Thunder (CeCe Beck)

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Thunder (CeCe Beck)
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceThe Power of Shazam! Annual #1 (1996)
Created byJerry Ordway
Mike Manley
In-story information
Alter egoCeCe Beck
Team affiliationsMarvel Family
Legion of Super-Heroes
Notable aliasesCaptain Marvel
AbilitiesMagically bestowed aspects of various mythological figures which include great strength, invulnerability, flight, super speed, fearlessness and enhanced mental perception.

Thunder is a fictional character, a comic book superheroine created by Jerry Ordway & Mike Manley and appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. An associate of the Marvel Family of superheroes, Thunder (the alter ego of CeCe Beck, or simply "Beck"), is a far-future recipient of the power of Shazam. Her first appearance was the first The Power of Shazam! Annual #1 (1996).

Fictional character biography[edit]

Thunder is the super-powered alter-ego of a young girl from the planet Binderaan, circa 9,000 A.D. (when she finds herself in the 30th century, she exclaims that she's 6,000 years in the past). The power of Shazam is bestowed upon Thunder not by the wizard Shazam himself, but his successor Captain Marvel. By the time of Beck's life, Captain Marvel has become a bearded old man. As with her predecessor Captain Marvel, Jr., whenever Beck invokes the name "Captain Marvel", she is struck by magical lightning, bestowing upon her all the powers of the Marvel Family.

After a mission to the 20th century, Thunder is sent to the 30th century, when pro-science terrorists attack and destroy the Rock of Eternity, a major source of all magic. After subduing some of the terrorists with the help of members of the Legion of Super-Heroes she is offered membership, which she accepts while continuing her mission to collect all the scattered pieces of the Rock.

Soon after the Rock is restored, the Legion come under intense pressure and negative sentiment from the rest of the galaxy. CeCe takes this opportunity to return to her own time, and has not been seen since.

CeCe reappears in Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #5 among dozens of Legionnaires pulled in from alternate timelines and worlds to fight the Time Trapper.

CeCe Beck's name is derived from that of Captain Marvel co-creator C. C. Beck, just as Binderaan is from Otto Binder.

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