Thunder Bay Press

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Thunder Bay Press
Parent company Readerlink Distribution Services, LLC
Founded 1990
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location San Diego, California
Distribution Publishers Group West
Publication types Illustrated books
Nonfiction topics adult crafts & leisure activities; pop culture;
cooking; pets &
domestic animals;
sports; history;
transportation; & nature
Fiction genres Non-fiction
Official website

Thunder Bay Press is a California-based publisher of illustrated non-fiction books. Subject matter includes adult crafts and leisure activities, pop culture, cooking, pets and domestic animals, sports, history, transportation, and nature.

It is owned by the book distribution firm, Readerlink Distribution Services,[1] with this imprint's distribution handled by Publishers Group West.

Then and Now series[edit]

It is also one of the two United States publisher of books in the Then and Now series of books [2] that include:

  • Baltimore Then and Now [3]
  • New York Then and Now [4]


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