Tiandong County

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Tiandong County
Chinese transcription(s)
Tiandong County is located in Guangxi
Tiandong County
Tiandong County
Location of the county
Coordinates: 23°35′N 107°12′E / 23.583°N 107.200°E / 23.583; 107.200
Country China
Province Guangxi
Prefecture Baise
 • Total 2,816 km2 (1,087 sq mi)
Population (2010) 411,500
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Website http://www.gxtd.gov.cn

Tiandong County(simplified Chinese: 田东县; traditional Chinese: 田東縣; pinyin: Tiándōng Xiàn, zhuang: Denzdoeng Yen) is a county of Guangxi, China. It is under the administration of Baise city.


Tiandong's population was 411,500(2010). 85.22% of the people belong to the Zhuang ethnic group [1], and speak Youjiang Zhuang(Gangjdoj). The rest include Han, Yao, Miao,and other ethnic groups.[2]


For administration Tiandong County is divided into 10 areas:

  • Pingma Town(平马镇) population 103,00
  • Xiangzhou Town(祥周镇) population 49,200
  • Linfeng Town(林逢镇) population 50,800
  • Silin Town(思林镇) population 62,000
  • Yincha Town(印茶镇) population 24,700
  • Suoliang Town(朔良镇) population 33,600
  • Yiyu Town(义圩镇)
  • Napo Town(那拔镇) population 16,000
  • Zuodeng Yao Township (作登瑶族乡)



Coordinates: 23°36′N 107°08′E / 23.600°N 107.133°E / 23.600; 107.133