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Tiësto discography
DJ Tiesto2005.jpg
Tiësto performing in Winterworld at Palazzo in Bingen, Germany in May 2005.
Studio albums 6
Compilation albums 6
Video albums 5
Singles 44
Remix albums 4
DJ mixes 33
Remixes 124

This is a discography of the Dutch electronic DJ and producer Tiësto. Throughout his career, Tiësto has released five studio albums. After spending years searching for his personal style and working with DJs like Ferry Corsten (as Gouryella), Benno de Goeij (as Kamaya Painters) and Armin van Buuren (as Alibi and Major League), he decided it was time to focus on his solo work. Tiësto's fame started to rise in the late 1990s after his set at the first ID&T Innercity party (Live at Innercity: Amsterdam RAI), and it continued to skyrocket in the early 2000s following his six-hour "Tiësto Solo" sets, which he performed without any other DJs or opening acts. His last three full-length releases broke the 70,000-unit mark, and the 2003 DJ mix Nyana hit 87,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan in mid-2008.[1]

In 1994 Tiësto began releasing material on Noculan Records' sub-labels Chemo and Coolman. Later that year he signed to Basic Beat Recordings, where he met Arny Bink. Tiësto released records on the sub-label Trashcan, founded by Bink, and created the sub-label Guardian Angel with Bink, where they introduced the popular Forbidden Paradise series. From 1995 to 1996 Tiësto released four extended plays on Bonzai Jumps and XTC, sub-labels of Lightning Records. In 1997, Tiësto joined his friend Yves Vandichel on his sub-label, DJ Yves, a division of the now defunct Human Resource label XSV Music. In the fall of 1997, both Bink and Tiësto decided to leave Basic Beat and create their own parent label, now known as Black Hole Recordings. Trashcan was discontinued and Guardian Angel continued releasing music until 2002. In 1998, Tiësto released the Magik series through Black Hole and created two major sub-labels, In Trance We Trust and SongBird. From 1998 to 1999, Tiësto released music on Planetary Consciousness. There he met A&R Hardy Heller and invited him to release records on Black Hole. Tiësto later included the In Search of Sunrise series on SongBird and opened a new division of Black Hole, Magik Muzik, in 2001, which is now the home of the major chart-topping songs by Tiësto. The sub-label released exclusive material but has expanded since then.

Tiësto's first studio album, In My Memory, produced five major hits: "Dallas 4PM", "Flight 643", "Obsession", "Lethal Industry", and "Suburban Train". After becoming the "No. 1 DJ in the world" according to DJMag for three consecutive years, he released his second studio album in 2004, Just Be. The album contained one number one hit, "Traffic",[2] which was the first instrumental track to reach the top spot in his homeland the Netherlands in 23 years. The album also contained a new trance anthem, "Adagio for Strings", a remake of Samuel Barber's classical song "Adagio for Strings". Tiësto became the first DJ to perform live at the Olympic Games when he was asked to perform during the 2004 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony. The set that he performed there was later condensed and released on CD as Parade of the Athletes. In 2007, Tiësto released his third studio album, Elements of Life, which moved 72,000 units in its April release according to Nielsen SoundScan.[3] On October 6, 2009, Tiësto released his fourth studio album, Kaleidoscope. Unlike his earlier albums, which were all mostly trance, Kaleidoscope explores other electronic genres, and is considered Tiesto's most experimental album. In June 16, 2014, Tiësto released his fifth studio album, A Town Called Paradise.

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Studio albums[edit]

List of studio albums, with selected chart positions and certifications
Title Details Peak chart positions Certifications
(sales thresholds)
In My Memory 25
Just Be
  • Released: April 6, 2004
  • Labels: Black Hole
  • Formats: Digital download, CD
1 2 51 54
Elements of Life 1 3 24 62 5 26 77 14 71
  • Released: October 6, 2009
  • Labels: Musical Freedom
  • Formats: Digital download, CD
2 31 9 6 61 5 29 73 20 59
Kiss from the Past
(as Allure)
  • Released: June 13, 2011
  • Labels: Magik Muzik
  • Formats: Digital download, CD
A Town Called Paradise
  • Released: June 16, 2014
  • Labels: Musical Freedom, PM:AM, Universal
  • Formats: Digital download, CD
11 18 15 6 45 1 14 12 22 18
"—" denotes an album that did not chart or was not released.

