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Coordinates: 16°21′48″N 120°10′16″E / 16.3632°N 120.1711°E / 16.3632; 120.1711

Thunderbirds Resort-Hotel, Poro Point, San Fernando, La Union.

Thunderbird Resorts (Philippines) or Thunderbirds Resort-Hotel is the only five-star hotel-resort in Northern Luzon, Philippines. It is owned by an international property developer, anchored by casino and providing hospitality services in Asia and Latin America. It has other branches in Costa Rica, India, Nicaragua and Peru. It is located at VOA, Pennsylvania Avenue, Poro Point Special Economic and Freeport Zone,[1] San Fernando, La Union, fronting the finest beaches and facing the Lighthouse beside Wallace Air Station, a United States Air Force (USAF) facility located in the Philippines.[2]

The luxurious Resort in the South China Sea is headed by an Independent Board of Directors led by Director, Roberto de Ocampo (OBE, Founding Partner of Centennial Group International and Chairman of Centennial Asia Advisors, the President of the Asian Institute of Management, 1992 to '98, Secretary of Finance under President Fidel V. Ramos and CEO of the Development Bank of the Philippines in 1989. The Resort is managed by Peter LeSar, the Interim President and CEO, Chief Financial Officer).[3][4][5]

The Resort is surrounded by the Thunderbird Residences that were inaugurated in October 2010. A model unit, Athena is one of the 10 beach homes-Villas (under a rental contract) facing the main lobby of the hotel. Chloe, Selene, Alexa and Aphrodite homes are also in the Resort, which has 80 lots (within 15 hectares).[6]

The Mediterranean-inspired architecture of the hotel has an active boardwalk inside a seaside landscape, including a golf & beach club (amid white-sand beaches built upon a scenic cliff/lake-view course standing upon a peninsula of 65 hectares of prime property). Its Fiesta Casinos features slot machines and table games near the Cabana Bar.[7] The Resort overlooks the edge of a headland into the West Philippine Sea.[8]

The amenities include: Deluxe Garden Room, Deluxe Balcony Room and Deluxe VO Room, Olives restaurant, Patio Santorini coffee shop, Vegas Cafe, Pool Bar, Santorini Bar & Lounge, Swimming Pool and Cliffs Golf & Beach Club.[9] The luxury suites are nestled upon a 100-ft cliff at the highest point of the Poro peninsula. A P200-million condotel will be erected in the prime property.[10]

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