Thyolo District

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Thyolo District

The Thyolo district of Malawi is one of the districts in Malawi. The capital is Thyolo. The district covers an area of 1,715 km.² and has a population of 458,976.[citation needed] It is also has crossroads leading to Makwasa, Molere, Konzalendo, Thekerani into Muona and eventually Nsanje leading to another border with Mozambique.

Government and administrative divisions[edit]

There are seven National Assembly constituencies in Thyolo:

  • Thyolo - Central
  • Thyolo - East
  • Thyolo - North
  • Thyolo - South
  • Thyolo - South West
  • Thyolo - Thava
  • Thyolo - West

Since the 2009 election all of these constituencies have been held by members of the Democratic Progressive Party.[1]

Thyolo is one of the southernmost districts of Malawi, and is bordered by 5 others as well as Mozambique.