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entering the rural village

Thurvaston is a small village in South Derbyshire. In 1970 the population (together with Osleston) was put at 200. This represents a general fall since 1871 when the population was just below 400.[1] As at the census 2011 the population is now listed in the civil parish of Osleston and Thurvaston.


Recent excavations have revealed extensive archaeological remains dating back from before 1400.[2] In 2006, both Thurvaston and nearby Sutton-on-the-Hill were identified as sites for future housing. This was based on a survey which identified the high cost of housing and the high number of bedrooms per residence compared with the small number of children in the area.[3]


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Coordinates: 52°56′23″N 1°38′19″W / 52.9396°N 1.6386°W / 52.9396; -1.6386