Thunder Express

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Thunder Express
Origin Stockholm, Sweden
Genres Rock, garage rock, power pop
Years active 2004 - present
Labels Razzia Records
Associated acts Dundertåget, The Hellacopters, Death Breath, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Stefan Sundström, Hello Saferide, Nationalteatern, The Diamond Dogs, I Are Droid
Website Thunder
Members Robert Pehrsson
Jens Lagergren
Jesper Karlsson
Past members Robert Dahlqvist

Thunder Express was started as a sideproject by Robert Dahlqvist from the Swedish rock band The Hellacopters on guitars and vocals together with Robert Pehrsson from the metal band Death Breath on guitars, former Diamond Dogs drummer Jesper Karlsson along with bassist Jens Lagergren of Hello Saferide and I Are Droid.

Band history[edit]

English releases[edit]

The band took its name from the MC5 song "Thunder Express" as a tip of the hat to the MC5. Other bands whose influence can be heard in the band's music are The Rolling Stones, Cheap Trick, The Faces, early material from ZZ Top and The Hellacopters.[1] The original idea was to record something similar to Fleetwood Mac's Then Play On or the Stones Some Girls, however the project soon took another turn due to Dahlqvist and Pehrsons common guitar heroes from the 1970s. Thunder Express has released two albums, We Play for Pleasure (2004) and Republic Disgrace (2007), as well as on a 4-way split album with the song "I Can Feel The Fire".[2]

Swedish releases[edit]

In late 2008 a number of songs with Swedish lyrics based on Thunder Express tracks were posted on Roberts Dahlqvist's MySpace under the name Dundertåget, a rough Swedish translation of Thunder Express. These songs and several other all new tracks with Swedish lyrics written together with singer/songwriter Stefan Sundström were released February 18, 2009 on the album Skaffa ny Frisyr.[3] Since then Dahlqvist has stated that he will focus full-time on Dundertåget and while Thunder Express will remain active and play shows its unclear if new music in English will be released.


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  • We Play for Pleasure - 2004
  • Republic Disgrace - 2007
Other releases
  • A 4-way super split - 2008
  • Razzia Vol. 1 / There's a Razzia Going On - 2008
  • Believe In You / Coming Back - 2004
  • In My Mind / Believe in You' - 2004
  • Republic Disgrace - 2007
  • Believe in You - 2004
  • Republic Disgrace - 2007
  • New York Gold - 2007

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