Compilation albums[edit]

List of compilation albums, with selected chart positions and certifications
Title Details Peak chart positions Certifications
(sales thresholds)
Parade of the Athletes[A]
  • Released: September 7, 2004
  • Labels:
  • Formats: Digital download, CD
4 18 85
Perfect Remixes Vol. 3
  • Released: February 22, 2005
  • Labels:
  • Formats: Digital download, CD
Best of System F & Gouryella (Part 1)
  • Released: July 4, 2005
  • Labels:
  • Formats: Digital download, CD
Best of System F & Gouryella (Part 2)
  • Released: May 1, 2006
  • Labels:
  • Formats: Digital download, CD
Kamaya Painters: The Collected Works
  • Released: April 21, 2008
  • Labels:
  • Formats: Digital download, CD
Magikal Journey
  • Released: May 17, 2010
  • Labels:
  • Formats: Digital download, CD
11 39 2 11 31 58 7 15 27
"—" denotes an album that did not chart or was not released.

Remix albums[edit]

List of remix albums, with selected chart positions
Title Details Peak chart positions
Just Be: Remixed
  • Released: September 26, 2005
  • Labels:
  • Formats: Digital download, CD
Elements of Life: Remixed
  • Released: April 28, 2008
  • Labels:
  • Formats: Digital download, CD
61 37 61
Kaleidoscope: Remixed
  • Released: August 31, 2010
  • Labels:
  • Formats: Digital download, CD
37 11 37
Kiss from the Past: The Remix Album
(as Allure)
  • Released: February 25, 2013
  • Labels:
  • Formats: Digital download, CD
"—" denotes an album that did not chart or was not released.

Video albums[edit]

List of video albums, with selected chart positions and certifications
Title Details Chart positions Certification
Live at Innercity: Amsterdam RAI
  • Released: 1999
  • Location: Innercity, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Another Day at the Office
  • Released: 2003
  • Director: Stan Gordijn
  • Location: Breda, The Netherlands
Tiësto in Concert
  • Released: January 27, 2004
  • Director: Peter van Eijndt
  • Location: Gelredome - Arnhem, The Netherlands
Tiësto in Concert 2
  • Released: February 15, 2005
  • Directors: Guus Albregts, Jeroen Jansen
  • Location: Gelredome - Arnhem, The Netherlands
Copenhagen: Elements of Life World Tour
  • Released: February 29, 2008
  • Director: Guus Albregts
  • Location: Parken Stadium - Copenhagen, Denmark
"—" denotes an album that did not chart or was not released.

DJ mixes[edit]

This list contains DJ mixes produced by Tiësto.


As lead artist[edit]

List of singles, with selected chart positions and certifications, showing year released and album name
Title Year Peak chart positions Certifications Album

