit an abortion. After she consults doctor Ann she agrees Ann will be the adoptive mother. Ann names the baby after her big love Sandrine. Jenny's daughter Bianca also returns from Canada. She is going to marry her youth love Tom De Decker.

Marianne confesses Geert she is in love with him. Geert decides to move in. Marianne gets sick: her kidneys are damaged. When her son Tom returns from Canady he is willing to give one of his kidneys. Peggy reveals Tom he is the father of Sandrine. As she doesn't want a break between Tom and Bianca, she decides to move to China. Bianca cancels the marriage plans and finds a new love with Mo.

After Kasper left Sanitechniek, he was replaced by Kris, a female plumber. Waldek gets in love with her, but after a passionate weekend she turns him down. That's why Waldek decides to quit his job at Sanitechniek. Luc is upset and tells Rosa about the relation between Waldek and Kris. Rosa decides to divorce. Cois and Julia marry and leave on vacation to Ireland. During their absence, Katrien and Paulien want to organize a party, but their father Pierre forbids this. Jens and Tim decide to drug him with alcohol, but also put a sleep medicine into the booze. Pierre gets in a coma.

Season 13 (September 2007 – 2008)[edit]

This season had several changes. There was a new intro, a new theme tune sung by Sofie Van Moll and rock artist Peter Evrard. The new song was created by Will Tura and Steve Willaert. The lyrics were written by Frank Dingenen, an actor who had also played a guest role in Thuis and reprised his role at the start of season 13.

This season saw the introduction of Sonja and Ludo De Backer, Dorien's parents. Later on this season, civil law notary Peter Vlerick, played by Geert Hunaerts, will be introduced as a Bastiaens family friend. Meanwhile, Lien Van de Kelder ended her three-episode guest appearance. However, she was slated to return as Sofie Bastiaens on 21 November 2007.

In August 2007, a preview of the intro was put online. This intro uses the effect of several shots in one screen. After each scene of shots, in which several characters can be seen, which wasn't the fact in the two latest intro's, a single shot of two characters with their character's name and the actor's names is seen. Each day the intro opening titles change. Every intro uses 5 shots and therefore the individual shot with names of 10 actors/characters.

At the end of last season, Kristin Arras her character Mathilde Reimers was murdered and written out. She's the only character to disappear from the main cast from season 12. The characters introduced last season and part of the main cast, but not yet of the opening titles were all added to the opening titles. These were Viktor Corthout and Sandrine Verbeelen (first individual shots in intro in episode 3 of season 13), Dorien De Backer and Youssef Bakali (first individual shots in intro in episode 4 of season 13). Daisy a supporting character in season 12 was also added to the main cast and the opening titles (first individual shot in intro in episode 4 of season 13). It wasn't quite certain if she would play a more important role this season. Surprisingly, Julia was also added to the opening titles, and had her first individual shot in the intro in episode 2 of season 13. Julia only appeared in a few episodes of season 12 and was considered a guest character. She still has to appear this season.

It was announced in early 2007 that Marie Van Goethem played by Patsy Vandermeeren, Werner Van Sevenant played by Peter Van Asbrouck, Eva Verbist played by Nathalie Wijnants and Leontien Vercammen played by Marijke Hofkens will leave onscreen in 2007.

Season 12 (2006–2007) episodes 2026–2220[edit]

Season 12 saw several interesting plotlines. The last episode of season 12 included several cliffhangers: Maarten who murdered Mathilde a few days earlier and held Eva and Nandje hostage after he started a fire in the house. Werner who tried to save them, by going inside the burning house. Sam and Dorien having a car accident, after a motorcycle with Kasper and Amber suddenly showed up. Jenny receiving her own death letter by a woman with a ring around her finger. Smeekens writing a (goodbye) letter. This means 8 people could possibly get killed off.

Several new characters were introduced and played an important role in this season. They will probably all become main characters next season that appear in the intro.

This season saw the departure of Angèle Backx and Sofie Bastiaens. At the end of the season, Mathilde Reimers was killed off. It was stated that also Peter Van Assbroeck who plays Werner, Nathalie Wijnants who plays Eva, Marijke Hofkens who plays Leontien and Patsy Van Der Meeren who plays Marie will be written out in 2007. It was a theory that Eva and Werner might be killed of in the fire started by Maarten Reimers.

Season 11 (2005–2006)[edit]

Previously on Thuis:

Characters that left the series during Season 11:

  • Robert Swerts: After a long period of doubt, he was discovered to be the serial killer and rapist. He was then arrested.
  • Renzo Fierens: He was arrested for drug dealing.
  • Walter Frans
  • Maaike (episode 1892-1999)

New characters in season 11

  • Dr. Geert Smeekens: Replaces Michael Bastiaens in the doctor's office alongside Ann De Decker. (episode 1921-)
  • Jacquest Van Ginderen (also left this season) (?-episode 2024)
  • Betty Van Ginderen (also left this season) (?-episode 2024)
  • Tuur Verbeeck (also left this season) (?-episode 1940)
  • Kasper (episode 1910-)

Return in season 11

  • Jenny Verbeeck - Van Goethem: Returns from the south of France without Dr. Dre, who has left the series. (returns in episode 1836)
  • Eva Verbist and Nandje Reimers: Due to Nandje having leukemia. (1951-)
  • Mathilde Reimers: Eva has to get in touch with the Reimers family again to save her son. (1959-)
  • Robert Reimers
  • Maarten Reimers (guest)
  • Angèle Backx

Current cast (2017)[edit]

