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Thulukkar are a group of Tamil-speaking Muslim populations in south and central Kerala. They are supposed to have migrated from Tamil Nadu to various parts of Kerala through the Western Ghats. Many members of the Thulukkar community migrated to Pakistan after independence and settled in Karachi, Sindh. They are called "anna" in Kerala, owing to the pseudo-Tamil language they speak. "Thulukkar" name has derived from the word "Turki".

In north and central Kerala native Muslims are predominant and are called Mappila. In the former south Travancore region, Thulukkars are the common Muslims, especially in Trivandrum district and in certain pockets in the eastern hill ranges like Erattupetta and Thodupuzha. In fact, significant numbers of Muslims in places south of Muvattupuzha-Ernakulam are Hanafi Madhhab followers.

Prior to Thiru-Kochi formation, Alappuzha was the main commercial hub of Travancore kingdom. Many Tamil Muslims migrated to Alappuzha from places like Tirunelveli, Madurai and Thanjavur during the last 50-60[when?] years and they are also Thulukkar.

They were speaking Tamil until the vast majority shifted to Malayalam as their first language. Most of them follow the Hanafi school of Islam.

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