Thumb Wrestling Federation

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Thumb Wrestling Federation
TWF logo.jpg
TWF logo
Genre Animation
Created by Larry Schwarz
Voices of Wayne Grayson
Sean Schemmel
Erica Schroeder
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 92
Original release 2006 – Present

Thumb Wrestling Federation is an American children's live-action television series and aired on BBC Two, BBC1 and the CBBC channel in the United Kingdom.[1] It was previously shown on Nicktoons, Cartoon Network and Kids' WB in the United States. TWF currently airs weekdays at 4:55pm on Cartoon Network Philippines, with half-hour recap editions Saturdays at 11:30am. In the United Kingdom, it currently airs on Kix between some shows. The program's creator is Larry Schwarz of Animation Collective.[2]

The show centers around two rival thumb wrestling teams in the style of professional wrestling, including colorful characters and over-the-top emotions and antics. The protagonists, the Dexteras, wrestle against their rivals, the Sinistras, in the quest to win the coveted TWF title. The wrestling bouts are hosted by two thumb commentators, Dick Thompson and retired TWF wrestler Colonel Cossack. TWF originated as a television series before being licensed for toys, apparel, and collectibles.


Thumb Wrestling Federation: TWF is based on large Professional Wrestling promotions such as the World Wrestling Entertainment (formerly World Wrestling Federation). It was created by Devon Ott of Long Island, New York.

Fictional history[edit]

Before its current state, the TWF was an honorable federation that was led by its older "wise thumbs," with TWF legend Newt Knuckle as its president. Everything was "thumbs up" in the TWF until a rookie thumb wrestler named Pageboy Skull came in and demanded a top spot in the TWF without working his way there or showing respect to any of the elder wrestlers, such as Newt Knuckle, Colonel Cossack (who is now a commentator for TWF), The Stash and Phineas D. Finger.

President Newt Knuckle swiftly denied Pageboy Skull his request, causing Pageboy Skull to revolt against the TWF. Pageboy Skull, who later rechristened himself Senator Skull, rebelled against the TWF and formed a group of renegades called the Sinistras, who were determined to take over the TWF and possibly the world. In response, a group of honorable thumb wrestlers called the Mighty Dexteras formed to defend the TWF from the Sinistras.

As a result of the split, elder thumbs such as Newt Knuckle and Phineas D. Finger disappeared. Others, such as Colonel Cossack and The Stash, simply retired. Now, the Sinistras and the Dexteras do battle on a weekly basis as they compete for the TWF Championship.

Principal Characters[edit]

  • Vini Vidi Victory
  • Senator Skull
  • Hometown Huck
  • The Big Time
  • Mr. Extremo
  • Itsy Bitsy
  • Face-Off Phil
  • N Fuego
  • Wasabi
  • Danny Kaboom
  • Bucks Gazillion
  • Cleat Cunningham
  • Evil Ira
  • The Visitor
  • Queen Nefercreepy
  • Mugsy Thumbscrew

Episode List[edit]

Season 1[edit]

  • Vini Vidi Victory vs Flashback
  • N Fuego vs Unit 19G
  • Wasabi vs Corbata
  • Senator Skull vs Gary the Intern
  • Hometown Huck vs The Scorchion
  • Hometown Huck vs Sir Serpent
  • Itsy Bitsy vs Gill
  • Itsy Bitsy vs Ouch
  • Evil Ira vs The Amoeba
  • Evil Ira vs The Lost Viking
  • The Big Time vs Dorsal Flynn
  • The Big Time vs Tom Cat
  • Vini Vidi Victory vs The Visitor
  • Wasabi vs Billy Batboy
  • N Fuego vs Pei Pei the Purple Panda
  • Senator Skull vs James Montgomery Flag/The Stash (The Stash came in after the first round when James Montgomery Flag gave up)
  • Quarterfinals: The Big Time vs Vini Vidi Victory
  • Quarterfinals: Hometown Huck vs Itsy Bitsy
  • Quarterfinals: Wasabi vs Senator Skull (Senator Skull was disqualified after The Big Time interfered)
  • Quarterfinals: Evil Ira vs N Fuego
  • Semifinals: Hometown Huck vs Evil Ira (Evil Ira switched sides before the match)
  • Semifinals: The Big Time vs Wasabi
  • Final: Hometown Huck vs The Big Time

Season 1 Champion: Hometown Huck

Season 2[edit]

Season 2 is much shorter than any of the other seasons. The reason for this is unknown.

