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Thursdays Page
Thursdays Page - HIGHRES01.jpg
The members of Thursday's Page.
Background information
Origin Busselton, Australia
Genres Rock
Alternative rock
Indie rock
Years active 2005–present
Labels Firestarter Music
Members Jake Hoskins (vocals)
Glen Hagger (Guitar)
Phil Watts (Keyboard)
Ben Matthews (Bass)
Ryan Ammon (Percussion)
Past members Mark Stubbs (Bass)
Michael Ward (Bass)

Thursday's Page are a five piece alternative rock outfit, who were formed in early 2005. The band, originally from the South West Region, introduced their music to the Perth population in 2008, with plans to make an impact in the Western Australian music scene through 2009.

Drawing influences from other Aussie hard hitters such as The Butterfly Effect and Karnivool, Thursdays Page have crafted a unique sound through their hard work and dedication, which has now been captured on their current recordings.

Tracks from their first independent release received airplay on local and national radio. The title track "The Sweet Lullaby" was also included in a Triple J segment, cohering with the Busselton local youth events organisation. The band often performs in Perth venues and have supported larger national acts, including The Butterfly Effect, Head Filled Attraction and Bushido.[1]

Thursday's Page released their first official EP in May 2009, and are currently in pre-production for their next release, due out in Summer 09/10.[2]

Thursday's Page


The band originally formed as a heavy rock garage band placing Glen on guitar, Ryan on bass and vocals, with several other members. After its brief existence and dispersion, Glen and Ryan remained together and went on to recruit new members, forming Thursday's Page in early 2005 with Jake Hoskins on Vocals.

After playing regular shows throughout 2006 and 2007 the band came to a hiatus in November 2007 with the departure of long term bass player, Michael Ward. With tracking for their second studio release at this stage, the remaining members would continue to work on production, while searching for new members.

In 2008 Thursday's Page relocated to the city of Perth, to be closer to the music scene and expand their horizons. In doing so two new members were recruited. Ben Matthews would replace Michael Ward on Bass after his departure in 2007, and Phil Watts, who spent a short time with Glen and Ryan in a previous band, would return to take place on Keyboards and Backing vocals.[3]

On Friday, 29 May 2009, Thursdays Page released their first official debut EP, 'Beyond Paradise', through Firestarter Music; a Perth based distribution and servicing company run by drummer of Birds of Tokyo, Adam Weston. A massive launch party was held at The Rocket Room, in Northbridge, beginning their West Coast EP tour, May–July 2009.



Album information
The Sweet Lullaby
  1. "The Sweet Lullaby"
  2. "Towers of Rain"
  3. "Escape"
  4. "Thursday's Angel"
  5. "Fade Away"
  6. "Change"
  7. "Step Inside"
  8. "Lost"
  9. "Tomorrow"
  10. "This Is Where We'll Fall"
Beyond Paradise
  • Release: May 2009
  • Label: Firestarter Music
  1. "Beyond Paradise"
  2. "Disbelief"
  3. "Pictures of Broken Flames"
  4. "Winter Sorrows"
  5. "On the Rocks"
  6. "End of Days"



Thursday's Page have received significant press coverage in publications, featuring reviews and editorials within XPress Magazine, Drum Media (Perth), The West Australian, The Sunday Times, plus various local newspapers through Western Australian, and its South West.

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