"Spiritual Wipe Out"
(as Da Joker)
1994 Non-album singles
(as DJ Limited)
"In The Ghetto"
(as Da Joker)
"The Tube" 1996 Lost Treasures: Creatures of the Deep
"Second Game"
(as Tom Ace)
Non-album single
"Gimme Some Sugar / Bleckentrommel"
(with Montana & Storm)
1997 Space Age 1.0
(as Passenger)
Non-album single
"Endless Wave / Northern Spirit / Outstream"
(with Benno De Goeij as Kamaya Painters)
1998 Global Clubbing: The Netherlands
"When She Left"
(as Allure)
Magik One: First Flight
"Subspace Interference"
(with Benno De Goeij as Control Freaks)
Magik Two: Story of the Fall
(with Ferry Corsten as Gouryella)
1999 15 Magik Three: Far from Earth
"Theme From Norefjell" 97
(as Stray Dog)
Live At Innercity - Amsterdam RAI
(with Ferry Corsten as Gouryella)
27 In Search of Sunrise
"Far From Over / Cryptomnesia / Soft Light"
(with Benno De Goeij as Kamaya Painters)
"Exceptionally Beautiful / Reflections"
(as Loop Control)
Magik Four: A New Adventure
"We Ran At Dawn"
(as Allure)
(with Ferry Corsten as Gouryella)
45 Non-album single
"No More Tears"
(as Allure)
Magik Five: Heaven Beyond
(with Armin van Buuren as Alibi)
"Wasteland / Summerbreeze"
(with Benno De Goeij as Kamaya Painters)
Magik Six: Live in Amsterdam
"Wonder Where You Are"
(with Armin van Buuren as Major League)
"Lethal Industry" 2001 6 15 95 36 25 In My Memory
"Battleship Grey"
(featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw)
"Suburban Train/Urban Train" 43 20 88 22 23
"Flight 643" 7 88 56 48
"643 (Love's on Fire)"
(featuring Suzanne Palmer)
2002 55 50 36
(with Junkie XL)
"In My Memory"
(featuring Nicola Hitchcock)
15 12
"Dallas 4pm / Magik Journey" 2003 108
"Traffic" 1 3 48 25 Just Be
"Love Comes Again"
(featuring BT)
2004 4 6 12 64 30
"Just Be"
(featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw)
12 8 43
"Adagio for Strings" 2005 54 12 41 20 37
"UR/A Tear in the Open"
(featuring Matt Hales)
"The Loves We Lost"
(as Allure)
2006 50 In Search of Sunrise 4: Latin America
"He's a Pirate" (Remixes) 5 10 7 85 24 Elements of Life
(featuring Maxi Jazz)
4 5 6 74 67
"In the Dark"
(featuring Christian Burns)
2007 4 27 2
"Break My Fall"
(featuring BT)
13 59 7
"Sweet Things"
(featuring Charlotte Martin)
"Somewhere Inside"
(as Allure featuring Julie Thompson)
2008 In Search of Sunrise 6: Ibiza
"Tell Me"
(as Clear View featuring Jessica)
"Power of You"
(as Allure featuring Christian Burns)
In Search of Sunrise 7: Asia
"I Will Be Here"
(with Sneaky Sound System)
2009 33 29 44 Kaleidoscope
"Escape Me"
(featuring C.C. Sheffield)
"Feel It"
(vs. Three 6 Mafia with Sean Kingston and Flo Rida)
62 20 33 21 39 83 78 4 Non-album single
"Feel It in My Bones"
(featuring Tegan & Sara)
2010 29 Kaleidoscope
"Who Wants to Be Alone"
(featuring Nelly Furtado)
34 39 91
"Speed Rail" Non-album single
(vs. Diplo)
Club Life: Volume One Las Vegas
"C'Mon (Catch 'Em By Surprise)"
(vs. Diplo featuring Busta Rhymes)
2011 8 39 68 19 68 21 13
"Zero 76"
(with Hardwell)
19 49
"Work Hard, Play Hard"
(featuring Kay)
56 Non-album single
"Maximal Crazy" 80 Club Life: Volume Two Miami
(with Steve Aoki)
Non-album singles
"What Can We Do"
"We Own the Night"
(with Wolfgang Gartner featuring Luciana)
2012 80 89 80 Club Life: Volume Two Miami
"Pair of Dice"
(with Allure)
Non-album singles
"Hell Yeah!"
(with Showtek)
"Take Me"
(featuring Kyler England)
2013 62 5 Club Life: Volume Three Stockholm
(Ultra Music Festival Anthem)"
(with Quintino and Alvaro)
(with DJ Punish)
(with Dyro)
"Back To The Acid"
(with MOTi)
"Love And Run"
(with Mark Alston, Baggi Bergovic & Jason Taylor featuring Teddy Geiger)
Non-album single
"Red Lights" 42 36 70 41 11 29 3 6 56 2 A Town Called Paradise
(featuring Matthew Koma)
2014 15 21 55 37 11 49 13 3 49 5
"Light Years Away"
(featuring DBX)
"Let's Go"
(featuring Icona Pop)
"Blow Your Mind"
(with MOTi)
2015 Non-album single
(with KSHMR featuring Vassy)
21 55 31 68 17 158 15 Club Life: Volume Four New York City
"The Only Way Is Up"
(with Martin Garrix)
"Show Me"
(with DallasK)
"Change Your World"
(with Jane Zhang)
Non-album singles
"Split (Only U)"
(with The Chainsmokers)
(with Don Diablo featuring Thomas Troelsen)
(with Oliver Heldens)
"Get Down"
(with Tony Junior)
"The Right Song"
(with Oliver Heldens featuring Natalie La Rose)
2016 46 57 39 13
"Making Me Dizzy"
(with Bobby Puma)
"What You're Waiting For"
(with Ummet Ozcan)
"Summer Nights"
(featuring John Legend)
60 13
(with Jauz)
"I Want You"
(with Mike Williams)
"Your Love"
(with DallasK)
"On My Way"
(featuring Bright Sparks)
2017 64 36 TBA
(featuring Sevenn)
(with KSHMR featuring Talay Riley)
"—" denotes a recording that did not chart or was not released in that territory.

