Thunder Truck Rally

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Thunder Truck Rally
Monster Trucks
European cover art
European cover art of Thunder Truck Rally
Developer(s) Reflections[1]
Publisher(s) Psygnosis[1]
Platform(s) PlayStation
Release date(s) [2]
Genre(s) Racing[1]
Mode(s) Single player

Thunder Truck Rally (Known as Monster Trucks in Europe) is a monster truck racing game developed by Reflections where players select a monster truck or otherwise 4X4 vehicle equipped with monster truck tires and have the option of either racing or crushing cars in an arena.


Players start with an array of options from choosing their game mode to choosing their race track. If a player chooses to race, they are faced with innumerous outdoor tracks, all of which feature various hills, bends and turns. The players must maintain careful driving however as every vehicle has a strength meter which measures the vehicle’s engine strength; if a player lands too hard from a jump their engine will receive damage.

Game modes[edit]

  • Endurance: Players must compete on four different tracks to reach all of the check points in order. Players can change the racing course of the track to five different starting positions.
  • Circuit: Once selected, players have a variety of circuits to race on.
  • Car Crushing: Players are set in an arena with a dirt-mound ramp set up in front of a pile of cars and a similar arena neighboring theirs with another contestant (the competitor is usually always Nadia). Players must accumulate more points than their competitor by crushing all of the cars within the time limit.
  • Championship: The player must compete for the gold against the other contestants in the league.
  • Multiplayer: Players play alternate rounds at whatever game mode and course selected save for Championship and Car Crushing mode.
  • Practice: Players may race so as to practice their skills.
  • Time Trials: players attempt to make the best time on chosen track.


Enzo - A tough Italian classic truck enthusiast who grows his hair long and acts touching solely to attract women. Drives a Black and blue 1950s American pick-up truck with flames on the hood and sides. Enzo's Love interest is Michelle, one of the other playable characters in the game.

Nadia - A young Russian intellectual who has varied tastes in life; she’s known to be a philosophy major who knows more than ten different languages and has a dark style of fashion, but she also drives recklessly, which landed her as one of the best racers in the Thunder Truck league. Drives a red 1980s Jeep with a black hard top and a handgun promotion on the doors.

Karl - A Jamaican body builder who obsesses about his goatee. Drives a Volkswagen bus with the Jamaican flag’s colors as its paint job.

Lean - A young muscular Australian woman who makes a habit of intimidating everyone she comes across, but she leads a very sweet family life outside her racing career. Drives a Large gray van with blue stripes on the sides.

Aaron - An American racing and gun enthusiast who became Nail’s rival after a parking space dispute and his taken his grudge against Nail to the Thunder Truck league. Drives a blue, white and red 1980s pick-up truck.

Miyuki - A spunky Japanese party-girl who is a natural hedonist; when not racing, she’s partying all night long. Drives a long, but small dune buggy and is noted for her erratic driving style.

Nail - A tough and muscular English punk who is known for his aggressive nature. He is the bitter rival of Aaron and has had to armor plate his vehicle over time to ensure Aaron doesn’t shoot his vehicle. Drives a deep green Hummer.

Bear - A muscle-bound woodsman from the Netherlands who drives the smallest vehicle in the league but is the biggest of the drivers. Drives a small red sedan.

Michelle - A sultry young French woman who loves to thrill men with her looks as well as her driving skills in a 4X4. She works part time as a model for the cover of House music CDs and deeply indulges in life, Michelle is also Enzo's love interest. Drives a white and dark blue striped Volkswagen beetle with the number 29 on the doors.