Tianjin Grand Bridge

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Tianjin Grand Bridge
Beijng-Tianjin ligne TGV viaduc IMG 4433.JPG
Coordinates 39°03′22″N 117°03′18″E / 39.056084°N 117.054949°E / 39.056084; 117.054949Coordinates: 39°03′22″N 117°03′18″E / 39.056084°N 117.054949°E / 39.056084; 117.054949
Carries Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway
Locale Hebei, Tianjin
Design viaduct
Total length 113.7 km (70.6 mi)
Construction start about 2006
Construction end 2010
Opened June 30, 2011

Tianjin Grand Bridge is a railway viaduct bridge that runs between Langfang and Qingxian, part of the Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway. It is one of the longest bridges in the world with a total length of about 113,700m, or 70.6 miles. It was completed in 2010 and opened in 2011. As of 2011 Guinness World Records recorded it as the second longest bridge in the world.[1]


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