  • Mr. Extremo vs Big Bad Billy Goatetsky
  • Mahi Mahi Mindy vs Rolf The Reaper
  • Itsy Bitsy vs Fly Guy (Fly Guy was disqualified for "being extremely annoying")
  • Evil Ira vs Big Star
  • N Fuego vs Danny Kaboom
  • Face-Off Phil vs The Cheetah
  • Wasabi vs Dwayne Bramage
  • Vini Vidi Victory vs Captain Carpal
  • Royal Thumble: Vini Vidi Victory and Face-Off Phil vs Itsy Bitsy and The Visitor
  • Semifinals: Mr. Extremo vs The Big Time
  • Semifinals: Senator Skull vs Hometown Huck
  • Final: Mr. Extremo vs Senator Skull

Season 2 Champion: Mr. Extremo

Season 3[edit]

The first season and only season so far to be won by a Sinistra, and also the first season where the Sinistra won the first match.

  • Bucks Gazillion vs Wasabi
  • Pierre Pamplemousse vs Snagglefangs
  • The Lost Viking vs Gogachog
  • Captain Carpel vs Knockout Ninja
  • Weredog vs The Visitor
  • Queen Nefercreepy vs Danny Kaboom
  • Pei Pei The Purple Panda vs Scoutmaster Scott
  • Sick Vick vs Miss Fitwell
  • Itsy Bitsy vs Milty the Clown
  • Gill vs Mugsy Thumbscrew
  • The Big Time vs Ouch
  • Hometown Huck vs Billy Batboy
  • Quarterfinals: Mr. Extremo vs The Big Time (Rematch)
  • Quarterfianls: Face Off Phil vs Senator Skull
  • Quarterfinals: Bucks Gazillion vs Hometown Huck
  • Quarterfinals: Queen Nefercreepy vs Milty the Clown
  • Semifinals: Face-Off Phil vs Queen Nefercreepy
  • Semifinals: Bucks Gazillion vs Mr. Extremo
  • Final: Bucks Gazillion vs Face-Off Phil

Season 3 Champion: Bucks Gazillion

Season 4[edit]

Mr. Extremo becomes the first wrestler to win two championships.

  • The Lost Viking vs Mr. Extremo
  • Sick Vick vs Weredog
  • Miss Fitwell vs Captain Carpal
  • Mugsy Thumbscrew vs Knockout Ninja
  • Rolf the Reaper vs Hometown Huck
  • Face-Off Phil vs Scoutmaster Scott
  • Queen Nefercreepy vs Gogachog
  • Danny Kaboom vs Evil Ira
  • The Big Time vs Pierre Pamplemousse
  • Wasabi vs Itsy Bitsy
  • Unit 19G vs Corbata
  • James Montgomery Flag vs Big Bad Billy Goatetsky
  • Quarterfinals: The Visitor vs Hometown Huck
  • Quarterfinals: Mr. Extremo vs Queen Nefercreepy
  • Quarterfinals: Danny Kaboom vs Mugsy Thumbscrew
  • Quarterfinals: N Fuego vs Face-Off Phil
  • Semifinals: The Visitor vs Danny Kaboom
  • Semifinals: Mr. Extremo vs N Fuego
  • Final: Mr. Extremo vs The Visitor

Season 4 Champion: Mr. Extremo

Season 5[edit]

This season presents new wrestlers: Cleat Cunningham (DEX), Lucky O' Leary (DEX) and The Black Knight (SIN).

  • Scoutmaster Scott vs Tom Cat
  • Lucky O'Leary vs Rolf the Reaper
  • Mr. Extremo vs The Scorchion
  • Itsy Bitsy vs Gary the Intern
  • Knockout Ninja vs N Fuego
  • The Visitor vs Gogachog
  • Senator Skull vs Pierre Pamplemousse
  • Hometown Huck vs The Cheetah
  • The Big Time vs Milty the Clown
  • Cleat Cunningham vs Big Bad Billy Goatetsky
  • Mugsy Thumbscrew vs Unit 19G
  • Danny Kaboom vs The Black Knight
  • Quarterfinals: Cleat Cunningham vs Itsy Bitsy
  • Quarterfinals: The Big Time vs Danny Kaboom
  • Quarterfinals: Hometown Huck vs Mugsy Thumbscrew
  • Quarterfinals: Senator Skull vs Mr. Extremo (Rematch)
  • Semifinals: The Big Time vs Hometown Huck (Rematch)
  • Semifinals: Cleat Cunningham vs Senator Skull
  • Final: Cleat Cunningham vs The Big Time

Season 5 Champion: Cleat Cunningham


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