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Tiago Azevedo
Tiago Azevedo at one of his book signing at Fnac, 2018
Born (1985-04-09) April 9, 1985 (age 35)
Terceira Island, Portugal
EducationMaster of Architecture (M.Arch.)
Known forPainting
Notable work
Grimms' Fairy Tales Characters, Bible Characters
MovementLowbrow (art movement)

Tiago Azevedo (born April 9, 1985) is a Portuguese painter, part of the Lowbrow (or Pop Surrealist) art movement.

Early life[edit]

Tiago Azevedo was born on Terceira Island on April 9, 1985, but was raised in Coimbra and Lisbon, Portugal.[1] He graduated in architecture in 2009, at the Lusíada University, and worked in Porto, before moving to Munich, Germany in 2014, where he worked as an architect, collaborating in prestigious projects such as the restoration of the Hotel Bayerischer Hof, Munich.[2] Upon moving to Germany, Azevedo started dedicating more time to painting, rising to prominence because of his combined use of classical techniques with contemporary concepts, part of the Lowbrow art movement.[3]


Exhibitions and major projects (2015–present)[edit]

Azevedo's debut exhibition was in Paris in 2015.[4] Due to massive critical reception, Azevedo was invited to exhibit pieces of his first collection "Fairy Tales" in New York and Cannes on the following year.[5] Azevedo returned to New York on the same year to exhibit his first oil paintings from his second collection "Religion".[6]

Tiago Azevedo with Portuguese actress Lídia Franco at his book release in Lisbon

YouTube career[edit]

Azevedo is one of the most popular YouTube painters.[7] His first video was in September 2006, but it wasn't until February 2015 that he started to gain massive popularity. He began his YouTube channel in order to help artists escape the idea of the starving artist with which he does not identify himself. Along with a series of motivational videos, Tiago has created a web series about art history. Amongst his most popular videos are the biographies of Frida Kahlo and Titian. He also posts painting tutorials.

Books and other projects[edit]

In November 2017, Azevedo published his first book, which condensed details of the oil paintings from his first collection along with the original version of the Grimms' Fairy Tales.[8]


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