Actor Character Main years active Episodes Episodes
Pol Goossen Frank Bomans 1995-onwards 1-onwards Frank was first married to Jenny Verbeeck and had a daughter named Bianca with her. He had many affairs and after she discovered he had cheated on her with Simonne Backx, Jenny left him. A year later, it was discovered that Frank had also cheated on Jenny with Jenny's sister, Rosa. This was due to the realization that Rosa's daughter Peggy had been fathered by Frank and not Frank's brother, Luc, as it had been originally thought. A year later, Frank married Simonne. They had one child together, Franky. They separated in 2006, after which he disappeared due to a series of murders his German doppelganger committed. He was thereafter assumed dead, but was then shown to be alive. Frank wasn't welcome in his former home and found himself a flat together with his best mate Cois Pelckmans. By this point Simonne had started dating Mo Fawzi while Frank left. Frank and Simonne signed the divorce papers in the last episode of season 12, they kissed, so there was hope they would get back together. Although a few days later, he would officially get together with Julia Snackaert, née Van Capelle. This romance didn't last long due to Frank being in love with Simonne. After being fired from Marie Design by his own brother Luc, he found himself a new job at Leo's taxi company. He quits the job when it turns out Leo got a relationship with Jenny. Frank and Waldek start a new business as handymen. Later on, they start brewing beer together with David, Geert and Eddy. Initially, the brewery was a success but as David was set aside the knowledge was gone and they were forced to sell the it. The handymen business was neither a financial success, so Frank returned to Sanitechniek. Together with Eddy he set up a swindle: they installed fake materials and sold the genuine ones on the internet. One day, such boiler is placed at the Bed & Breakfast. Some days later, an unconscious Jana is found in the bathroom who loses her unborn baby. Frank and Luc agree they were not aware of the swindle and only Eddy was involved. Frank is set free on parole and starts working at Kabouters, an odd jobs company. Frank and Simonne split after Franky got a sex operation and is now known as Kaat.
Annick Segal Rosa Verbeeck 1995-onwards 1-onwards Sister of Jenny. She was engaged with Luc but they split after it turned out Frank was the father of their daughter Peggy. She found a new love with doctor Walter De Decker. When he died from a cerebral it turned out Roza inherits a valuable family jewel and a chalet in the Ardennes. This caused a vendetta between Marianne and Roza which is still going on. Rosa was a hair dresser and rent her salon. When the owner sold the house, Rosa did not have the money to buy it. It was Marianne who became the new owner and she kicked Rosa out. She found a new job in hotel "Ter Smissen" which was owned by the family Sevenant. They moved abroad and sold the hotel. It was again Marianne Bastiaens who bought the building and became manager. Again, she fired Rosa but assigned Jenny as concessionaire. Jenny hired Rosa as staff. Rosa took care of Waldek, a polish resistance who had a work accident, and hid him in hotel Ter Smissen. They fell in love and married, so Waldek became a legal Belgian inhabitant. Later on, they adopted Kasper, an abandoned gipsy boy. The couple separated after Waldek went to bed with Kris. Rosa fell again in love with Luc but she did not turn up on the wedding as she realized she still loved Waldek. Rosa became unemployed due to a fire in Ter Smissen and starts a bed-and-breakfast together with her sister Jenny. After Kasper his dead, the marriage gets in a dip as Waldek does not want Rosa to help him with his mourn. When Rosa finds out Peggy abducted Femke's baby, she starts a search and ends up in a car accident. She is in coma for several weeks. After she awakens, and due to ongoing quarrels between Waldek and Peggy, she decides to make more time for her marriage. When the owner of the building of the B&B sells the proprietary, it is bought by Luc Bomans. He starts business with Femke and Peter but is obliged to sell his shares after Femke and Peter find out Luc is faking the invoices. Femke and Peter starts up Withoeve, a label for rather expensive local produces. They force Rosa to sell the products but as she refuses she gets her notice and must leave the B&B within one year. Her marriage with Waldek ends as he in not in love with her anymore. After closure of the B&B she starts a course to become a nurse and moves to an apartment.
Monika Van Lierde Dr. Ann De Decker 1995–1998, 2001-onwards 1-394, 1060-onwards After a failed suicide, she dated Lou Swertvagers, but broke up with him after finding out he was married to Véronique Van Sevenant, who suffered from schizophrenia. Ann returned to Lou and lived together with him in Toscane. Véronique was jealous and tried to murder them. Later on, she lived together with Jean-Pierre, the ex of her mother. Then discovered she was a lesbian. She had a relationship with Manon, but Manon thought her career was more important. Afterward, she dated Sandrine Verbaelen, daughter of Geert Smeekens. While Sandrine was pregnant via artificial insemination, she died due to a brain haemorrhage. As Ann still wanted a child, she wanted to do a same procedure but it did not succeed due to her infertility. That's why she adopted the child of Peggy Verbeeck and called her Sandrine. It was then discovered the father of Sandrine is her brother Tom. Ann found a new love with Mayra. When Ann gives Madeleine Vercauteren an injection with insulin, she is distracted by a phone call and forgets to fill in the medical card. That's why Katrien gives her a second injection. Madeleine dies due to an overdose. Eventually, Marianne convinces Ann not to tell anyone as Katrien will only get a blame. After Katrien is arrested for murder, Ann goes to the police to tell the truth. The medical association suspends her for 3 months. Ann gets depressed and Mayra moves temporarily out. Ann pronounces Mayra, but she refuses although she agrees to become also the adoptive mother of Sandrine. After Marianne sells the house to her son Tom, Ann moves to the loft formerly owned by Tom.
Marleen Merckx Simonne Bomans - Backx 1995-onwards 3-onwards She married Frank in 1999, but planned to divorce him after finding out he cheated on her with Leontien Vercammen and with Veronique Van Sevenant, who thought she was pregnant by Frank (but it seemed to be a phantom pregnancy). In 2001, Simonne suffered from amnesia, and couldn't remember who Frank was. At that time, she was pregnant from Luc Bomans, after he raped her, and moved in with him. She had an abortion as soon as she remembered everything. In 2007 she dated Mo Fawzi, who later moved in with her. Simonne and Frank got together again after it became clear they were still in love with each other. They worked together to help Leontien and Lowieke escape from Luc and Marie. She worked as a secretary for Frank's business, after being fired from Marie Design, but the company got broke. She served in "De Noorderzon", a bistro-restaurant until she was hit by a car and broke her pelvis. Peggy can convince her to take over the taxi company owned by Leo Vertonghen where she will do the dispatch. Simonne is hit by a taxi driven by Femke and breaks her pelvis so she ends up in a wheelchair for several months. She becomes befriended with Sam De Witte not knowing Sam is her daughter. Simonne was told by her mother and sister her baby died some minutes after birth, in reality the baby was placed in a convent. She ends her relationship with Frank as he does not want to accept their transgender daughter Kaat.
Leah Thys Marianne Bastiaens - De Decker - Smeekens 1995-onwards 4-onwards She is mother to Ann and Tom. When the serie started, Marianne was already ex of Walter De Decker and lived on the other side of Belgium. She visited Walter frequent and acted as she still was "the wife of a doctor". After Walter died, she inherited his house. Marianne is a supercilious, arrogant busybody who thinks her actions are always the only correct ones. Due to her personalities, she does not have many friends. She found love again with Jean-Pierre De Ruyter, but after Leontien managed to seduce him, their relationship was over. She was shocked when daughter Ann was in a relationship with Jean-Pierre afterward. She found love in 2005 with Walter Frans and Robert Swerts. She had to choose between the two man and chose Swerts, a lawyer. It turned out Swerts was the serial murderer and raper, who was searched for an entire season. She then was supported by Walter, but they broke up after she couldn't hide her jealousy of his ex Betty Van Ginderen. Marianne is now married with Geert, a rather boring person. She has a vendetta with Rosa as last one got a family jewelry and a chalet as inheritance from Walter. Marianne was convinced she should get all the heritage and demanded Marianne to hand over the jewelry and chalet (but Rosa refused). As revenge, Marianne bought the house where Rosa lived and worked (a hair dressing saloon) and refused to give Rosa a new hiring contract. Marianne did a same thing when she bought "Ter Smissen" over from the family Sevenans. Her first act was the firing of Rosa. Until then, Marianne was good befriended with Jenny. This stopped when Marianne appointed Jenny as concessionaire of "Ter Smissen" and last one hired Rosa into her staff. Nowadays, Marianne is always in a happy mood when Rosa and Jenny are in a miserable situation. She and her son Tom tried to kidnap Robin, the child of Bianca (of whom Tom is the father) in Morocco, but Peggy discovered this and informed the police. After hotel Ter Smissen was partially destroyed in a fire, she is accused as responsible person as she did not change the electricity wires although Jenny informed her about the bad infrastructure. She falls in love with David Magiels, the father of Mayra. When Geert discovers the affair he wants to divorce and quits the medical practice. After Lynn accused Tom to be her raper, Marianne tried to appease Lynn with money. She refuses. However, Ivo Courtois claims he can stop the accusation on condition Marianne marries him. At the end Lynn confesses she lied. During a dispute, Marianne falls from the stairs and breaks her pelvis. Geert divorces her after he found out Marianne was sure he raped young Emma. Marianne wants to take revenge and stars a dangerous game. She hurts herself and accuses Geert for domestic violence. Her personality changes and she becomes rather generous and warm-heartedness although this seems to be only for a short period. She becomes befriended with William and they marry secretly. It turns out William is not to be trusted and when Marianne finally sees him through she want a diveroce. Since then William threatens her. He sneakily takes away all of her money. Then, he tries to suffocate her in which he fails.
