Thurston, Springfield, Oregon

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Thurston is a neighborhood in the eastern part of Springfield, Oregon, United States on Oregon Route 126. Before being annexed by Springfield,[citation needed] it was formerly an unincorporated community with its own post office.[1][2] The earliest land claims in the Thurston area by white settlers were in 1851.[3] A small crossroads community, including a general store and a blacksmith shop, formed at the corner of Thurston Road and 66th Street.[3] The settlement was named for pioneer George H. Thurston, and Thurston post office was established in 1877.[4] The ZIP code for Thurston post office boxes is 97482.[5] The ZIP code for delivered mail is 97478.[citation needed]

Thurston Community Hall was built in 1912.[6] It was the first building in Oregon that was constructed using curved laminated beams.[6] Now known as the Thurston Grange Hall, it is still in use today.

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Coordinates: 44°03′11″N 122°54′59″W / 44.0531814°N 122.9164697°W / 44.0531814; -122.9164697