Thunder Boogie

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Thunder Boogie
Studio album by Lamont
Released 2002
Recorded At New Alliance, Boston, Ma.
Genre Stoner rock, Cowpunk
Length 30:00
Label Traktor 7 Records
Producer Andrew Schneider & Lamont

Thunder Boogie is probably the best known work by hard rock band Lamont. The album has a more raw sound than most of their material.[citation needed] The song "Hotwire" was featured in the video game, Tony Hawks Underground.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Hot Wire" 3:02
  2. "Vegas" 2:03
  3. "I Saw Red" 2:38
  4. "Rocket Ride" 3:26
  5. "One White Line" 3:29
  6. "Thunderboogie" 2:32
  7. "Hell's Got Me Runnin'" 2:54
  8. "Psychopath" 3:59
  9. "Agent 49" 7:02
    • Contains as hidden track a cover version of "Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings" by ZZ Top; Album: Fandango (1975)


  • Pete Knipfing: Guitar Vocals
  • Mike Cosgrove: Bass, Organ
  • Todd Bowman: Drums, Percussion
  • Other:
  • Illustrations by Kevin Cyr

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