Mark Willems Luc Bomans 1996-onwards 65-onwards Frank's brother. Formerly Rosa's boyfriend, thought to be Peggy's father, raped Simonne, impregnated her, saved Franky from death at the same time his son was born, married Leontien to win a company together with Isabelle Vinck, got involved with Marie Van Goethem, while his wife was in rehab. Tried to make it look as thought Leontien was crazy, so she would be declared insane, so he and Marie would get custody of Lowieke. He tried to do this by faking his own death and haunting Leontien. Marie has moved away and dumped him. He was living with Nancy and Femke Fierens, until Nancy's partner Eddy returned from jail temporarily and suspected Luc was having an affair with Nancy. Luc fell again in love with Rosa and they were going to marry, but Rosa did not turn up on the wedding day as she realized she was still in love with Waldek. He now tries to be the good uncle for Franky by letting him stay for free in his apartment and to paying his driving lessons. History has proved Luc is a wolf in sheep's clothing and might be willing to get the majority of shareholdings of Sanitechniek (which are mainly owned by Franky and Bram). Luc gets more and more neglected after he hired Guy, the murderer of Fien, although he was discharged. Luc falls in love with Julia and moves in after his apartment blew up due to a gas explosion in the block. He moves in with Julia. He is surprised when his son Louis is suddenly back and Leontien died abroad. One day, he discovers Eddy and Frank set up a swindle in fake materials. After Frank quit the swindle, Eddy convinced Luc to continue. A fake boiler causes Jana to lose her unborn child due to carbon monoxide poisoning. This results in bankruptcy of Sanitechniek. Luc buys the property of Zus & Zo and start a team building company. Together with Peter and Femke he wants to launch "De Withoeve", a label for expensive regional qualitative traditional products. They want to convince Peggy and Rosa to relaunch Zus & Zo to attract a more richer public. As they refuse, Luc starts up a procedure to expel Peggy and Rosa. He tries to commit suicide but is found in time. However, he as brain damage and will take a lot of time to recover although a full recovery is doubtfully.
Angèle Backx Lut Hannes 1999/ 2004 - 2006, 2015 - onwards Simonne's sister. She dislikes Frank and often tries to split Frank and Simonne up. She also irritated Florke and therefore Roger gave her money to disappear out of the Bomans' lives. She returned after 5 years, after Simonne demanded she visit their sick mother Yvette. Frank still remembers the bad things she did and tries to get rid of her. She has feelings for Walter Frans, but they aren't returned. Then, she falls in love with Cois Pelckmans, Frank's best friend, in the first place for his money. He gave her money so that she could have plastic surgery. Eventually she loses her job at Fit and Fun, a fitness centre, and gets kicked out by Simonne. She moves to Spain and later marries Cois. Several years later she is back in Belgium and is divorced. She is to be said the mother of Sam Dewitte, but it turns out the mother is Simonne. Angèle suffers cancer, cures but some month later the cancer is back.
Bart Van Avermaet Waldek Kozinsky 2001-onwards 1073-onwards A polish immigrant who married to Rosa. They split up after Waldek had a romance with Kris (a female plumber who worked at Sanitechniek). He decided to leave Sanitechniek and became a taxi-driver at Taxi Ter Smissen. Later on Waldek started a new relationship with Jelena but she was killed by Joeri, a frontier-runner. This led Waldek into a depression. He lost his job at the taxi company due to his excessive alcohol drinking. Rosa felt pity and she tried to cheer him up. This succeeded and the two remarried again. Waldek and Frank start a new business as handymen and invest in a brewery together with Geert, David and Eddy. Initially both businesses are a success, but after David is set aside the knowledge is gone and they are forced to sell the brewery. Waldek loses his interests in the handymen business after his stepson Kasper died. This business is also stopped and Waldek starts at Taxi Leo. Waldek is a witness when Mayra is raped by Kurt. Waldek pulls of Kurt who suddenly disappears. Some days later, his body is found in the nearby river. Walked blames himself but is set free as there is no prove Waldek actually pushed Kurt into the river so Kurt might have commit suicide. After Peggy becomes co-owner of Zus & Zo, and due to the fact Waldek has an aversion of her, he quits Taxi Leo and starts working at Kabouters. He discovers not to be in love anymore with Rosa and moves out. He starts a relationship with Julia.
Vanya Wellens Femke De Grote (formerly Fierens) 2002-2013, 2014-onwards 1286-onwards Daughter of Nancy Fierens. She started a relation with Sam but they split. She was a troublemaker as she was rather neglected by her mother who is a drunk and was raised in a rather marginal environment. Her character changed during the last seasons and she is now a helpful person. After she split with Sam she started a relationship with Mike but it turned out he was her father. After his dead she inherited his money and could escape her marginal existence. She currently is in love with Peter (a notary). When her tearoom got almost broke, she moved to Spain. There she met Rafael who claims to be her half-brother. Rafael moved to Belgium and set the pub of Rosa in fire (as he suffers from bipolar disorder) by making a short circuit. Femke falls in love with Rafael, but this is interrupted after Rafael is taken into psychiatry. Her relationship with Peter also ends after he finds out why Femke got a miscarriage. Femke quits "De Noorderzon" when she finds out Peggy is dating Pter. All these events led Femke into a depression and an addict of codeine. This lead into a car accident in which Simonne is hit. Although she could be discharged due to a procedural mistake, she forbids her lawyer to use this event. Femke is set free on conditions and needs to pay a rather huge fine. That's why she is forced to sell her loft. She falls in love with Tim and moves in. When she becomes pregnant, Tim is upset as he can't be the father. He kicks out Femke. After the wedding party of Peter and Peggy, Femke is stopped by the police for an alcohol check. Tim takes the test and is aware Femke will be sent to jail as she is on parole. When she is set free, it turns out she did not commit abortion. Not much later it is revealed Peter is the father. Peter divorces from Peggy and moves in with Femke. She becomes co-owner of Taxi Leo, after she bought Peggy's shares via a straw man, and Luc's team-building company. She and her son Lucas have a car incident in which last one dies. Some month later Peter wants to marry her and sets up a secret ceremony. As she is too busy with a team-building company she rejects. After she realized this, she makes things good and marry him.
Ann Pira Nancy De Grote - Fierens - Van Notegem 2003-onwards 1469-onwards Mother of Femke. Initially, Nancy is a drunk. She gets her addiction nor or less under control. She is married to Eddy who is in jail. Nancy is not very smart and lives in rather marginal conditions. This partially changed when her daughter inherited money from her natural father. Nancy becomes cleaning lady of the family Bastiaens and the former Hof Ter Smissen (the pub/hotel of Rosa). After the fire she started working at Sanitechniek and later on in the bed-and-breakfast. She quits the B&B after Peggy kidnapped Femke's baby and starts at the lawyer's office of Peter. She engages with Eddy and wants a huge wedding party with "dream princess" as theme. This seems to be too expensive. She is fired by doctor Ann after she stole a prescription book and stamp but reassigned by Marianne some time later. Later on, she is once again fired by Marianne after a blackmail incident, but this time reassigned by doctor Ann. After doctor Geert is murdered, Nancy keeps involving in the private life of Ann and Marianne and is fired once again. To fill in her schedule, she becomes the lady cleaner of Lowie. She divorces Eddy after it turns out he tampered Femke's car in which their grandson Lucas died after an accident. She starts dating the much younger Dieter although is stays unclear whether they have a sexual relationship or not. Nancy starts a dangerous game after she is contacted by Eddy to search for a lawyer who can get him out of prison.
Daan Hugaert Eddy Van Noteghem 2003–2010, 2011, 12.2011-onwards 1469-onwards He is a drunk, married to Nancy, who was in jail for some burglaries. Eddy works at Sanitechniek. Together with Frank, Waldek, David and Geert they start brewing beer. Initially, the beer is a success and they start selling it, although Eddy did not pay the taxes. When this incident is cleared out, Eddy is appointed as sales manager of the brewery and quits his job at Sanitechniek. He also proposes Nany. They buy all kind of luxuary stuff and Nancy starts planning a very expensive marriage. After David is set aside, the knowledge of beer brewing is gone and they are forced to sell the brewery. Eddy starts again at Sanitechniek and still got a huge amount of unpaid bills. That's why he sets up a swindle in fake materials together with Frank. After Frank decided to stop with the swindle, Eddy could convince Luc to continue. One day, a fake boiler causes Jana to lose her unborn child due to carbon monoxide poisoning. As this leads to the bankruptcy of Sanitechniek, Eddy starts as a mail man. To gain more money, he becomes personal assistant of Marianne after she broke her hip. As he refuses to beat up Marianne, who is willing to pay him some thousands of euro so she can accuse Geert undeserved for domestic violence, she complaints at the post office Eddy is always drunk, opens her letters, puts letters continuously in the wrong mailboxes, ... Eddy is fired after he had to take Brittany to work and let her put a letter in a mailbox. After some months he is hired by Peter as technical assistance and the face for the relaunched beer 't Slurfke. He tampered the car hoping Peggy would have an accident, but as it was just sold to Femke last one and her son Lucas crash. Lucas dies some hours later. Eddy is sent to prison and is forced by Nancy to divorce. Later on he begs her to search for a lawyer who can get him out of prison.
Geert Hunaerts Peter Vlerick 2007-onwards 2255-onwards The local notary who dated Sofie Bastiaens, but they split up when Sofie discovered Peter was still married on paper (as Peter's wife resists to sign the divorce papers). He found a new love: Nina Oostvogels (a grandchild of Leo Vertonghen), the new secretary. They were about to marry but Peter discovered Nina tried to blackmail an older somewhat senile woman: Nina wanted to buy her house far under its price (which is in contradiction with her job on the notary). That's why Peter cancelled their engagement. Nina and her mother Dominique took revenge and ran away with the notaries money. Peter dated Femke until it turned out she had a secret relationship with Rafael. He started a new relationship with Peggy and they marry soon. However, Peter still has feelings for Femke and they have sex. Later on, it turns out Femke is pregnant. Initially, she does not want to tell the truth but changes her mind. Peter divorces and moves in with Femke. Peter and Femke launch "De Withoeve" a label for expensive local products. As Rosa and Peggy do not want to sell these products and neither agree with some recommendations to improve Zus & Zo, Peter starts up a procedure to kick them out due to mismanagement. He stirs up Eddy to do harm to Peggy resulting Eddy tampers her car not knowing it was just bought by Femke having Lucas died in a car accident. Some months later he arranges a secret wedding with Femmke. She is too busy with the organization of a companies team building event she does not realize she's to be married and rejects the offer. After she realized what happened she makes things good and the couple marries.
Walter Moeremans Leo Vertonghen 2008-onwards 2330-onwards Leo gets introduced as the mysterious friend of Yvette. He seems to be very rich as he drives with several luxurious cars. It turns out he is the manager of a taxi-company. When he gets ripped off by Mike he lost almost all his money. He was forced to sell his house to save his company and lived together with Yvette. Later on, he got involved with Jenny. He sells his company to Peggy and Simonne to spend more time Jenny, although he can't resist to interfere with the management.