As featured artist[edit]

List of singles as featured artist, with selected chart positions, showing year released and album name
Title Year Peak chart positions Album
"The First Note Is Silent"
(High Contrast featuring Tiësto and Underworld)
2011 48 The Agony & the Ecstasy
"—" denotes a recording that did not chart or was not released in that territory.


List of remixes, showing year released and original artists
Title Year Original artist
"Dans la Boîte" (Tiësto Remix) 1995 West & Storm
"Insomnia" (Tiësto Remix) Faithless
"Innocence" (Tiësto Remix) 1998 The MacKenzie
(featuring Jessy)
"You're So Beautiful" (Tiësto and Montana Beautiful Remix) Rene & Da Groove
"Destination Sunshine" (DJ Tiesto's Power Mix) 1999 Balearic Bill
"Sirius" (DJ Tiësto Remix) Subtle by Design
"Coming On Strong" (Tiësto Remix) Signum
(featuring Scott Mac)
"Dreaming" (Tiësto Remix) BT
"Eugina" (Tiësto Remix) 2000 Salt Tank
"Re-Form" (Tiësto Remix) Kid Vicious
"Shining" (Tiësto Remix) Green Court
"Sunrise" (Tiësto Remix) Goldenscan
"The Sound of the Drums" (Tiësto Remix) E.V.O.
"Blaxo" (Tiësto Remix) DJ Jan
"Silence" (Tiësto Remix) Delerium
Velvet Moods (Tiësto Remix) Johan Gielen presents Abnea
Das Glockenspiel (DJ Tiesto Remix) 2001 Schiller
"When Time Will Come" (DJ Tiësto Remix) Motorcraft
"Flesh" (Tiësto Remix) Jan Johnston
"Tarantula" (Tiësto Remix) Faithless
"Innocente" (Tiësto Remix) Delerium
"Home" (DJ Tiësto Remix) Coast 2 Coast
"Never" (DJ Tiësto Remix) 2002 Roc Project
(featuring Tina Arena)
"Can't Live A Day" (Tiësto Remix) Avalon
"We Know What You Did" (Tiësto Remix) Svenson & Gielen
"Southern Sun" (DJ Tiësto Remix) Paul Oakenfold
"We Are All Made of Stars" (DJ Tiësto Full Vocal Mix) Moby
"Extreme Ways" (DJ Tiësto's Vocal Remix)
"Pulsar" (Tiësto Remix) Mauro Picotto
"Did I Dream" (DJ Tiësto Remix) Lost Witness
"Breezer" (Tiësto Remix) Junkie XL and Sasha
"Faithfulness" (Tiësto Remix) 2003 Skin
"Venus (Meant to Be Your Lover)" (Tiësto Remix) Cor Fijneman
"Street Spirit" (DJ Tiësto Remix) Radiohead
"Kiss in Shadows" (Tiësto Remix) M-Box
(featuring Tiff Lacey)
"Die Another Day" (Tiësto Remix) Madonna
"Rain Down on Me" (Tiësto Remix) Kane
"Mer Noire" (Tiësto Remix) 2004 Cirque Du Soleil
"The Force of Gravity" (Tiësto Remix) BT
"Crosses" (Tiësto Remix) 2006 José González
"Open Your Eyes" (Tiësto Remix) 2007 Snow Patro
"Hide and Seek" (Tiësto Remix) Imogen Heap
"LoveStoned/I Think She Knows" (Tiësto Remix) Justin Timberlake
"Back in Your Head" (Tiësto Remix) Tegan and Sara
"The Right Life" (Tiësto Remix) Seal
"Piece of Me" (Tiësto Remix) Britney Spears
