Thyolo alethe

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Thyolo alethe
Cholo Alethe - Malawi S4E4612 (17234917695).jpg
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Muscicapidae
Genus: Chamaetylas
Species: C. choloensis
Binomial name
Chamaetylas choloensis
(Sclater, 1927)
  • Alethe choloensis Sclater, 1927
  • Pseudalethe choloensis (Sclater, 1927)

The Thyolo alethe (Chamaetylas choloensis) is an endangered species of bird in the family Muscicapidae. It is found in Malawi and Mozambique. It is named after Thyolo, a nearby town in Malawi. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests. It is most threatened by habitat loss due to deforestation, fires, and human activities.


This bird has rust-coloured upper parts and white underparts with grey plumage on the sides of its face and neck. It has flesh-coloured legs and a dark brown tail with white tips.[2]


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