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Not to be confused with The Thumbs.
Origin Gütersloh, Germany
Genres Alternative metal, nu metal
Years active 1993 (1993)–2005 (2005)
Past members
  • Axel Pralat
  • Jens Gössling
  • Steffen Wilmking
  • Jan-Hendrik Meyer
  • Claus Grabke
  • Axel Hilgenstöhler

Thumb was a German alternative metal/nu metal band formed in November 1993 in Gütersloh. The group disbanded in 2005 to work on various side projects; Steffen has joined H-Blockx, Jens is in Taetowier Studio, Jan-Hendrik is in Hudson, Claus is in Alternative Allstars and Axel is in Waterdown.


The first home-made tapes were recorded and copied in 1994. Lupe was the last to join the band in October. Record companies began to show an interest and EMI signed a deal with the band in March 1995. Thumb's debut was released in September 1995. Thumb toured as support with Bad Religion, Dog Eat Dog, Henry Rollins and Foo Fighters in Germany over the next two years. In January 1997 the group began to write their second album "Exposure", released 5 May.

Thumb toured in America where they played in front of nearly 180,000 during the 1998 Vans Warped Tour alongside the Deftones, Bad Religion, NOFX and others at thirteen shows in three weeks.

Preparations for the third album slowly got underway at the start of 2000 but were abruptly interrupted when guitarist Axel Hilgenstöhler left the band halfway through the year, replaced by Axel Pralat. Everything written and recorded up to that point was axed.


  • Axel Pralat - Guitar, since 2000
  • Jens Gössling - DJ
  • Steffen Wilmking - Drums
  • Jan-Hendrik Meyer - Bass
  • Claus Grabke - Vocals
  • Axel Hilgenstöhler - Guitar, left in 2000



  • Thumb (1995)
  • Thumb Encore (1996)
  • Exposure (1997)
  • Maximum Exposure (1998)
  • 3 (2001)


  • "Red Alert" (1995)
  • "No More Blood" (1996)
  • "Red Alert '96" (1996)
  • "Aside" (1996)
  • "Sell Myself" (1997)
  • "Seize The Day" (1997)
  • "Break Me" (1998)
  • "Down Like Me" (2001)
  • "Youth" (2001)


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