Thumbelina (horse)

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For other uses, see Thumbelina (disambiguation).
Species Horse
Sex Female
Born (2001-05-01)May 1, 2001
St. Louis, U.S.
Nation from United States
Weight 58 pounds (26 kg)

Thumbelina (born May 1, 2001) is a dwarf miniature horse and the world's smallest horse.[1] She stands 43 centimetres (17 in) tall and weighs 26 kilograms (57 lb),[2] and officially received the title of world's smallest from Guinness World Records.[3] Thumbelina was born in St. Louis, Missouri. Her owners, Paul and Kay Goessling, and her handler, Michael Goessling, care for her along with many other miniature horses on their small farm in Ladue.

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