"Ride" (Tiësto Remix) 2008 Cary Brothers
"No Air" (Tiësto Remix) Jordin Sparks
"Imagination" (Tiësto Remix) JES
"Pare Pare" (Tiësto Remix) Tarkan
"Not Falling Apart" (Tiësto Remix) Maroon 5
"Spaceman" (Tiësto Remix) 2009 The Killers
"I'm Not Alone" (Tiësto Remix) Calvin Harris
"Heads Will Roll" (Tiësto Remix) Yeah Yeah Yeahs
"One More Chance" (Tiësto Remix) Bloc Party
"Manos Al Aire" (Tiësto Remix) Nelly Furtado
"Summersault" (Tiësto Remix) Tastexperience
"Papillon" (Tiësto Remix) Editors
"Resistance" (Tiësto Remix) Muse
"Let's Get Bleeped Tonight" (Tiësto Remix) Dada Life
"C'est dans l'air" (Tiësto Remix) Mylène Farmer
"Out of the Blue 2010" (Tiësto Remix) System F
"Rocket" (Tiësto Remix) 2010 Goldfrapp
"Trouble Is" (Tiësto Remix) Turboweekend
"These New Knights" (Tiësto Remix) Ou Est Le Swimming Pool
"Spark" (Tiësto Remix) Amy MacDonald
"Tweak Your Nipple" (Tiësto Remix) Faithless
"Phazing" (Tiësto Remix) Dirty South
(featuring Rudy)
"Have It All" (Tiësto Remix) Charlie Dée
"The Island" (Tiësto Remix) Pendulum
"We Live for the Music" (Tiësto Remix) Robbie Rivera
"Bad Romance" (Tiësto Remix) Lady Gaga
"Shot in the Back of the Head" (Tiësto Remix) Moby
"Nova" (Tiësto Remix) The Sound of Arrows
"Love the Hardest Way" (Tiësto Remix) HIM
"Dame Argumentos" (Tiësto remix) Miguel Bosé
"E.T." (Tiësto Remix) 2011 Katy Perry
"Ace of Hz" (Tiësto Remix) Ladytron
"Lost in the World" (Tiësto Remix) Kanye West
"Nova" (Tiësto Remix) The Sound of Arrows
"M.A.J.O.R." (Tiësto Remix) Kay
"Fire in the House" (Tiësto Remix) Hard-Fi
"Advanced" (Tiësto Remix) Marcel Woods
"Slaughter House" (Tiësto Remix) Joker
(featuring Silas)
"The First Note Is Silent" (Tiësto Remix) High Contrast
(featuring Tiësto and Underworld)
"Paradise" (Tiësto Remix) Coldplay
"Somebody That I Used to Know" (Tiësto Remix) 2012 Gotye
(featuring Kimbra)
"Bring That Beat Back" (Tiësto Remix) Autoerotique
"Can't Stop Me" (Tiësto Remix) Afrojack and Shermanology
"Young Blood" (Tiësto and Hardwell Remix) The Naked & Famous
"Just One Last Time" (Tiësto Remix) David Guetta
(featuring Taped Rai)
"Sweet Nothing" (Tiësto Remix) Calvin Harris
(featuring Florence Welch)
"Thoughts" (Tiësto Remix) Nelly Furtado
(featuring The Kenyan Boys Choir)
"Parking Lot" (Tiësto Remix) Nelly Furtado
"We Come Running" (Tiësto Remix) Youngblood Hawke
"Carried Away" (Tiësto Remix) 2013 Passion Pit
"Clarity" (Tiësto Remix) Zedd
(featuring Foxes)
"So Young So High" (Tiësto Remix) Dada Life
"Get Loose" (Tiësto Remix) Showtek and Noisecontrollers
"Love Is the Answer" (Tiësto Remix) Jus Jack & Oza
(featuring Blessid Union of Souls)
