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Thuraiyur taluk is a taluk of Tiruchirapalli district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The headquarters of the taluk is the town of Thuraiyur. This taluk is surrounded by the Kolli Hills of Namakkal district to the west, the Pachaimalai Hills range of Tiruchirappalli district to the east, Salem district in the north and Musiri taluk and Manachanallur taluk in the south.


According to the 2011 census, the taluk of Thuraiyur had a population of 249,060 with 123,062 males and 125,998 females. There were 1024 women for every 1000 men. The taluk had a literacy rate of 71.42. Child population in the age group below 6 was 11,705 males and 10,708 females. Caste is not prevalent in this region, but still the castes of Radiyyar and Sozhiya vellalar control a large part of economy. Urali Gounders, Mutharaiyar, Chozhiya vellalar, Reddiyar, Nayudu, [kurumba] Udaiyar and Schedued Castes make up most of the population.


Thuraiyur taluk has a large number of Hindus, Christians and Muslims. There is a large church from the British era in the village of Kottaipalayam. There are also a few Christian educational institutions in this region. As this region is predominantly Hindu, the region it has a large number of Shiva, Murugan and Thirumal temples. Some of which date back to the Chola era. There is a famous Thirumal temple in Perumal Malai hill just near Thuraiyur. This region also has numerous temples of local deities. There are also many mosques khaji yowmiya masjid God is Love


As this taluk is near the Kolli Hills in the west and the Pachaimalai Hills in the east there are a lot of brooks, streams and wild rivers originating from the hills and flowing into this area through small falls and by crossing foot hills. Most of these water bodies merge with Aiyaru river which forms the artery of this region's eastern half. Through these river systems there are also a large number of lakes and traditional tanks called "eri" present here. They are used for irrigation and household needs. But still a large deal of land here is not suitable for agriculture as water is not available. Water bodies here are non-perennial.


In spite of hills surrounding this region, this taluk is very hot. In the summer temperatures rises up to 43°C. In the winter the temperature here is mild and in night time it falls up to 14°C. It has a foggy weather in the months of December and January. During the months of June and July wind speed is less in this region in comparison to other parts of Tamil Nadu.



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