Jeroen Lenaerts Tim Cremers 2008–2009, 2010-onwards 2469–2645, 2735-onwards He is member of the local police and got a relationship with Katrien. After it turned out Katrien had sex with Stijn, Tim abandons her from the house. Tim starts a new relationship with Gitta, a colleague, but this ends after Gitta was fired due to a conflict of interest. After Simonne was hit by a car and he interrogated Femke, he made a procedural error which might lead to resign. Femke gets in love with Tim and asks her lawyer Tom De Decker not to use the fault during the trial. Tim ends the relationship after he finds out Femke is pregnant and he can't be the father. Later on, he gets involved with Sam De Witte and they get a baby girl. He finds out Danny is the pedophilia who kidnapped Emma.
Wim Stevens Tom De Decker nr. 2 2009-onwards 2551-onwards Tom was as student more interested in a bicycle project he started with his friends. He had a love affair with Sara but this was stopped when they discovered to be family. Afterwards he got in love with Bianca but she was more interested in Werner. After university, Tom starts his own lawyer's office but loses his first case. He decides to leave Belgium and starts a new life in Belize. (In reality, Tom De Decker was first played by Donald Madder who died in a car accident in 2000. The character returned in 2009 and is now played by Wim Stevens.) After he returned to Belgium it turned out he worked for some time in Toronto, Canada. There he met Bianca and the two fell in love. He had a double life and was also dating Peggy (who also was in Canada). Both Peggy and Bianca got pregnant. Peggy decides to give the child away and it is adopted by Ann Dedecker. It is only then revealed that Tom is the father. Bianca decides to leave Tom and she starts a new relation with Mo. Bianca and Mo moved abroad with the child (Robin). Tom convinces Guy to change his story about the murder of Fien. Instead of telling the truth about the murder, they convince the judge and jury Fien died a natural way and Guy only buried her as he did not know what to do. Tom starts an on-off relationship with his secretary Lynn. One day, Lynn gets fired but she seduces Tom and they have sex. Next, Lynn goes to the doctor and claims she was raped. During the trial, she confesses to have lied. Tom starts dating doctor Judith. He does not trust William, the new husband of his mother, and becomes obsessive in his way to unmask him. At the end it turns out he is right about William.
Muriel Bats Mayra Magiels 2011-onwards 2977-onwards When Mo Fawzi leaves Taxi Ter Smissen, Mayra gets the job. On her first work day she is involved in a car accident caused by Ann De Decker. Although she gets fired, Ann can convince Leo to undo this. Mayra is married with Guy De Herdt, but it turns out she has also feelings for Ann De Decker. She moves in with Ann and starts a jewellery business, which is later robbed by Kasper. One day, Mayra pierces her hand with a file causing to lose her feeling for a rather long time. She asks Ann to marry, but she refuses. Instead, Mayra also becomes an adoptive mother of Sandrine. Mayra wants to become pregnant and asks Kurt Van Damme to become the donor. Kurt agrees, but changes his mind after his name was spilt. Mayra becomes obsessive and has sex with many strangers. One day, she is raped by Kurt Van Damme and becomes pregnant. Despite the rape, she wants to keep the child as Kurt was her first choice. However, she miscarriages.
Tina Maerevoet Paulien Snackaert 2008-2012, 2013 2325-3215, 3438-onwards She fell in love with Bram and got a teenage pregnancy. As Bram did not want the child they split up. Paulien was so angry she tells Simone the truth about the fight where Frank was stabbed by a knife. She spills away that not Franky but Bram was the wrongdoer. She dated Rafael until she found out he was not taking his medicines anymore. After Guy is wrongly charged of the murder on Fien, Paulien stalks Guy for some time until she finds out Jens is actually going to kill Guy. She can release Guy. Paulien subscribes for a course in the USA and is selected. Not much later, she leaves for one year. After a year she came back to Belgium and fell in love with Adil. This relationship almost ended after Paulien gave Lena approval to use a photo of Adil his face embracing the naked chest of Lowie. Things got more complicated when Adil found out the book was about homosexuality. Some days before Christmas 2015 she hit Jens, who suddenly jumped out of a taxi, with her car. He dies on Christmas Day. She takes over pub "Frens" and combines in with her job as photo shooter.
Katrien De Ruysscher Judith Van Santen 2013 - onwards 3266 - Judith is introduced after doctor Geert decided to quit the practice, what he eventually did not do. Judith was married with Kurt Van Damme. She has 2 children: Emma and Stan. She started dating Tom De Decker, which displeases Emma. She accused Jens wrongly for being a pedophile. She had a small romance with Toon, but quickly realized this was wrong.
Jannes Coessens Stan Van Damme 2012 - onwards 3266 - He is the sensitive, somewhat shiny sun of Judith Van Santen. He was forced to follow Latin at high school, but could eventually convince his mother to follow a more technical course. He starts stalking Jana and steals some of her personal stuffs but is caught. Jana forgives him. Later on he has the intention to stab Danny, who kidnapped and raped under-aged Emma, but the knife is found whilst entering the courtroom. He starts dating Renée.
Matthias Vergels Lowie Bomans 2012-2016, 2017 - onwards 3275-4030, 4069-4070, 4166- Lowie is the son of Luc Bomans and Leontien Vercammen. During the first period, he was a little child and was once kidnapped by Frank. Luc tried to declare Leontien mad so she moved abroad and took Lowie with her. Lowie returned as a 16-year-old boy after Leontien died. He has a short relationship with Jana, but she broke after Bram returned. Bram was informed by Franky he impregnated Jana. An angry Lowie tried to frame his cousin Franky by putting spiritual drinks in soda water server at pub Frens, but there was not enough prove. After he finds out Luc is responsible for the death of Jana's unborn child and the truth why Leontien left Belgium, he knocks down Luc with an adjustable spanner, but he survives. Lowie neglects his father for several months but changes mind after he finds out Luc is dating Julia. Lowie starts studying architecture at the university. When he is 18 years old, he gets the inheritance of his mother. This is a rather huge amount of money which he invests in a house. He rents rooms to Katrien, Adil, Tim, Sam, Olivia and Jana. Jana is temporarily kicked out by Olivia after it turned out Jana had a secret love affair with Lowie. Lowie gets suspicious and jealous about the friendship between Olivia and Arne. At the end, Olivia breaks up with him. Lowie has the intention to go to Spain for his studies but questions who's going to take care for his invalid father. It is his father who convinces him to go abroad. Some months later he comes back from Valencia earlier.
Elise Roels Emma Van Damme 2012 - onwards 3266 - She is the daughter of Judith Van Santen. She gets raped by a pedophile.
An Vaderstighelen Sam De Witte 2013 - onwards 3437 - She has an odd jobs company. She starts dating Tim. As a baby, Sam was abandoned in a forest. She was found by nuns who took her into a convent which was also an orphanage. Later, it turns out she was not found at all. The convent was a cover for mothers who want to give birth anonymously and already decided not to raise the child. Sam is upset when she finds out Simonne is her real mother. She gives birth to a daughter named Hannah which was her original name given by Simonne.
Nawfel Bardad-Daidj Adil Bakkal 2013 - onwards 3444 - This Belgian man from Turkish origin works at an odds jobs company. His non-racism meaning nickname is Aldi, referring to the discount shop. He starts dating Paulien and moves in with her at Louis' house. Their relationship is about to end when he finds out Paulien gave Lena approval to use a photo of his face whilst he embraced the naked chest of Lowie. Things got more complicated when Addil is informed the book is about homosexuality. One day, Adil falls out of a tree and brakes his cheek resulting he can't speak for long time.
Moora Van Der Veken Olivia Hoefkens 2014 - onwards 3553 - This blab becomes befriended with Jana. She starts dating Lowie. When Lowie buys a house, she moves in together with Tim, Sam, Adil, Paulien and Jana. She starts a relationship with Lowie but ends it as last one becomes too obsessive and jealous due to Arne. Arne is a student in same class of Olivia and they spend much time together. Olivia turned down Arnes love confession. Since then, she thinks she and Arne are good friends, but she does not realize he puts date rape drugs in her drinks.
Frank Van Erum Renzo Fierens 2004–2006, 2014 - onwards 1658-2000, 3639- Son of Nancy De Grote. A former drug addict who drove Sofie Bastiaens in the drug world. He absconded to Ibiza and started a diving school. Suddenly, he is back in Belgium. He starts dating Peggy and becomes a taxi driver. After Peggy confesses what she really wanted to do with Femke's baby he stops the relationship and also gets a new job in pub Frens. He starts dating Charité but their relationship ends after Charité's former husband Adam - thought to be killed during a civil war in Mali - turns up.
Aïssatou Diop Charité Doumbia 2015 - onwards 3840 - From Mali, she got a son Joseph. housekeeper from Tom and Judith. In love with Renzo
Christophe Haddad Bob Sleeckx 2015 - onwards 3845 - Bob is crazy. After a relationship with Jana he starts one with Tamara.
Leen Dendievel Kaat Bomans (formally Franky Bomans 2016 - 3929 - onwards Franky was the son of Frank Bomans and Simonne Backx. As child he is mostly seen when playing computer games. When he turns 16 he quits school and starts working for Sanitechniek with an apprenticeship contract. His best friend Bram also decides to do this. When Bram stabs Frank Bomans in a money-conflict, Franky claims he was the offender. As a result, Franky is sent to a youth detention centre. It later turns out Franky is gay and fell in love with Bram. When Franky tries to kiss Bram, Bram takes his bags and moves in with Paulien. When Paulien got pregnant, Bram does not want to take his responsibilities as a future teenage-father and she kicks him out. Meanwhile, the quarrel between Franky and Bram is solved and Bram moves back to Franky's apartment. Franky starts dating Tibo who moves in. The two get married. Franky is not interested anymore in his job as plumber. Together with Jens he opens a pub. He and Tibo decides to go on a honeymoon through the US. They choose to stay and open a waffle business. Later on, it is revealed they divorced after Franky announced he wants to transform into a woman. Later he returns as Kaat.
Tine Priem Tamara Vereken 2016 - onwards 3947 - She follows same classes in university with her best friend Jessica Engels and Olivia who they bully. After Olivia continuously receives photos of her on her smartphone she thinks Tamara and Jessica are responsible and search for the evidence. Tamara refutes this and to prove this they both work together to find out the truth. They become more and more befriended. Tamara is not that smart and she has ongoing one night stands. She ends her friendship after a dispute in which she disputes Jessica as taker of the photo with the clarification Jessica is in love with her and Olivia.
Ditte Jaspers Jessica Engels 2016 - onwards 3947 - She was the best friend of Tamara after last one accuses her as being the stalker of Olivia. Jessica turns out to be a lesbian and even wants to commit suicide. After a good talk with doctor Ann, last one takes pitty and assigns her as babysitter of her daughter Sandrine.
Michiel De Meyer Arne Guns 2016 - onwards 3947 - He is the raper of Olivia. His sister dies.
Wim Van De Velde Ruben Huysman 2016 - onwards 4002 - A renowned shrink who initially hires Paulien to take photographs for his new book. He was befriended with Ann De Decker during university. He rents a room in Tom and Judith's house to move his practice.