"Sweet Nothing" (Tiësto & Ken Loi Re-Remix) Calvin Harris
(featuring Florence Welch)
"United" (Tiësto & Blasterjaxx Remix) Tiësto, Quintino and Alvaro
"I Love It" (Tiësto Remix) Icona Pop
(featuring Charli XCX)
"Century" (Tiësto & Moska Remix) Tiësto
(featuring Calvin Harris)
"Standing on the Sun" (Tiësto Remix) Beyoncé
"Burn" (Tiësto Remix) Ellie Goulding
"Stay the Night" (Tiësto’s Club Life Remix) Zedd
(featuring Hayley Williams)
"Coming Down (Hi-Life)" (Tiësto Remix) Monkey Safari
"The Spark" (Tiёsto vs. Twoloud Remix) Afrojack
(featuring Spree Wilson)
"Dare You" (Tiësto vs. twoloud Remix) 2014 Hardwell
(featuring Matthew Koma)
"All of Me" (Tiësto’s Birthday Treatment Remix) John Legend
"Buffalo Bill" (Tiësto Remix) Moxie Raia
"Playground" (Tiësto Remix) Jack Eye Jones
"You" (Tiësto vs. Twoloud Remix) Galantis
"Anywhere For You" (Tiësto vs. Dzeko & Torres Remix) John Martin
"Midnight" (Tiësto Remix) Coldplay
"Helium" (Tiësto Remix) Chris Lake
(featuring Jareth)
"Bang" (Tiësto Bootleg) 3LAU
"Samurai" (Tiësto Remix) R3hab
"Believer" (Tiësto Remix) American Authors
"Never Say Never" (Tiësto & MOTi Remix) Basement Jaxx
"Gold Skies" (Tiësto Remix) Sander van Doorn, Martin Garrix and DVBBS
(featuring Aleesia)
"Break the Rules" (Tiësto Remix) Charli XCX
"Light Years Away" (Tiësto & MOTi Remix) Tiësto
(featuring DBX)
"Don't Leave" (Tiësto Remix) Seven Lions
(featuring Ellie Goulding)
"Often" (Tiësto Remix) The Weeknd
"Drunk in Love" (Tiësto Remix) Beyoncé
"Stay a While" (Tiësto Remix) 2015 Mikey B
"Lay Me Down" (Tiёsto Remix) Sam Smith
"Stranger to Love" (Tiësto Remix) Charles Perry
"Home" (Tiësto vs. twoloud Remix) Dotan
"House of Now" (Tiësto Edit) MOTi
"Lean On" (Tiësto and MOTi Remix) Major Lazer and DJ Snake
(featuring )
"Fighting For" (Tiësto Edit) Wee-O
(featuring Morgan Karr)
"Someone Somewhere" (Tiësto Edit) Bobby Puma
"Sky High" (Tiësto Edit) Firebeatz
"Let You Go" (Tiësto Remix) The Chainsmokers
(featuring Great Good Fine Ok)
"Take Me Home" (Tiësto Remix) Jess Glynne
"God Is a DJ 2.0" (Tiësto Remix) Faithless
"L'Amour Toujours" (Tiësto Edit) Dzeko & Torres
(featuring Delaney Jane)
"Faded" (Tiësto's Deep House Remix) 2016 Alan Walker
"Faded" (Tiësto's Northern Lights Remix)
"Coming Over" (Tiësto Remix) Dillon Francis and Kygo
"Winterbreak" (Tiësto's Deep House Remix) MUNA
"Dancing on My Own" (Tiësto Remix) Calum Scott
"Let Me Love You" (Tiësto's AFTR:HRS Remix) DJ Snake
(featuring Justin Bieber)
"Hard To Love" (Tiësto's Big Room Remix) Matthew Koma
"It Ain't Me" (Tiësto's AFTR:HRS Remix) Kygo and Selena Gomez



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