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Tiền River

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The river Tiền as it flows through Tân Châu (An Giang)
River Tiền at Mỹ Tho

The Tiền River (Vietnamese: Sông Tiền 瀧前 or Tiền Giang 前江) is the main northern branch of the Mekong through Vietnam.[1]

The Mekong separates at Phnom Penh into the main northern branch of the Mekong proper - called the Tiền River after entering Vietnam - and the southern branch of the Bassac River - which is called the Hậu River (Sông Hậu or Hậu Giang) after entering Vietnam.[2]

In Vietnam, distributaries of the northern branch sông Tiền or Tiền Giang include the Mỹ Tho River, the Ba Lai River, the Hàm Luông River, and the Cổ Chiên River.


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