Former main cast[edit]

This list does not include actors with a minor role.

Character Actor Main years active Episodes active Description
Bill Barberis Toon Vrancken 2013-2017 3444-4161 He works at an odds jobs company but is fired for some time after he electrocuted Frank on purpose. His was about to marry, but his fiancée committed suicide. Toon starts dating Jana although Jana set this up only to jealous Lowie. He is shut in his lungs by the pedophilic Danny who is hostaging Emma and Sam. He gets feelings for doctor Judith but eventually choses for Wendy Stuyven, the ex of Renzo Firens, although this does not stand long. He seduces Tamara (as a revenge for what she did to Olivia) but impregnates her unintentionally. He pays for the abortion of the baby. He initially agrees with Frank transgender people belong in freak shows referring to Kaat Bomans.
Joy Thielemans Jana Blomaert 2012-2017 3123-4145 Jana is first introduced at the emergency department of the hospital where Tibo is working. When her mother picks Jana up, it seems Tibo knows her. Later on, it turns out Jana is the daughter of the lesbian Ellen and gay Tibo. Jana was engendered via the natural way and Ellen paid Tibo a lot of money to do the task. Although Jana is underaged, she starts dating Bram. One day, she discovers to be pregnant but the unborn child dies when Jana gets a carbon monoxide poisoning. After Louis buys a house, she moves in together with Olivia, Tim, Sam, Adil and Paulien. She starts a secret love affair with Lowie. When Louis confesses Olivia he cheated on her, Jana has to leave and moves back to Frank and Simonne. She starts a dangerous game by pretending she has an affair with Toon only to make Louis jealous. Later on she gets involved with the somehow paranoid and autistic Bob. This relationship also ends and Jana feels to be neglected by her friends. She is expelled by university as long the investigation about the break of professional secrecy is not finished: she handed over personal information of a patient to her former best friend Olivia. She leaves to Boston to participate her father's wedding and is expected to be back in two weeks. Only Toon is aware she will stay over there.
Luk De Koninck William Degreef 2015 - 2016 3708 - 4110 He is a charming man of middle age and claims to have a vineyard in Tuscany. He falls in love with Marianne and they marry. They are about to move to Tuscany but plans are cancelled after Geert is murdered in last episode of season 20. Marianne claims Hélène is the wrongdoer but according to William it was Marianne. Later on, it turns out William and Henri are the same person. William seems to be an unreliable person who blackmails Hélène. He even murders her and tries to suffocate both Marianne and Tom in which he fails. He is sent to prisen. He took away all of Marianne's money. A lawsuit is started up by Marianne and Tom but they will most probably lose the case as William and Marianne were marriage under the contract of "common goods" meaning all their possessions were common. He is in gail after murder to Hélène and trying to kill Marianne and Tom.
Myriam Bronzwaar Julia Pelckmans - Van Capelle 2007-2016 2194-4085 She started in a fitness centre and dated Frank Bomans. However, after some weeks they split and Julia falls in love with Cois. Julia got 2 daughters from a previous marriage (Katrien and Paulien). When Cois asks her to marry, she declines. Cois thinks Julia does not love him anymore, but Julia does not want to marry due to her former, bad marriage. At last she does marry him. When Cois moves to Spain he meets Angèle, the sister of Simonne Backx. They fell in love and Cois decides to divorce Julia. Julia finds a new love with Guy, but kicks him out after he confesses the murder on Fien. Later on, she gets involved with Luc Bomans and they marry. She wants a divorce after she finds out Luc is an untrustworthy person and starts a new relationship with Waldek. When she finds out he and Simonne have an affair - which was nothing more than a kiss - she wants revenge. She frames Waldek by absconding in such way it looks as she was murdered and her body was somewhere buried.
Chris Boni Yvette De Schrijver - Backx 2001–2005, 2006-2016 1071-1853, 2093-4063 Mother of Simonne. She retired as owner of a pub. Her marriage was a disaster. She dates Leo Vertongen not knowing he has a relationship with Jenny. Leo was going to tell this to Yvette, but on that day she got a stroke. When Yvette got knowledge, she kicks out Leo. Yvette burns her hands and goes to a rest home to recover. There she meets Madeleine and André. After Madeleine suddenly dies, André starts an investigation and accuses Katrien to be the murderer as she inherits all of Madeleine possessions. In season 20 it turns out she forced Simonne to have her baby abandoned but told her the baby died after birth. After it is revealed Sam is her child, Simonne breaks all contact with her mother for several months. Yvette moves to the house of Lowie to move once again to Winterlicht. Some months later she moves again to Simonne. After Frank physically attacked his transgender daughter Kaat, Yvette wants to have a good word with him. This ends up in a word fight in which she gets a cardiac arrest. A few days later she dies in her sleep.
Janine Bischops Jenny Verbeeck 1995-onwards 1-1780, 1836-4037 She was first married with Frank Bomans but divorced when it turned out Frank cheated on her more than once. She found a new love with Dré Goedmans who supported her when she had breast cancer. They moved away to France, but some months later, Jenny turned up again as she could not get used there. When Marianne bought hotel "Ter Smissen", she fired Rosa. She appointed her best friend Jenny as concessionaire. This friendship stopped for some time when Jenny hired her sister Rosa in the staff. Later on, Jenny also helps Leo as dispatcher at Taxi Ter Smissen. She gets feelings for Leo and both got together. After "Ter Smissen" burnt down, Jenny started a bead-and-breakfast with her sister Rosa. She gets a heart attack when it is announced Luc bought 50% of the shares. After recovery, she goes abroad together with Leo for some months. After her return, she decides to quit her job and sells her shares to Peggy. When she hears her daughter Bianca is involved in an accident, she moves to Morocco for indefinite time. A few months later she is ready to come back home, but at the airport she gets a heart attack and dies.
Camilia Blereau Hélène Symons 2014 - 2016 3566 - 4026 She is the mother of late Kurt Van Damme who was married with Judith Van Santen. She and Marianne compete for being the best grandmother for Stan and Emma. She has a secret affair with a man named Henri. Later on, it turns out Henri is William Degreef who blackmails her. Hélène is sent to jail after she confessed to have murdered Geert. She is set free on bail and starts pushing Tom to lure William. Tom his actions are stopped by Judith so Hélène starts her own investigation. Therefore, she has to meet William, but as this is forbidden by her conditions, she must return to jail. That day, Hélène is missing. The police starts an investigation and finds her body in William his apartment.
Sally-Jane Van Horenbeeck Peggy Verbeeck 1995–2000, 2002, 2006, 2008-2016 1-910, 1295, 2036–2045, 2413-4026 Daughter of Rosa. She was said to be a daughter of Luc Bomans, but this turned out to be Frank Bomans. She had a relationship with Bennie, a drug addict/dealer and burglar. Bennie was taken to prison. After being together with Kristoff Verbiest, she dated the bisexual Yves. This led to a conflict with her mother Rosa and Peggy left to Canada for several years. She suddenly came back telling she was pregnant from someone she met in Canada. She did not want to have the child nor want to see the father. After consulting doctor An De Decker she decided to give away the child for adoption. It was An who became the adoptive mother. It then turned out Tom De Decker was the father who also impregnated Bianca during same period. Although her previous decision, Peggy chooses to live together with Tom De Decker. Of course, Marianne is displeased as Peggy is a daughter of her arch-enemy Rosa and she tries anything to get them split. When this get at a climax, Tom decides to break family bands with Marianne. However, Marianne bribes Tom and bands are restored. Peggy finds out Tom was going to kidnap Robin and stops their relationship. She falls in love with Axel, but he is put into prison after he raped Peggy. Later on, she started dating Peter. When she hears Axel is released from prison she buys pepper spray. A few days later Peggy catches a burglar in her bistro and uses the pepper spray. The burglar is her stepbrother Kasper who falls and suffers a brain dead of which he dies. Peggy can't work in her bistro any more and decides to sell it to Jens. Some time later her taxi is carjacked by a burglar. During the escape route the car has an accident. The burglar dies and Peggy hits her head on the steering wheel. This injures her retinas so she becomes blind. Peggy gets depressed and blames everyone especially Waldek. A donor is found, so she can see again. Unfortunately, the retinas are rejected by her body so she becomes blind again. Once again she gets depressed and decides to commit suicide together with Femke's baby. She is stopped by Frank and, as there are no further witnesses, the incident is disguised. Peggy sells her shares of the taxi company, not knowing she sold them to Femke, and buys over Jenny's shares of the B&B. A new donor is found. Meanwhile, she started dating Renzo but this relationship ends after she confesses what she really wanted to do with the baby. By coincidence she meets again with Bennie who is in Belgium for business. He changed his life and now runs a hotel in Portugal. The love awakens again and Peggy moves abroad.
