Tian Zhen

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Tian Zhen
Born 田震
(1966-05-02) May 2, 1966 (age 51)
Beijing, China
Alma mater The Affiliated High School of Peking University
Occupation singer-songwriter
Years active 1984–present
Genre(s) Pop, rock, folk
Spouse(s) Zhang Weining

Tian Zhen (Chinese: ; pinyin: Tián Zhèn; born 2 May 1966) is a Chinese rock singer from Beijing.

Early life[edit]

On May 2 1966, Tian Zhen was born in Beijing to Dai Li and Tian Zhenhua. Both of her parents are the members of the army — her father is a soldier, and her mother is a solo singer. Tian is the youngest of all four children, she has 3 elder brothers.[1]

Tian is the alumni of The Affiliated High School of Peking University.


She has described Tina Turner as her favorite singer. Unlike her female Chinese vocalist predecessors, she writes and composes her own songs.[2]

Tian, along with Mao Amin, Na Ying are regarded the greatest female singers of that generations. Tian's masterpieces such as Perseverance (执着), Cheers,Mate(干杯,朋友),What a big tree(好大一棵树),The girl from Ali Mountain(阿里山的姑娘), Night Stand (水姻缘), Roses in the storms and rainbows(风雨彩虹铿锵玫瑰) , are very successful songs.

Personal life[edit]

Tian married her manager Zhang Weining.[3] They have no children.

Tian suffered Thrombocytopenia, a serious blood disease around 2006.[4]


  • 1984 Beautiful Bay (美丽的海湾; Měilì de Hǎiwān)
  • 1984 Nameless Little Flower (无名的小花; Wúmíng de Xiǎohuā)
  • 1984 Monica (莫尼卡; Mòníkǎ)
  • 1995 Perseverance (执着; Zhízhuó)
  • 1996 Self-titled Tian Zhen (田震;Tián Zhèn)
  • 1997 Let it Be (顺其自然; Shùn qí Zìrán)
  • 1998 Cheers,Mate (干杯,朋友; GānBēi PéngYǒu)
  • 2000 Shock (震撼; Zhènhàn)
  • 2001 Night Stand (水姻缘; Shuǐ yīnyuán)
  • 2005 38.5 ºC
  • 2006 Thanks Tian (干杯,田震; Gānbēi, tiánzhèn)

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