Thumb Correctional Facility

Coordinates: 43°02′03″N 83°21′22″W / 43.03414°N 83.35605°W / 43.03414; -83.35605
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Thumb Correctional Facility (TCF)
Coordinates43°02′03″N 83°21′22″W / 43.03414°N 83.35605°W / 43.03414; -83.35605
Security classLevel II
Capacity1,216 [1]
Opened1987 (1987)
Managed byMichigan Department of Corrections
WardenDavid Bergh
Street address3225 John Conley Drive
CountyLapeer County
ZIP Code48446
CountryUnited States
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Thumb Correctional Facility (TCF) is a Michigan prison, located in Lapeer, for male prisoners. It is a Level II, lower-level security prison.


The prison was opened in 1987, and has six housing units currently used to house approximately 1,200 male Michigan Department of Corrections prisoners. Four housing units are for approximately 700 adult inmates, and two housing units are for approximately 500 teenage inmates. It is the only prison in Michigan that houses male juvenile offenders.[2][better source needed] Onsite facilities provide for foodservice, health care, facility maintenance, storage, prison administration, and industrial laundry services.[3] The facility employs approximately 315 people.[2]


The facility is surrounded by triple 12-foot (3.7 m) fences with razor-ribbon wire and guard towers. Electronic detection systems and patrol vehicles are used to maintain perimeter security.[2][3]


The facility offers libraries, a barber shop, prison worker programs, education programs, substance-abuse treatment, group therapy, and religious services.[2] Onsite medical and dental care is supplemented by the Duane L. Waters Hospital in Jackson, Michigan.[3]

The worker program allows the prison's laundry facility to provide services to several organizations in the area.[2]

Notable Inmates[edit]

Inmate Name Register Number Status Details
Ethan Crumbley 734210 Serving 4 life sentences without parole plus an additional 24 years.[4] Perpetrator of the 2021 Oxford High School shooting in which he murdered four students and injured 7 more.[5][6] Due to the severity of his crimes, he was tried as an adult.[7]
Charles Pickett Jr. 485575 / 5278911L Serving a minimum of 40 years.[8] Convicted of murdering 5 people while under the influence in what is known as the 2016 Kalamazoo bicycle crash.[9][10][11][12]

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