Jelle Cleymans Jens De Belder 2008–2015 2357-3167, 3214-3569, 3620-3895 Initially, Jens dated both Katrien and Paulien. When the girls discovered this, they dumped him. That's why Julia is not very pleased with him. He hates studying and left university (where he followed a course which did not interest him, but only started this as it got the least school hours). He loves music and tries to become a successful singer, in which he does not succeed. He had several jobs but always quit after some days. After he got caught at Taxi Ter Smissen (a piracy-incident) he was forced to work for free at that company. It turned out he liked the job and got a permanent contract. He dated Fien who disappeared after a quirrel. Later on, it turned out Fien was murdered by Guy. However, Guy was discharged of the murder. Jens could not live with the judgement, kidnapped Guy, put him in an abanded warehouse for some days without food nor water and tried to sufficate him with exhaust fumes. Later on, Jens decided to leave as he could not forget Fien. One day, he is suddenly back. He opens a pub, named Frens, together with Franky Bomans and starts dating the elder Lena not knowing she is the mother of Olivia. He and Lena have the intention to move to New York where Lena found a new job. Some days before departure, he proposes to Lena but she rejects. Just before leaving to New York she does accept. Jens suddenly jumps out of the taxi to get the engagement ring but his hit by a car driven by Paulien. He dies on Christmas Day.
Peter Rouffaer Geert Smeekens 2006-2015 1920-3811 A rather boring doctor who was married to Marianne for some years. He is very conservative and is attached to his good principles. When he finds out Marianne had an affair with his best friend David he wants to divorce and quits the medical practice. He returns after Ann got a three months work ban. He admits he still has feelings for Marianne, so the divorce is cancelled. However, at the end he does divorce after Marianne accused him for being the paedophilia who kidknapped Emma. Later on, he starts dating Hélène, the mother of doctor Judith, and marries. In last episode of season 20 he is murdered. Later on it is revealed Hélène is the wrongdoer and did the action, in co-operation with William, to inherit all belongings of Geert and Marianne.
Bert Verbeke Bram Schepers 2009-2014 2642-3245, 3310-3578 Bram originally bullied Franky. When Bram is the main suspect of thievery, it is Franky who can prove Freddy was the thief. Since then, they are good friends. A quarrel starts after Herman, Bram's father, dies. He donated Bram 50000 Euro. As it was black market money he wrote a letter where Bram could find the money. The letter was opened by Frank who decided to keep the money. Frank did not inform Bram and used the money to buy stock warrants of Sanitechniek. He wanted to give those warrants to Franky as a gift. Bram got acknowledge his father hid money somewhere. He accused Simonne to withhold this (as she was befriended with his father). Later, Frank got regrets and decided to give the warrants to Bram. During the meeting, a fight starts and Frank is stabbed by Bram with a knife. Due to Bram's rough past, Franky claims he stabbed Frank. It later turns out Franky did this as he is in love with Bram. Bram impregnates his girlfriend, but he does not want to be a teenage-father. He decides to move in with Franky in the apartment above Sanitechniek. Due to continuous quarrels with Tibo he rents an apartment but does not sign a contract. When he is banned out he leaves for three months and returns when he hears Jana is pregnant. However, the unborn baby dies when Jana suffers a carbon monoxide poisoning. Bram can't handle this and absconds once again to France to become a grape picker.
Jef Hoogmartens Franky Bomans nr. 3 2011-2013 3001-3440 Franky is the son of Frank Bomans and Simonne Backx. As child he is mostly seen when playing computer games. When he turns 16 he quits school and starts working for Sanitechniek with an apprenticeship contract. His best friend Bram also decides to do this. When Bram stabs Frank Bomans in a money-conflict, Franky claims he was the offender. As a result, Franky is sent to a youth detention centre. It later turns out Franky is gay and fell in love with Bram. When Franky tries to kiss Bram, Bram takes his bags and moves in with Paulien. When Paulien got pregnant, Bram does not want to take his responsibilities as a future teenage-father and she kicks him out. Meanwhile, the quarrel between Franky and Bram is solved and Bram moves back to Franky's apartment. Franky starts dating Tibo who moves in. The two get married. Franky is not interested anymore in his job as plumber. Together with Jens he opens a pub. He and Tibo decides to go on a honeymoon through the US. They choose to stay and open a waffle business. Later on, it is revealed they divorced after Franky announced he wants to transform into a woman.
Maxime De Winne Tibo Timmermans 2011-2013 3027-3440 Tibo is Franky's boyfriend. Their relationship is about to end when Tibo finds out the truth about the stabbing incident with Frank. Franky can convince Tibo to stay. They promise not to have more secrets from each other. Later on, it turns out Tibo has a 15-year-old daughter Jana who lives with her lesbian mother Ellen. Franky is shocked again when it turns out Jana was engendered via the natural way and Tibo was paid a lot of money to do the task. Eventually, Franky asks Tibo to marry him. They decide to go on a honeymoon through the US. Once there, they choose to stay and open a waffle business. Later on, it is revealed he divorced after he found out Franky wants to transform into a woman.
Abigail Abraham Lynn Courtois 2011-2013 3041-3393 Lynn was a one-night stand of Bram but he got more and more feelings and started a relationship. After a few weeks, this was stopped abruptly when Bram found out Lynn still does one-night stands with almost every man she meets. Lynn studies laws at university and works as an apprentice at the desk of Tom. She starts dating Tom. Due to her unlawful absenteeism she is fired. An upset Lynn is able to seduce Tom and they have sex. Next, she goes to the doctor and claims she was raped by Tom. During the trial she confesses to have lied about the accusation.
Lotte Vannieuwenborg Katrien Snackaert 2008-2013 2325-3292 She is the sister of Paulien. She is together with Tim Cremers. Stijn seduces her and Katrien discovers she likes him more than Tim, although she does not admit this. When Stijn tells Tim he had sex with Katrien, Tim ends their relationship. Rafael convinces her to become a model. Katrien does several castings, but is always found to be too fat. That's why she stops eating. When Julia finds out her daughter got symptoms of anorexia nervosa she convinces Katrien to stop her castings. Katrien ignores the warnings, but changes her mind after Rafael is put into psychiatry. Katrien starts working at Winterlicht, a rest home. After Madeleine Vercauteren dies from an overdose insulin, the management accuses Katrien as she was the last one who gave Madeleine an injection. Katrien is sure she gave the right dose. They make an agreement in which Katrien only gets a minor blame. André, another inhabitant of Winterlicht, finds the will of Madeleine and Katrien inherits all of her possessions. The police starts an investigation. In reality, doctor Ann also gave Madeleine an injection with insulin but forgot to fill in the papers. Marianne could convince her daughter not to inform the police. After Katrien is arrested for murder, Ann does go to the police to tell the truth. Katrien decides to work for Médecins Sans Frontières and moves abroad.
Erik Goris Guy De Herdt 2011-2012 3001-3240 Guy is a fireman and saves Nancy out of the fire in the hotel of Rosa. Nancy falls in love with him, although she is married with a man who is in prison for some time. Guy is married with Mayra but their marriage never was a success. He finds out Mayra is dating Ann De Decker. Guy is also a handyman in a rest home where he meets Fien. One day, Guy invites Fien for dinner. When Guy got drunk he gets a psychose and murders Fien thinking she is Mayra. He buries the body. After some time, he confesses Julia what he has done. At the trial, Tom convinces the judge and jury that Guy did not kill Fien. Fien died due to a heart failure and Guy only buried the body. Jens is upset, kidnaps Guy and tries to suffocate him. This attempt fails. Not much later, Guy hostages Sandrine, Mayra and Marianne. He is overpowered by the police and put in prison.
Bob De Moor David Magiels 2012 3157-3255 He is the father of Mayra. He lives in Cape Verde and came to Belgium to visit his daughter. It turns out he is getting blind and needs an operation. He starts a secret love affair with Marianne. Together with Geert, Eddy, Waldek and Frank they buy a brewery. When Geert discovers the cheating, David stops his activities in the brewery and decides to move back to Cape Verde.
Mattias Van de Vijver Kasper Kosinski 2005–2008, 2012 1910-2445, 3175-3229 Adoptive son of Rosa and Waldek. His birth name was Kazàn 'Kasper' Adayef. He was a member of touring gypsies, but was left behind. He had a girlfriend, Amber Van Ginstel. However, he cheated on her with Nona Sareno. He decided to work on a boat. After some years, he suddenly was back in Belgium and decided to stay. It turns out he has huge debts and needs to act as a burglar and drug seller. He steals all the money gifts during the wedding party of Franky and Tibo and gives it to the criminal organisation. Kasper wants to escape, but finds an unconscious Simonne who was hit by a car. Peggy decides to lend Kasper the stolen money so Franky and Tibo will never know what happened. When Rosa finds out her son is a drug dealer, she does not trust him anymore. Kasper steals money from De Noorderzon and wants to leave again, but Waldek convinces him to stay. Next night, Kasper wants to bring back the money. He is caught by Peggy who uses pepperspray on him. Kasper falls and dies from a cerebral death.
Bianca Bomans Merel De Vilder Robier 1995–1999/2000, 2006 (cameo) / 2008 - 2011 Daughter of Frank and Jenny. She was raped by her friend Neill. Bianca fell in love with Tom De Decker but the relationship ended when she moved to Groningen for some months. When she returned, Neill was out of prison and raped her again, but Jenny killed him by hitting him on his skull. They were discharged from the incident. Bianca started a relationship with Werner but he got a motor accident and got paralysis. Bianca decides to move to Canada. Eight years later, she returns with Tom De Decker. When she discovers Tom also dates Peggy and she is also pregnant of him, Bianca stops the relation. She falls in love with Mo. When Tom tries to get fatherhood over Robin, Bianca moves with Mo and her son to Morocco.
