Thyroid isthmus

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Thyroid isthmus
The thyroid gland and its relations
(thyroid isthmus visible at center)
Illu08 thyroid.jpg
Latin Isthmus glandulae thyreoideae
Gray's p.1270
TA A11.3.00.003
FMA 49178
Anatomical terminology

The thyroid isthmus is the part of the thyroid gland that connects together the lower thirds of the right and left lobes of the thyroid gland. The thyroid isthmus measures about 1.25 cm in breadth, and the same in depth, and usually covers the second and third rings of the trachea. There are, however, many variations in its situation and size.

In the middle line of the neck, the thyroid isthmus is covered by the skin and fascia, and close to the middle line, on either side, by the sternothyroid muscles. Across its upper border runs an anastomotic branch uniting the two superior thyroid arteries; at its lower border are the inferior thyroid veins.


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