Franky Bomans (1) Josip Koninckx 2003–2009 Franky gets born in 1999 and was played by several different babies and children. In 2003 the role was given to Josip Koninckx. In 2008 the producers decided to give the character a major role. This was however against Belgian law of child labour. That's why Koninckx was replaced by Braam Verreth.
Franky Bomans (2) Braam Verreth 2009–2011 Due to the law of Child Labour the original actor had to leave the cast. Braam Verreth took over the role of Franky Bomans. Franky is now 16 years (although he was born in 1999). He decides to quit school and starts working at Sanitechniek. He discovers he is gay and wants to start a relationship with his best friend Bram (but Bram is not gay). Verreth left the serie due to a theatre project which he could not combine with Thuis.
Stany Love a.k.a. Constant De Schrijver Oswald Versyp 2004–2005 Father of Simonne and Angèle. He left Yvette years ago, and now returns to his buddy Werner Van Sevenant. Apparently, he and Yvette fall in love again. She eventually forgives him for what he did to her years ago. He has stolen money from the family Bomans.
Florke Bomans - Rousseau - Van de Wiele Ann Petersen 1995–2003 (written out after the death of Ann Petersen in 2003) Mother of Frank and Luc. The genuinely nice grandmother who always wanted the best for everyone and happiness. She went to live with her sister, where she later died in her sleep.
Rogerke Van de Wiele Oswald Maes 1996–2002 Married with Florke Bomans and died in 2002.
Leontien Vercammen - Bomans Marijke Hofkens 1997–2007 Ex-Wife of Luc Bomans. She fled from Luc and Marie with her son Lowieke to a little village in Mexico, where she once went while being a flight attendant.
Dr. Dré Van Goethem Nolle Versyp 1998–2005 3 years after his marriage to Jenny, she cheated on him with his best friend Willy. They split up in 2002 and she left for Canada for a while. When they want to divorce in 2003, Willy returns claiming he has leukemia. He wants to reunite Jenny and Dré. Eventually they get back together and take care of Willy. In 2004, they leave for the south of France to start a new life. He stayed behind in France.
Marie Van Goethem Patsy Van der Meeren 1997–2007 Daughter of Jean-Pierre De Ruyter, but it looks like his wife cheated on him with Dr. Dre, who is her real father. In 2007, Marie started a relationship with Luc Bomans, but broke up at the same time his wife broke up with him.
Arthur "Tuur" Verbeeck Nand Buyl -2005 - 2006 Irritating uncle of Rosa and Jenny. always thinking he's the man.
Victor Corthout Raymond Bossaerts 2006 partner of Jenny
Walter De Decker Rik Andries 1995–1997 Husband of Marianne. Died in 1997. While separated, dated Rosa Verbeeck. He gave a lot of money to her after he died. This resulted in a big fight between Rosa and Marianne.
Charles Bastiaens Leo Madder 1997–1998 Seropositive brother of Marianne, who returns from Belize. Wants to see his children again, due to protest of his ex-wife. Finds support with Jenny Verbeeck.
Sara Bastiaens Sofie Segebarth 1997–1998 Daughter of Charles. She dated Tom De Decker, but they split up after it was revealed that they are niece and nephew. Fun fact: Actress Natalie Wijnants, who played Eva Verbiest from 1997–2007, first auditioned for this role.
Claire Bastiaens Chris Thys 1997 Wife of Carlos Bastiaens
Frederique Bastiaens Kurt Van den Driessche 1996–2000 Love of Eva Verbiest.
Eric Bastiaens Kurt Defranq 2002–2009 Nephew of Marianne Bastiaens.
Martine Bastiaens - Lefever Christel Domen 2002–2009 Second wife of Eric. Eric filed for divorce after she cheated on him with music teacher Arno, on which their daughter Sofie had a crush. They remarried in 2007, after a two-year split up, and after her relationship with Werner Van Sevenant.
Sofie Bastiaens Lien Van De Kelder 2002–2007 Daughter of Eric and Martine. She was murdered.
Sam Bastiaens Ronny Daelman 2002–2009 Son of Eric and Martine. He is engaged to Dorien De Backer, with whom he had an on-off relationship after she believed he stayed with her out of guilt since a car accident.
Dorien De Backer Tineke Caels 2006–2009 Girlfriend of Sam. She is a talented student sport. After a car accident, which was caused by a drunk Sam, she ends up in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.
Michael Bastiaens Govert Deploige 2003–2005 Son of Eric and his first wife. Used to date Marie Van Goethem, but broke up with her after he became a suspect in the serial murder case.
Eva Verbist Nathalie Wijnants 1997–2007 Daughter of murdered cop Fernand. She dated Frederique Bastiaens and later on Pierre Vinck, brother of Isabelle Vinck and Valerie, who he terrorised. Pierre was mentally unstable and when Fernand found out, Pierre burned the house and murdered him. In 2001, she was in love with Werner, but he didn't return her love, so she found love with Jan Reimers, whom she married in 2002 after she kissed Werner, who also disturbed the wedding ceremony. She cheated on Jan with Werner and Werner even thought Eva's child Nand was his. In 2005, she returned from South Africa, because of Nand's leukemia and needed to get in touch with her late husband's family. Mathilde seemed nice now, but when Eva wanted to return to South Africa, Mathilde poisoned her. She kept on doing this, when Eva wanted to work for Werner. She found love with Maarten Reimers in 2007, but at the end of the season, he wanted to kill her and Nand.
Fernand Verbist Chris Cauwenberghs 1995–2000 Policeman, he died in a fire.
Linda Verbist - Lievens Mieke Bouve 1999–2002 After she murdered Pierre she ran away with her children to South Africa.
Joeri Verbist Wim Peters 1997–2003 Son of Fernand
Kristoff Verbist Michael De Cock 1997–2002 Son of Fernand. He was a member of a youth gang.
Sabine Verbist Herlinde Hiele 1999–2002 Daughter of Fernand
Dirk Van Baelen Bert Cosemans 2001–2002 The new friend of Linda Verbist.
Jan Reimers Dirk Tuypens 2001–2003 He married Eva Verbist in 2002, although Werner kissed her the night before and disturbed the ceremony. After finding out Eva's affair with Werner, he was killed by Werner in a fight.
Nand Reimers Several children 2003–2007 Son of Jan Reimers although Werner thinks he is the father.
Mathilde Reimers Kristine Arras 2002 - 2005 guest / 2005 - 2007 main cast Poisoned by her son Maarten, after he found out she killed his father.
Robert Reimers Rikkert Van Dyk 2002 - 2005 guest / 2005 - 2006 main cast Murdered by his wife Mathilde, after he found out she occasionally poisioined Eva.
Maarten Reimers Tom De Hoog 2003–2007 Maarten was a good friend of Joeri and secretly fancies Eva, wife of his (late) brother. Eventually, Maarten gains Eva's love in 2007, but when he finds out his mother Mathilde drugged Eva and murdered his father, he poisons Mathilde. He is jealous of Werner and wants to make sure Eva chooses him over Werner, therefore he burns the house with him, Eva and Nand inside. He considers Nand as his brother Jan, who was his mother's favourite
Mo Fawzi Noureddine Farihi 1999–2003 guest / 2003 - 2011 Husband of the late mother of his daughter Aisha. He married Veronique Van Sevenant, who had sex with the raper Robert Swerts. Veronique disappeared in the desert of Maroco. Later he dated Jenny but eventually choose for her daughter Bianca. They moved to Morocco with baby Robin (child of Bianca and Tom De Decker) to prevent that Tom would get fatherhood.
Aisha Fawzi Maya Albert 2003–2010 She was first introduced after she and her father needed a place to live after their kitchen / house burned out in episode 1443. She became friends with Femke and Sofie and eventually dated the ex of Femke and Sofie's brother, Sam Bastiaens.
Veronique Van Sevenant - Fawzi - Swertvagers Viv Van Dingenen 1997–2005 Previously married to Lou Swertvagers. Her daughter Cindy died and she tried to murder Lou and Miss De Decker. Found love again with Mo, when he came to live at Ter Smissen. She was killed in Morocco by a contract killer as she knew the identity of the raper and serial killer in season 10.
Werner van Sevenant Peter Van Assbrouck 1997–2007
Cois Pelkmans Steph Goossens 2003–2010
Isabelle Vinck Pascale Bal 2000–2002 / guest: 2003-2004 Sister of Pierre and gets lunatic
Senne Werner De Smedt 2001–2002
Felicienne Lejeune Doris van Caneghem 1995–2002 Former cleaning lady of the family Bastiaens
Jean-Pierre De Ruyter Herbert Flack 998-2003
Pierre Vinck Jan Schepens 1999–2000
Dr. Valerie Wijndale Ann Ceurvels
Walter Frans Karel Deruwe 2004–2005 (episode 1576-) ex-husband of Betty Van Ginderen.
Jacques Van Ginderen Jakob Bex 2005 Jacques was mentioned in episodes 2224 and 2225, when Marie calls him. He owns Marie Design, where Marie Van Goethem is the manager. However, she wants everything to be hers, so she is planning to buy the company, despite not having the money and not getting any from the banks.
Betty Van Ginderen Nora Tiley 2005 Betty was mentioned in episode 2225 in which Marie refers to her as Jacques bossy wife to which he always has to listen.
Maaike Mertens Liesbeth Adriaenssens 2005–2006 Liesbeth Adriaensens previously played Lotte in 2001
Arno Dandrea Ernst Löw 27 September 2004 – 2005 A music teacher who starts an affair with Martine Bastiaens.
Robert Swerts Hans de Munter 1998,2002 (guest)/ 2004–2005 (episode 1595-) The raper and serial killer in season 10.
Stan De Schrijver Oswald Versyp 3 February 2004 - 2005 father of Simonne & Angèle
Sandrine Verbeelen Tinneke Caels 5 October 2006 - 2008 partner of Ann, daughter of Geert. Died from an intracranial hemorrhage
Cois Pelckmans Steph Goossens 1997–2003 guest / 2003-2010 ex-husband of Zosianne, in love with Daisy and marries her. In Spain he meets his former girlfriend Angèle Backx and decides to stay there. (Goossens left the serie due to an exclusivity contract with VT4).
Dr. Valerie Wijndaele Ann Ceurvels 1998–2002 mother of Julie, ex-wife of Werner. She moved abroad with her daughter.
Youssef Bakali Ali Wouters 6 February 2007 - 2008 last year med student
Daisy Daisy Thijs 2006–2008 masseuse

Opening titles[edit]


ADDED: Dorien, Sandrine, Youssef, Viktor, Daisy, Julia, Amber?

TO LEAVE: Marie, Leontien, Werner, Eva

LEFT: Mathilde Reimers

RETURN: Yvette


ADDED: Geert Smeekens (or earlier), Nancy (or earlier), Eddy (or earlier), Kasper (or earlier)

LEFT: Angèle, Sofie (to return), Mathilde

new: Dorien, Sandrine, Youssef, Victor, Daisy, Julia

Simonne, Jenny, Marie, Eric, Martine, Cois, Sofie, Smeekens, Leontien, Kasper Nancy, Marianne, Femke, Mo, Waldek, Eva, Werner, Rosa


ADDED: Angèle, Yvette, Renzo, Maaike, Betty, Jacques, Tuur, Mathilde

REMOVED: Yvette (to return), Renzo, Maaike, Betty, Jacques, Tuur

new: Betty, Jacques, Tuur, Maaike, Kasper, Geert Smeekens

The opening titles changed on Monday August 29, 2005, this seasons first episode: Yvette was added again, also Angèle Backx was added

announced: Betty and Jacques are main characters, but will be added to the titles next spring, when also Mathilde will be part of the main cast and added to the titles.

On Monday 12 December 2005 Betty and Jacques were already added. Also new in the titles are Maaike and Tuur. Only Jenny had a new shot. Eva was removed.

Around Wednesday 28 December 2005 Renzo was added.


ADDED: Arno, Walter Frans, Aisha, Cois, Swerts

REMOVED: Michael, Dré, Jan, Veronique, Arno, Yvette (to return)

RETURNS: Leontien

new: Arno, Renzo, Angèle

left: Jenny and Eva, who both return in season 11

Titles: Jenny, Sam, Eva, Dré, Martine, Michael, Femke, Frank, Ann, Werner, Marie, Mo, Marianne, Arno, Veronique, Eric, Simonne, Walter These opening titles apparently started on 21 January 2005.

Left after change of opening titles and the vocals of the theme tune (lyrics remained the same) on March 28, 2005 : Dr. Dré and Jenny, Arno, Michael, Veronique, Eva

Added: Aisha, Cois, return of: Luc, Roza, Waldek, Sofie

Titles: Roza, Sam, Marie, Luc, Martine, Cois, Femke, Frank, Ann, Werner, Sofie, Mo, Mariann, Waldek, Aisha, Eric, Simonne, Walter Frans

Since the week starting Monday 4 April 2005, these two opening titles switched every week.

On Friday 29 April 2005: Leontien and Swerts were added and Aisha removed

2003 - 2004

In season 9 (episode 1435 - ), the titles changed every week. The people who played in several episodes that week were included in the opening titles, others weren't included that week. 18 people were included in the titles.

LEFT: Joeri Verbiest (ep. 1447), Leontien (to return)

ADDED: Jan Reimers (ep. 1442), Michael Bastiaens (ep. 1451), Mo Fawzi (ep. 1456)

new: Aisha, Nancy, Eddy, Walter Frans, Swerts

main cast: Jenny, Yvette Backx, Sam, Eric, Michael, Martine, Mo, Frank, Leontien, Simonne, Rosa, Marianne, Jan Reimers, Florke, Werner, Waldek, Sofie, Marie, Veronique, Dr. Dré, Eva, Luc Bomans

guest characters: Ann De Decker (former main character), Aisha Fawzi (new), Femke Fierens (introduced in season 8), Cois Pelkmans (since 1997),

sometimes appearing: Mathilde Reimers, Robert Reimers, Maarten Reimers, Eddy Van Noteghem (new), Nancy Fierens (new)


ADDED: Sam, Eric, Martine, Sofie

LEFT: Isabelle, Jean-Pierre (ep. 1434)

new: Jan Reimers, Femke, Sam, Eric, Martine, Sofie, Michael, Mathilde, Robert


LEFT: Senne

ADDED: Waldek, Yvette

new: Waldek, Yvette

Main cast includes: Isabelle, Jenny, Yvette, Senne, Jean-Pierre, Frank, Leontien, Simonne, Joeri, Rosa, Marianne, Werner, Waldek, Marie, Ann, Veronique, Eva and Luc


ADDED: Senne

LEFT: Linda, Dirk, Kristoff, Sabine, Peggy

in main cast: Jenny, Linda, Dirk, Kristoff, Senne, Jean-Pierre, Frank, Sabine, Leontien, Rogerke, Simonne, Joeri, Florke, Rosa, Marianne, Dré, Eva, Luc, Werner, Marie, Valerie

new: Dirk (or earlier)


new: Linda, Sabine, Isabelle

LEFT: Fernand, Tom

Season 4

new: Jean-Pierre, Marie, Valerie, Joeri (or earlier)

Season 3

new: Eva, Kristoff, Harry, Dré

Season 2

The same song, the same intro, only with some changes were new characters were added.

ADDED: Simonne (place 4), Florke (place 5), Marianne (place 9)

LEFT: Walter

new: Rogerke, Veronique, Werner, Leontien

Season 1

Jenny Verbeeck Bomans, Frank Bomans, Bianca Bomans, Rosa Verbeeck, Peggy Verbeeck, Walter De Decker, Ann De Decker, Tom De Decker

Family trees[edit]

Bomans family tree

  • Florke Rousseau (deceased 2003) married Stafke Bomans (deceased), married Roger Van De Wiele (deceased 2002) (1999–2002, his death)
    • Frank Bomans
      • Bianca Bomans (born CIR 1976) out of marriage with Jenny Verbeeck (?-1996, divorced due to his affair with Simonne)
      • Peggy Verbeeck (born CIR 1976) out of an affair with Rosa Verbeeck
      • Franky Bomans (born 1998) out of marriage with Simonne Backx (m.1999-2007, separated in 2006, signed divorce papers on 1 June 2007) but remarried her.
    • Luc Bomans
      • Unborn child from rape of Simonne Backx
      • Lowie Bomans (born 2003) from marriage with Leontien Vercammen (m.2001 onwards, separated 2003-2005, 2007 onwards after his affair with Marie Van Goethem). Leontien ran away abroad and took Lowie with her.

Bastiaens family tree

  • Marianne Bastiaens and Walter De Decker (m. ? - 1997, his death, separated 1990-1995). She remarried with Geert Smeekens, the father of Sandrine Verbeelen.
    • Ann De Decker dating Sandrine Verbeelen (2007) who died of an intracranial hemorrhage. Ann started a new relation with Mayra (2011). Ann adopted the baby of Peggy and called her Sandrine.
    • Tom De Decker who is together with Peggy.
  • Charles Bastiaens married ? (separated)
    • Sara Bastiaens
    • Frederique Bastiaens
  • Claire Bastiaens
  • Carlos Bastiaens
  •  ? Bastiaens
    • Eric Bastiaens
      • Michaël Bastiaens (son from Eric Bastiaens' first marriage)
      • Sam Bastiaens (born CIR 1984) from marriage to Martine Lefever (m.?-2005, remarried 2007-)
      • Sofie Bastiaens (born CIR 1986) with Martine Lefever


Staf Bomans
Florke Bomans
Frank Bomans
Jenny Verbeeck
Rosa Verbeeck
Luc Bomans
Leontien Vercammen
Mo Fawzi
Bianca Bomans
Lowie Bomans
Robin Bomans
Peggy Verbeeck
Tom De Decker
Simonne Backx
Sandrine De Decker
Kaat Bomans

Bastiaens/De Decker[edit]

Emma Raeymaeckers
Geert Smeekens
Marianne Bastiaens
Walter De Decker
Charles Bastiaens
Claire Bastiaens
Sandrine Verbeelen
Martine Lefever
Eric Bastiaens
Bianca Bomans
Tom De Decker
Peggy Verbeeck Ann De Decker
Sara Bastiaens
Frederique Bastiaens
Michael Bastiaens
Robin Bomans
Sandrine De Decker
Sam Bastiaens
Sofie Bastiaens

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